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NWA CWFL shows

October 15th
Helloween Hi Jynx
Club Fenix
Ocoee- Apopka Road
Ocoee Florida




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Every Saturday night in Lebanon, TN

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Double Steel Cage Matches Headline NWA Top Rope

By: Lekisha Oliver
Nashville Wrestling Examiner ( )

Lebanon fans have been seeing more than just a feud between two factions at NWA Top Rope, they are seeing the future being created.

With Simply Perfection’s Arrick “The Dragon” Andrews losing his NWA Tennessee Championship to Kevin “Da Thug” Jones, Andrews will now not only have to prove himself again to get back to the top of the title contention list, but now he will have to face off in a steel cage on Saturday night. Andrews will be hitting the ring against Johnny Rock, but he will have to watch his back for Inception’s Jones and Scott Barry. While leaving Jones busted and bloody in the steel cage, not one time, but two times, what will Jones have in store for the group?

But Andrews will not be the only one in a cage match on Saturday night. The NWA Women’s World Heavyweight Championship will also be on the line in a steel cage match! Simply Perfection’s Tasha Simone, who has been the reigning NWA Women’s World Champion since December, but she has been a fighting champion taking on all women that come into her path. This weekend, she will be putting her championship on the line against Tiffany Roxx. The last time that Roxx was in Lebanon she came inches away from winning the coveted title. Will Roxx head out of town with the gold or will Simone and Simply Perfection keep the title in NWA Top Rope?

The NWA Junior Heavyweight Champion Derek Neal came back off of the injured list last week against “Impressive” Anthony Wayne. While these two went at the match with nothing but shear passion for the wrestling business but Neal was able to retain his championship with the aid of Simply Perfection’s Tasha Simone, but this week Neal will have it by himself when he defends his title against Jared Crowe. But Neal will have to watch his back with Inception’s Scott Barry at ringside with Crowe. Will it be a three for three with Simply Perfection losing all three titles in one month?

Mike Jablonski showed the NWA Top Rope officials that he was ready for the top of the card last week against NWA Tennessee Champion Kevin “Da Thug” Jones. But his quest for the championship was clouded by the dueling factions inside the company. This weekend, Jablonski will be on his way back up the ladder against Psycho Medic.

“Impressive” Anthony Wayne will be in action as well. While he was an eyelash away from picking up the NWA Top Rope Junior Heavyweight Championship, he will be in singles action again this week. But who will he be facing? Simply Perfection has promised that he will be facing off against an opponent of their choice. Will the group send a mercenary to take out the junior heavyweight?

Card is subject to change.

NWA Top Rope is located at 220 East High Street in Lebanon, Tennessee, at the Corsica Joe Sports Arena. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. with bell time at 7:30 p.m. Admission is $10.

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NWA-TWE shows start at 8:00pm.

The show is located at 9256 Hwy 12, McAdams, MS 39107


Aki no Hounou Puroresu
Tokyo, Japan
October 2nd, 2011
Yasukuni shrine sumo wrestling hall


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VFW Post 8905
21902 Highway 290
Cypress, TX 77429

(on the north side of Highway 290 between the Huffmeister and Telge exits)

September 30, 2011 (Friday) pre show begins at 7:30pm

October 14, 2011 (Friday) pre show begins at 7:30pm

November 11, 2011 (Friday) pre show begins at 7:30pm

December 9, 2011 (Friday) pre show begins at 7:30pm

Call the NWA Houston hotline for more info: 832-628-NWAH (6924).
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Houston Hotline at 832-628-NWAH (6924).


NWA Houston presents “Rise Above”

September 30, 2011, bell time 7:30pm

VFW Post 8905, 21902 Highway 290, Cypress TX

Tickets: Adults $10, Children Under Twelve $5.

Purchase advance tickets:

This will be a one night 8 man tournament to determine the #1 contender to the

NWA Lonestar Heavyweight Title held by Jaykus Plisken.

First round matches have been established.

* Black Diamond vs “One Man” Mike Dell

* Alex Reigns vs DJ King

* Jasper Davis vs Silky Baines

* Hambone vs Ken Carson

Card subject to change.

