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Welcome to the first of our regular monthly round ups of pro wrestling news from the UK.

UWE (Ultimate Wrestling Entertainment)

With the summer season now over we can take a look at the what happened as part of the huge
UWE summer sizzler tour.

Monday nights and Bank Holiday Monday afternoon from July 25th to September 5th saw amazing
well attended shows at this beautiful venue.
UWE British heavyweight champion Mick Romeo became a huge fan favourite here holding
victories over super heavyweight Brutus Pain, Paul malan & ‘Wildman’ Wildside in successful title
‘Teenage sensation’ Jack Dynamo handles himself very well against his own trainer Brad Flash in a
epic 40 minute mat classic. At just 17 years old trainer Flash holds Dynamo as his star trainee after
his win on August 8th.
Guest wrestlers who saw action here over the summer include 30 year British veteran ‘Iron’ Duke
Lynch, The Wrestling Clown, ‘Shooting Star’ Kris Travis & Stevie Jones.

Two great shows here Tuesday July 26th & Tuesday August 2nd saw Local hero Lionheart take three
wins home, One against Mick Romeo in a non title match, One against Brutus pain plus a huge
Battle Royal victory.
The self proclaimed ‘Real’ Southern American Champion ‘Mr#1′ Jonny Rose was defeated by a man
14 years his junior and 112lbs his lighter when he fell to ‘Teenage sensation’ Jack Dynamo.
High Flying masked star El Bartez made a huge impression on the Skegness crowd with his use of
Lucha style moves to beat both the SpiderMask and Brad Flash.

Tuesdays August 9th & Tuesday August 23rd saw summer sizzler action at this established
Yorkshire seaside venue.
The team of Brad Flash & ‘Mr#1′ Jonny Rose met ‘Teenage sensation’ Jack Dynamo
& ‘Heavyweight Horror’ Brutus Pain to Main event a all action card ending in a huge brawl that lead
to Rose being pinned by the 300lb Pain.
‘Shooting Star’ Kris Travis battled a revel of almost five years in the form of Brad Flash. Flash
managed to pull off the win following his famed silver slice move.
These shows were guest M.Ced by legendary UK announcer Phil Robinson.

Every Wednesday evening July 27th to August 24th plus Bank Holiday Monday evening August 29th
UWE Wrestling welcomed 1200 screaming fans to its best attended venue of the tour.
Thornwick bay mascot P.J The Dog teamed with ‘Teenage sensation’ Jack Dynamo to defeat ‘Mr#1′
Jonny Rose & Brutus Pain to main event the final showdown of the season.
In other action here throughout the summer ‘Wildman’ Wildside took on SpiderMask in a huge fast
paced bout that saw Wildside use some underhanded tactics to gain the win.
Mick Romeo battled Brad Flash in a bout of two man with great strength. Flash had his very first
match with Romeo some 7 years ago and wanted to prove himself to his slightly taller and older
opponent, he did just that by pinning Romeo clean in the ring.

Weekly Thursday night shows here in this small venue with a great atmosphere.
The Wrestling Clown made just one appearance here loosing to ‘Teenage sensation’ Jack Dynamo
and vowing never to return again.
Claiming to be the best tag team in UWE history Mick Romeo & ‘Mr#1′ Jonny Rose often teamed
here but never gained a victory, They were defeated by the likes of Flash & Dynamo, Pain & El
Bartez and Wildside & Stevie Jones.

The UWE’s regular summer Friday afternoon venue was by far the best venue for local star Mick
Romeo. Already the UWE British champion he won both the UWE Lincolnshire cup and the UWE
Cleethorpes cup here.
The season finished with a bloody street fight between Romeo & Brutus Pain that saw Romeo take
home his third UWE title accolade.
‘Mr#1′ Jonny Rose saved ‘Teenage sensation’ Jack Dynamo from a brutal attack by Brad Flash only
to challenge him to battle a man of his own size. Flash excepted only to be defeated by the 275lb
southern American star.

LAW (Live American Wrestling)

Over the summer season LAW held four live events throughout the UK, Here’s a run down of the

Two shows here through the summer, The first July 22nd that saw ‘Star Blazer’ Scotty Wildside
defend his AIWF UK title with a victory over Robbie Idol. Devonshire’s Darren Saviour grabbed
his first LAW victory over ‘Heartbreaker’ Lee Russell and the team of ‘Mr#1′ Jonny Rose, Rob
Long, Jack Dynamo & Stevie Jones beat Brad Flash, Brutus Pain, Darren Saviour & Robbie Idol in
a eight man tag team main event.
The second Bromsgrove event September 9th saw the return of Maddog Maxx to LAW after a 12
month suspension from the company for attacking former tag team partner ‘Mr#1′ Jonny Rose.
Rose met Maddog one on one for Maddog to use the same dirty tricks nailing Rose with a chain to
gain victory.
Later that night during a 10 man over the top Battle Royal ‘Mr#1′ got his pay back by throwing
Maddog Maxx over the top rope to win the 2011 Rumblemania Cup for the third time.
LAW welcomed the debut of The Dunn Brothers, The Hex & R.C Chaos on this evening also.

