Posted September 21st, 2011 by Bill Apter

Kevin Nash leveled Ricky Morton with a chair. Ricky Morton got up, and a little later, he broke Marvin Ward’s arm.

Advantage: Morton?

“Very funny, Kevin, but who’s laughing last?” Morton said as the smoke began to clear following an eventful AWE Night of the Superstars on Sept. 17.

Indeed, who is laughing last? Nash, after all, has to find a new tag-team partner for the Night of Legends pay-per-view on Oct. 15 with Ward officially on the shelf with the broken arm.

And it could be that Morton is getting inside Nash’s head.

“You got to hit me with a chair? And what, I’m five-foot-nine? That tells me that you ain’t got the guts. You can’t take it, buddy?” Morton taunted Nash in a video posted to the AWE website Wednesday night.

Nash, for his part, was cool and calculated in a video response posted to the AWE Facebook page.

“Stipulation said I couldn’t touch you. Not with my hands. I probably could have used my foot. Figured a steel chair was easier,” Nash said, referencing a contract stipulation that would have put the main-event match at the pay-per-view in jeopardy.

“You thought you had your bases covered, huh? Thought you could outsmart the smartest man in professional wrestling? Not today, not tomorrow, not next month,” Nash said.

Nash ended his video by getting inside Morton’s head.

“What are you going to do, Ricky Morton? You’ve got nothing. You’re an old washed-up, has-been, white-trash piece of garbage. And me, I’m still in my prime,” Nash said.

“It’s pay time, time to pay the piper. I feel bad for you,” Nash

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