Keep checking for up to the minute information.

If you loved WoW (the old World of Wrestling promotion that ran in Cypress, TX at VFW Post 8905 thirteen years prior our debut on 4/8/11)…NWA Houston will blow you away!!!

For more information call the NWA Houston hotline 832-628-NWAH (6924).

NWA Houston “Let’s Roll” Results (9-9-11)

By: Phillip Barnard, Houston Pro Wrestling Examiner

It was a wild night of pro wrestling action at the Cypress VFW, as NWA Houston paid tribute to the September 11, 2001 attacks during their “Let’s Roll” event on Friday night.

The night started off with ring announcer Tony Brooklyn introducing Sgt. Jasper Davis, who not only had served in Iraq but was also a heavy crowd favorite. Brooklyn then spoke about the events of 9/11 and United Airlines Flight 93 that had left Newark, New Jersey and was hijacked en route to San Francisco. He mentioned one of the passengers, Todd Beamer, had made a call to the other passengers, yelling out “Let’s Roll” and that would be the event title. The playing of the national anthem followed the tribute.

As the show got started, Tony Brooklyn introduced NWA Board of Directors member Mike Sircy. He was last seen several months ago in Houston, making life miserable for the Psycho Circus. Sircy announced that there would be a unification match between NWA Houston Outlaw Champion Jaykus Plisken and NWA Houston Champion “Mr. Showtime” Scot Summers. He called both men to the ring to relinquish their titles, and said that all NWA Houston titles were officially gone and then presented brand new NWA Lonestar Championships to the crowd. The winner of the Jaykus-Summers showdown would be the undisputed NWA Lonestar Heavyweight Champion. Sircy then called all champions to the ring so they could exchange their titles for the new ones.

Ken Carson stormed through the front door and through the crowd, with Barbi Hayden pleading with him not to make a scene. Carson demanded to know what was going on and basically why he wasn’t involved in the championship discussion. When Sircy informed him it was simply because he didn’t currently have a title, Carson demanded to be presented with a “Ken Carson Championship.” Sircy merely laughed off the request and started to leave, stating that “pro wrestling was on the marquee” and began to walk away. Carson snapped and attacked Sircy from behind. He then ordered Barbi to hand him his gear bag, where he proceeded to pull out a pair of electric clippers. Carson then began to shave the head of the NWA Board of Directors member. Suddenly, a masked man hit the ring and ejected Carson from the ring. He then alleged that the man under the mask was his former tag team partner Joey Diamond, who lost a Loser-Leaves-Town match against Carson several months ago. The mystery man helped Sircy to the back, as Carson tried to figure out what just happened.

It was time for the first match of the evening, as “Gentleman” Jack Jameson and “The Hebrew Phenom” David Stahr teamed up to face the combination of Hambone and “The Texas Torture Machine” DJ King. It had been a rough couple of months for King, as he was yet to gain a victory since his return to NWA Houston two months ago. The bad news was things were about to get worse. As King and Hambone had the advantage, Stahr pulled off the upset. King and Hambone went for a double Irish whip, with the intent of Stahr and Jameson colliding in the ring. However they reversed it and when King and Hambone stopped just short of each other, Stahr snuck up behind King and rolled him up for the victory. It was King’s third consecutive match in which he was not declared the winner. This brought out “Benchmark” Silky Baines, who confronted King. However when Hambone tried to calm his partner down, he was kicked in the groin for his efforts. King then locked Hambone in a vicious crossface submission, and refused to let go until NWA Houston officials rushed to the ring and had to pry him King off Hambone. After losing a match in July and going to draw in August, King had seen enough. Maybe the new attitude will get him back on track.

