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-The show opened with John Laurinaitis adressing the crowd with the entire SmackDown roster at ringside. He said that in the absencce of Triple H, he wanted to discusss the issues in the WWE. He then introduced Martk Henry. Mark said that it has taken him 15 years to earn the World Heavyweight Championship, and it will take another 15 more for someone to take it away from him. He then asked some of the wrestlers who he claims did not believe in him if they believe now. Then, Triple H came out. He asked Mark Henry for the microphone, but Henry was reluctant to give it to Triple H. When he did get the mic and was about to speak, Christian interrupted him and came in the ring with a microphone. Christian said that Triple H is doing a great job as COO and said that the wwhole SmackDown roster looks at him like a leader. He referred to Mark Henry as “you know who” and asked Triple H if he can see Mark Henry on a billboard and other merchandise – and once again – asked for one more match. Triple H then thanked the SmackDown roster for coming out and then said that he would give Christian the opportunity to lead by example when he faces Mark Henry for the World Heavyweight Championship against Mark Henry in a lumberjack match with the winner facing Randy Orton at Hell In A Cell.

-Sheamus defeated Heath Slater with the Bro Kick.

-Wade Barrett defeated Justin Gabriel with Wasteland.

-In a Divas tag team match, Beth Pheonix and Natalya defeated Kaitlyn and AJ when Beth Phoenix pinned AJ after giving her the Glam Slam.

-Cody Rhodes defeated Randy Orton by disqualification when Randy took off Cody’s mask and used it as a weapon. After the match, Orton kept beating Cody with his mask. Randy then gave Cody a DDT and despite multiple referees telling him to stop, threw Cody outside the ring and then hit him with the ringbell. Randy then took a very bloody Cody Rhodes and gave him an RKO on the announce table.

-The Great Khali defeated Jinder Mahal with the choke slam.

-Sin Cara wrestled Daniel Bryan. During the match, the second Sin Cara threw the first Sin Cara off of the top rope and stole the victory over Daniel Bryan with a splash.

-Tag Team Champions Air Boom, aka Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne defeated the Usos when Evan Bourne pinned one of the Usos with his Air Bourne finishing move.

-In the main event, which was a Lumberjack match for the World Heavyweight Championship, at one point, Mark Henry went outside the ring and was attacked by the entire SmackDown roster, which he easily threw off of him. Seeing this, Christian tried to escape up the ramp and was cut off by Sheamus who threw him back in the ring. Mark Henry then gave Christian the World’s Strongest Slam and pinned Christian. Then Randy Orton came out and tried to give Mark Henry the RKO, but then just dropkicked him out of the ring when the show went off the air.

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