400 Fans packed the Seagull for another action packed evening from LAW Sunday 7th August.
‘Heartbreaker’ Lee Russell made his final in ring performance before his retirement from the sport
with a win over El Bartez thanks to help from Brad Flash.
Flash who was defeated earlier in the evening by ‘Mr#1′ Jonny Rose later teamed up with The
Heartbreaker to lose to Rose & Bartez in the Main event.
During the Rose Vs Flash bout both men suffered injury due to the top rope breaking sending both
wrestlers flying out of the ring to the floor, Flash left the Seagull with a head injury and Rose with
three broken toes.

An early evening outdoor event Sunday 28th August saw a four person knock out tournament for the
AIWF West Midlands title.
In the first round masked youngster Kid Mystique made his LAW debut defeating Brutus Pain a
man almost 150lbs heavier than him. Brad Flash who called himself the Prince of Passion beat long
time AIWF Ladies champion ‘Hellbunny’ Vicky Morton leaving Kid Mystique to battle Brad Flash
in the final.
After almost 15 minutes of back and forth wrestling from both men The Wrestling Clown & Brutus
Pain hit the ring causing the referee Graham Crabtree to be distracted leaving Flash to chat his way
to victory winning the West Mids title belt. Pain & The Wrestling Clown then began to attack the
fallen Mystique only to be saved by Vicky Morton & ‘The Iceman’ Nigel Burchill leading to the tag
team main event of Burchill & Morton Vs The Clown & Pain.
A gruelling 20 minute bout saw ‘The Iceman’ get slaughtered by the super heavyweight tag team of
The Clown & Pain until Burchill managed to tag a fresh Ladies champion Morton.
Using her skill and quickness to out wit her larger opponents Morton gained the pin over The
Clown to lead her team to victory.


Farras Fun Fairs held live pro wrestling events throughout the summer as part of its gala fun days.

A huge crowd gathered on both Saturday July 30th & Sunday July 31st fo see Louis Rose team with
The Wrestling Clown to defeat Brad Flash plus ‘Teenage sensation’ Jack Dynamo pin ‘Wildman’
Wildside in the main highlights from the shows.

Action here on Sunday August 21st included a huge six man tag bout seeing Louis Rose, Jack
Dynamo & Brutus pain beat The Soul Survivor, Jonny Rose & Kid Mystique plus ‘Shooting Star’
Kris Travis taking Jack Dynamo to the limit but beating him in the end in a great technical display.

South Yorkshire Wrestling Academy

Some great young up and coming stars have been battling it out over the hotly contended South
Yorkshire Academy title since the injury to the former champion Soul Survivor meant he had to
relinquish the belt.

With all the young stars trying to prove to promoters they are worth the weight to enter the up
coming South Yorkshire Academy tournament Saturday 6th August saw underdog Brad Flash Jr
beat the ever dirty Sub-Urban Warrior plus former champion Louis Rose defeat L.J Crazy.
Plus action from Jonny Rose, Brad Flash, Jack Dynamo & Brutus Pain.
Saturday September 17th also saw Heavyweight sensation Tank Taylor last topple Brutus Pain to
win a over the top rope Battle Royal proving himself as the number 1 contender to the seniors title
tournament race. Battle Royal also included entrants Kid Mystique, Robbie Idol & Many more

Saturday August 20th was the date for this outdoor event and dispute the bad weather the crowds
were still there to see ‘Mr#1′ Jonny Rose beat Kid Mystique, Louis Rose pin Brad Flash, Jack
Dynamo beat Brutus Pain and Louis Rose win a Rumble style Battle Royal.

UK Title info -

AIWF UK Championship – Vacant due to ‘Star Blazer’ Scotty Wildsides failure to appear at
the last LAW event
AIWF UK Tag Team Championship – BRAD FLASH & BRUTUS PAIN
AIWF UK Cruiserweight Championship – SPIDERMASK
AIWF UK West Midlands Championship – BRAD FLASH
LAW RumbleMania Champion 2011 – ‘MR#1′ JONNY ROSE
UWE British Heavyweight Championship – ‘MR SEXY’ MICK ROMEO
UWE Xcitment League Championship – ‘TEENAGE SENSATION’ JACK DYNAMO
South Yorkshire Academy Championship – Vacant due to the injury to last champion Soul

Be sure to check back here next month for the latest UK news from the LAW hotspot at
Bromsgrove Sports & Social Club October 21st, South Yorkshire Academy back in Denaby at the
MWC saturday October 22nd and the UWE return to Thornwick Bay Monday 24th October,
Plus news and views of Sunday 2nd Octobers Leeds Wrestling Reunion.

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