The second match featured a pair of returns to NWA Houston, as “The Scottish Nightmare” Wallace Gordon faced former NWA Houston Jr. Heavyweight Champion Bolt Brady. Almost four months earlier, Brady suffered a knee injury that had kept him out of action, and was just recently cleared to return to the ring. The fans welcomed him back with a great ovation, unlike the round of boos that Wallace received. This was a terrific match between two very great talents. But as Wallace was thinking he had full control, he was interrupted by Chaz Taylor. He came out dressed in full patriotic colors, and was a huge distraction to Wallace. The distraction was all that Brady needed, as he rolled up Wallace for the win, and capping off a successful return to NWA Houston.

Moments after that match had cleared out, NWA Board of Directors member Mike Sircy angrily marched to the ring. He said that if he had anything to do with Carson, he’d never receive a title shot in NWA Houston ever again. He then called to the ring the masked man that had made the save at the start of the show. The newcomer made his way to the ring and was introduced as “Black Diamond.” Sircy said he wanted to personally thank him for pulling Carson away earlier, and wanted to award him a contract with the company. Sircy then called Silky Baines to the ring. He said he had seen what happened with Silky and DJ King earlier, and Baines would have to face the masked man. During the match, Ken Carson hit the ring and caused a scene. It backfired however, as Black Diamond was still able to roll up Silky for the win. After the match, Diamond bolted from the ring and took off through the crowd.

The next match featured none other than Ken Carson. He was set for singles action against “The Name That Entertains” Jasper Davis. This was a solid back and forth contest, that saw Carson get a dose of his own medicine. As Carson was trying to regain control of the match, the masked “Black Diamond” returned to the ring and returned the distraction favor on Carson. Davis used the opportunity to roll up Carson and get the win. Afterwards, Davis celebrated with the fans.

After a brief intermission, fans were set for the first of four matches featuring the new NWA Lonestar titles. Up first was Psycho Circus member Jen-Alise defending the NWA Lonestar Women’s Championship against former champion Barbi Hayden, in a rematch. Barbi wasted no time in getting the match started, jumping on Jen-Alise before the bell. Barbi managed a quick offense, but Jen-Alise turned the tables and got some momentum. It didn’t take long for this match to turn ugly and head to the outside. Jen-Alise grabbed Barbi’s head and slammed it into everything from the ring apron to the ring post. Then things were about to take a turn. Jen-Alise picked up Hayden and slammed her back-first into the ring post, then sat her upright on the ring apron. She made a crucial mistake when she went to grab a steel chair. As she turned around to hit Hayden with it, the former champion kicked the chair back into her face. As Jen-Alise collapsed to the floor, Barbi rolled back in the ring and picked up the count out victory. Mike Sircy had seen the match and made the decision that even though Barbi won via count out, he was allowing the title to change hands. Barbi Hayden is your new NWA Lonestar Champion.

Up next was what turned out to be one of the highlight matches of the night. “The Modern Day Hero” Kevin Douglas defended the NWA Lonestar Junior Heavyweight Title against “The Legend” Mr. B, a former holder of the title. The fans were wildly into this match, as both men went to every measure to try to win the match. Midway through the match, Mr. B hit an inverted face buster on Douglas, and it seemed like he was on his way to regaining the belt. However when he went for the pin, he pulled Douglas’ head up before the referee could finish the count. Mr. B stood up and positioned himself in the corner for a super kick. However Douglas had regained his senses and caught the incoming boot. He spun the former champion around and delivered a pair of vicious clotheslines. With the challenger now dazed, Douglas hit a monkey flip out of the corner, and followed up with a big splash from the top rope for the pinfall victory. After the match, Mr. B grabbed the belt and surprised the fans by handing the belt to Douglas and shaking his hand. Douglas stood proud in the ring and celebrated his successful title defense.

