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Before Triple H could finish his entrance, CM Punk attacked him from behind and the two battled outside the ring until CM Punk ran into the ring to avoid a pedigree on the announce table.

Most of the match took place outside of the ring, with both opponents using the ring barricade, foreign objects, and even the set against each other. They then made it in the ring and CM Punk grabbed a chair from under the ring and hit Triple H with a chair.

After some fighting in the ring, Triple H wound up on the Spanish announcer’s table and CM Punk dove off the top rope and crashed Triple H through the table. Then, The Miz and R. Truth came out and beat up both CM Punk and Triple H. The Miz then went to hit the referee but the referee blocked the shot and hit The Miz. The Miz and R. Truth then took out the referee. John Laurinitis then came out, followed by another referee. Laurinitis stopped the ref from going into the ring, but when CM Punk gave Triple H the Go To Sleep, Laurinitis sent the ref in, but Triple H kicked out. Triple H then tried for a pedigree, but Punk kicked out.

Then, Kevin Nash came through the audience, got in the ring, and hit both  Triple H and Punk. Nash went to jacknife  Triple H but Punk stopped it. Then, Nash gave Punk the last ride and then attacked Triple H on the outside. Nash then removed the montiors from the announce table to hurt Triple H butTriple  H hit Nash with the sledgehammer.  Triple H then hit the pedigree to pin CM Punk at the 24:02 mark. Triple H then did a ”crotch chop” as the show went off the air.


  1. By Dale, posted

    Well now, Class; lets do a script check.
    Nash Interferance: Chaeck!
    Laurinitis interferance: Check!
    Triple H Winning the Match: Check!
    Very Good, All is right in the world of WWE.

    If you missed this coming, You did not pay attention on Monday! Go sit in the corner.

  2. By rAY rAY, posted

    Triple H just cant let anyone get over….he has to win…..John Laurenitus is a joke and needs to stay off camera…..TripleH cant stand the fact that CM Punk is a better wrestler and Kevin Nash needs to go away……Might as well get rid of triple h and bring back Vince….we can all see where this is going….a power struggle between Triple H and Laurenitus…..it will be as entertaining as the whol michael cole crap this year………

  3. By Stephen Faust, posted

    Very Predictable.

  4. By Archangel, posted

    I hope this was Triple H’s last match and they decide to “let him” win the match.

  5. By Justin, posted

    rAY rAY – Triple H letting someone get “over isn’t the issue here! Building the continuing story line IS!!! Survivors Series prediction…
    Team HHH w/ CM Punk as team captain
    Team Laurenitus w/ Kevin Nash as team captain

  6. By Dark Knight, posted

    So what was the point in cm punk cutting that promo only to get swished by triple h

  7. By Brian, posted

    This was bad for business. Might as well bring back HBK, X Pac and Hall and reform the Clique tonight on RAW. CM Punk was red hot for the summer and HHH instead took the spotlight of Punk and put it onto himself and the “power struggle” of the WWE. HHH also has valuable air time going to Nash and Laurinitis while much more deserver guys on the roster don’t have an outlet to get their character out to the fans. And to top it all off HHH refused to put Punk over and decided it was “good for business” to get the 1-2-3 on him. So much for change. It’s been 2 months with HHH in charge and Cena is champ, Punk is out of the main event picture, HHH’s buddies are running around keeping other guys off tv and HHH and his ego rule the WWE… substitute HHH’s name with Vince in that last sentence and everything is the way it always is and that really sucks.

  8. By fred, posted

    dosnt matter hes a mcmahon hell always be involved were as hhh does have a massive ego and dosnt like to lose i do think he lost like 4 or 5 wm in a row 2 to batista and the undertaker and 1 or two but yes we knew he was going to win at noc because they got it set up for a storyline at survivor series and plz keep nash out of the ring the guy an barley move but he is funn when he did commentary for tna maybe he could do that

  9. By Mike, posted

    Let me guess. Now your going to see a DX reunion, followed by an Nwo type angle with Nash and Waltman. It seems like WWE is following suit with TNA as far as using the same angles. Think about it. In TNA, ODB and Jackie are the anti barbie doll wrestlers and want to rid TNA of the other girls. Sounds just like the angle that Beth Phoenix and natalia Neidhart are doing. TNA is proving that the older guys are just embarassing themselves in the ring, but we still constantly see Hulk Hogan, Sting Flair, Bischoff, etc. In WWE it has become the HHH show. Why are guys like HHH,Nash,Cena constantly in the spotlight? They have so much unused talent with so much potential, there is no reason to keep pushing the older guys like they are. Don’t get me wrong, I grew up on guys like Hogan and Flair, and I like to see them aroung once in a while. I think there will always be a place for them in this business, but they should not be in the spotlight all the time while the younger talent jobs to them. WWE claims that they listen to the fans. I don’t know who they are listening to, but it sure sounds to me that most of the fans aren’t happy about the way they are doing things. They had a great angle going with CM Punk, and they killed it off. Did any fan realy want that?

  10. By pienman, posted

    indeed, indeed well thought out WWE…a sigh of silent claps

  11. By Tony, posted

    I guess Nash Vs Hunter is in order, whos gonna jump in that one? Shawn? Xpac? Scott Hall?

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