The third of the four title matches was now set, as Psycho Circus members “One Man” Mike Dell and Ryan Genesis were ready to defend the NWA Lonestar Tag Team Titles against The Crusaders (Pop & Lock). This match was mostly dominated by the champions. At one point, all four men were brawling in the ring. Dell took control and hit a simultaneous Flatliner on both Crusaders, driving them face-first into the mat. Dell went to the top rope and hit a signature elbow drop on Lock, while Genesis went to get a chair that would be intended for Crusader Pop. With Pop tied up in the ropes, Genesis raised the chair over his head. But disaster struck, when Pop moved and the chair rebounded off the top rope and back into the face of Genesis. Pop dove on top of him for the pin attempt. Dell slid into the ring to make the save, but inadvertently caused the referee’s hand to hit the mat for the third time, thus crowning NEW NWA Lonestar Champions. Dell couldn’t believe what he had just done, but The Crusaders walked out of the ring as the new champions. Something happened however, when Genesis cracked himself with the chair. He went into a dazed mode that he was still stuck in, even hours after the match. There’s no word yet on the exact state of Genesis’ mental state, but things don’t look good right now.

With the Psycho Circus already in trouble and having lost all of their matches so far, their last hope was for “Mr. Showtime” Scot Summers to overcome the No-DQ challenge of Jaykus Plisken and bring at least one title back to the fold. This match was expected to be vicious and hard-hitting. Halfway through, the action spilled to the outside. Summers slid back in, lured Jaykus back into the ring and scored with a swinging neck breaker. He followed that up with a cross-arm breaker, but Jaykus rolled through it and overpowered Summers by dropping him on his head with a power bomb. Jaykus managed to get back to his feet and attempted a springboard moonsault off the ropes, but Summers got the knees up. With Jaykus writhing in pain, Summers locked in a rear choke hold and scissored his legs around Jaykus for leverage. Seconds later, the former tag champs, Dell and Genesis, stormed the ring. Dell hit his elbow drop from the top rope, but Jaykus kicked out of the ensuing pin. Genesis picked the big man up, and delivered a thunderous fireman’s carry slam. Once again, Jaykus kicked out. Summers had seen enough. He picked up his challenger, but couldn’t keep control of him. Jaykus powered out of his grasp and clotheslined both Dell and Genesis. This was especially not good for Genesis, given how bad his night had already been. Plisken then turned around and picked up Summers for a pumphandle slam, and brought Summers’ back across his knees. The crowd rose to their feet and urged Jaykus to make the cover. The referee counted three, and Jaykus Plisken is your NEW NWA Lonestar Champion. Just like that, the entire Psycho Circus had collapsed and they lost all of their gold. The entire NWA Houston locker room emptied out to celebrate with the new champion, as the crowd erupted in approval.

However before the party could get started, the fans had to deal with one more appearance from Ken Carson. He told Jaykus that he was officially putting him and his new title on notice. Then he ordered Barbi Hayden to get out of the ring and stand at his side. He issued the challenge to Jaykus, but the new champion told him directly that he didn’t have the talent, speed, or skill to keep up with and compete with him. He made a final threat to Carson, before sending him packing to the locker room. The fans went home happy, as the rest of the locker room celebrated with their new champion.

With all of that said and done, Jaykus now looks forward to his next challenger. That person will be revealed on Friday, September 30 at the Cypress VFW. NWA Houston is holding a second show this month, and it will feature a one-night tournament to declare a new #1 Contender to the NWA Lonestar Champion. No names have been revealed as of yet, but you can check back here as the date gets closer, as well as going to the official NWA Houston website for more information.

Of everything that happened on Friday night, there is still one huge bit of news. On October 14, NWA World Heavyweight Champion Adam Pearce will be in Cypress for a huge title defense against Jaykus Plisken. This is not only a huge announcement for NWA Houston, but also a golden opportunity for one of the most popular stars in the area to bring home the most coveted prize in wrestling. More information about that match and the October 14 card will be released as it becomes available. Make sure to check back here as well as the NWA Houston website, mentioned above.


September 30th, 2011 – Surrey

ECCW returns to the Bridgeview Hall in Surrey on Friday night, September 30th, 2011!

October 1st, 2011 – Vancouver

ECCW returns to the Russian Community Centre in Vancouver on Saturday night, October 1st, 2011!

October 28th, 2011 – Surrey

ECCW returns to the Bridgeview Hall in Surrey on Friday night, October 28th, 2011!

For more information on NWA ECCW, go to:



NWA Midwest Brew City Wrestling returns on Friday, September 16 with Fall Frenzy at the Knights of Columbus, 1800 S. 92 St. in West Allis, WI. Bell time is 7:30pm, doors open at 6:30pm and tickets are $20. This is a benefit show with proceeds going to the Leroy Butler Foundation for Breast Cancer. Come and meet Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame Star & Super Bowl Champion, the inventor of the Lambeau Leap, Leroy Butler.

For more information on DPW, go to:

For more information on MPW, go to:

NWA Underground
For more information on NWA Underground, go to:


2011 shows

Saturday September 24th Ann.

Friday October 14th

Saturday November 5th

Saturday December 17th

For more information on VIP, go to:



For more info, go to,
or call 732-604-9927

Doghouse Xtreme joins NWA




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September 17 – Meltdown King & Queen County, VA

October 1 – King of Mid Atlantic Tournament

October 15 – Meltdown

November 12 – Meltdown

December 10 – Meltdown

For more information on NWA Fusion, go to:


NWA All Star Wrestling!/nwawrestling?closeTheater=1

NWA Bluegrass

NWA Bluegrass will be back in Salyersville, KY for a benefit show on August 27th.



NWA Premier
For more information on NWA Premier, go to:

For more information on NWA UK Hammerlock, go to:

For more information on NWA Scotland/ SWA, go to:

Remix Pro Wrestling – Sat. 10/8 Marietta, OH – feat. Chance Prophet vs. Tommy Dreamer for NWA National Title!

On Saturday night, October 8th in Marietta, OH at the Middle School Gym, Remix Pro Wrestling presents its fourth live pro wrestling fundraiser for the Ohio Valley Humane Society. While the evening promises to be a fun event for an extremely worthwhile cause to all fans who attend, hanging in the balance for a young, blossoming company is control, power and the most prestigious championship to be defended inside a Remix Pro ring.

Chance Prophet – one time touted as the fastest rising young star in the area, the stress and pressures of professional wrestling have driven this once polite and personable young man over the edge. Now a twisted, dark and soulless implement of destruction, Prophet joins Remix Pro management’s rogue defector Sam Smith heading a group of “Anti-Heroes” dead-set on the destruction of others and the acquisition of ultimate power and control of Remix Pro.

While Chance’s disposition has taken a 180-degree turn his in-ring abilities may have never been better. Chance recently defeated TNA Impact Wrestling star Gunner to re-capture the NWA National Title, a championship that has been held throughout the years by such legends as Jack Brisco, Ted DiBiase and Dusty Rhodes. With championships come power and influence, and with more power, Chance becomes even more menacing and threatening to all around him.

“The Innovator of Violence” Tommy Dreamer – Over a twenty year career, Tommy has personified “heart”, “passion”, and “sacrifice”. Through long odds and challenging circumstances, through dehabilitating injures and personal tragedy, Tommy has persevered as one of the most courageous and beloved talents in professional wrestling. His unwavering drive and love for professional wrestling has pushed him through life-altering wars with some of wrestling’s most dangerous men – from Raven to The Dudley Boys to the legendary Mick Foley. Tommy has given his mind, body and soul for what he believes in, and has always fought for the noble cause and overcome the odds to emerge as a voice and face of the people.

Now, Remix Pro management’s Adam Johnson & Joe Offenberger have brought Tommy Dreamer to Remix Pro Wrestling with a mission – to thwart the diabolical plan of the “Anti-Heroes” to overthrow the company, and bring his unique brand of violence and pain as only he can to win one more just fight, to champion one more noble cause, and to ensure the salvation of the fastest rising professional wrestling company in the area today and the fans who support it.

On Saturday night, October 8th in Marietta, Ohio, former ECW World Heavyweight Champion Tommy Dreamer has an opportunity to win a coveted NWA Championship and to sway the balance of power away from the “Anti-Heroes” as he meets a man who once idolized him, Chance Prophet, one-on-one with the title on the line! October 8th will be “One Nation Under Violence” with the liberty of Remix Pro Wrestling hanging in the balance! You’ve been 4-Warned!

More information:

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