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Before the match, Alberto Del Rio came out without his car and asked Ricardo Rodriguez for his keys – but it turns out that John Cena stole his car and came out in it. Then Alberto would not let the ring announcer introduce him, and instead asked Ricardo to do it.; Then, John Cena did his own introduction of himself, calling himself “the fighting fruity pebble.”

During the match, Ricardo Rodriguez tripped John Cena and the referee sent Rodriguez to the dressing room.

At the 17:35 mark, John Cena made Alberto Del Rio tap out to the STF to win the WWE Championship for the 10th time, despite attempted interference by Ricardo Rodriguez.


  1. By asamon, posted

    I’m done with WWE

  2. By Mike, posted

    I love it.
    I’m glad to hear John Cena is The “Champ” again.
    All you haters can just suck it up, and deal with it.

  3. By Dale, posted

    If you did not see Cena winning, then you must have lost your copy of the script. While I am no fan of Del Rio, I do feel it is time for someone other than John Cena. I do like John, but it is time to find a new champ. Perhaps the new “Good” Sheamus? Perhaps he could have a side kick like Hornswoggle?

  4. By Frank, posted


  5. By Cori, posted

    I agree-what a waste.

  6. By skanlessBlood, posted

    I’m glad John Cena won Alberto Del Rio!Alberto was’nt a good champion any way.now the Rock can take the title from John Cena.

  7. By skanlessBlood, posted

    John Cena won good!

  8. By Chris, posted

    No you’re not done with wwe. You wouldn’t have anything to complain about if you didn’t watch it over and over. You will be watching tomorrow night. I’d put money on it.

  9. By WWE still stinks., posted

    Yes I am officially done with WWE. That was the last straw. Cena with the belt makes absolutely no sense. That is enough.

  10. By nico, posted

    Total garbage. Please wwe listen to your fans for god sakes. Destroyed two good story line in one night. And why end the tag team championship so freaking lame. Its sad that we have no other options and vince knows that

  11. By Patrick, posted

    Nico (and all the rest of those upset by Cena’s victory) the problem is your request that the WWE listens to its fans is precisely why Cena gets the belt back. While you and others may despise him, a relative majority of WWE fans support him. The cheers always drown out the boos at live events and like or not, the man’s merchandise sells and if you don’t believe that this has an impact, you are not paying attention.

    What I’ve never understood is WHY people hate him so much. No, he’s not the most skilled “wrestler” but when asked about Cena in “shoot” interviews, virtually all of his peers sing his praises in regards to his dedication, love for the business, how he treats other wrestlers and fans, etc. It seems to me that someone so devoted to the business deserves at least to be tolerated by those who may not enjoy his character.

    Bottom line is that he’ll lose the belt down the road again and win it back; it’s just part of the game and is no reason to stop enjoying the fun that is wrestling!

  12. By Stephen Faust, posted

    Not again!!! Can someone other than cena hold the belt past one month?? Cena has become the Hulk Hogan of 2011. That is not a good thing.

  13. By Archangel, posted


  14. By Mark, posted

    Patrick, to confirm what you’re saying, I have a friend who works for the concessions for the NY/LI area (which includes the Garden and Nassau). According to him, at all events, Raw or Smackdown, the face main eventer’s merchandise sells well, but Cena’s merchandise outsells everyone’s, whether he’s on the show or not. It doesn’t even matter what brand it is. Just look at his return for The Royal Rumble…thousands in the crowd waved his foam hands and posters when he came out even though no one knew he was going to show up. That’s why he’s the champ again and again. the kids love him and they’re the majority.

  15. By Brian, posted

    This isn’t hate directed towards Cena as much as it is directed at WWE for not giving us anything new. Cena is always the champ or the #1 contender for it. It gets stale after a while. I respect his love for the business and how hard he works but the fans just want to see somebody else get a crack at the main event. Ric Flair was a 16 time champion and arguably one of the best of all time. Cena is already at 10 reigns and HHH is at 13 and Orton is probably close to 10 as well and it just diminishes the titles to have them passed around so freely. I don’t hate Cena. I just hate that the creative team can’t find anything new for him to do because the man is talented and actually cares about the fans and business.

  16. By Joe, posted

    Cena had to win the title back its just a shame someone else couldn’t be champion longer. Now Cena will hold the title till Wrestlemania when he defends against The Rock.

  17. By Frank, posted

    The Fans today are plain spoiled, can you imagine how they would act back when Bruno Sammartino held the wwwf title for 8 years, Bob Baclund held the wwf title for 5 years! you would crawl up a tree with disgust! Actually I would prefer the WWE or World Heavy Weight Champ hold the title longer than 2-6 Months, To me the constant title changes mean nothing to be proud of, a real Champion is one who can hold on to a title a paper champ wins and loses it weekly like the so called champs of today. Now it is about how many times you hold it not how long. tsk tsk tsk.

  18. By fred, posted

    ok ill play devils advocate for a little bit first although i absolutley hate john cena the wrestler there is no person who does more for the fans and the sick kids in thier personal life than john cena yes the boos are there but the cheers do outweigh them because those cheering are mostley kids and at christmas time what happens well all year round actually kids tell their parents to buy ena stuff for them the wwe is a family oriented program and cena is the face of that wwe and no matter how many title reigns cena or hhh or whoever gets even if they get more than flair it will have a astris beside thier name because titles dont mean shit anymore they havent met anything since before the attitude era{which was wwe at its best} anywho bottom line cena makes money alot of money and vince has said this is a buisness and about money nd if you dont like the program or who wins the matches or the story then for god sakes quit wathing it and stop complaining…but yes i do hate john cena the wrestling charecter and go rock!!!

  19. By Frank H., posted

    I saw this coming from a MILE away. I don’t mind Cena, I mean it’s always good to see a local boy (I’m from Boston) do well. My complaint, is they finally gave the Championship to Rey Mysterio, who I truly feel deserves it, and took it away from him in like what? 20 minutes. I would have liked to see Mysterio hold on to it till like Survivor Series at least. When it comes down to Cena vs. The Rock, I am 100% rooting for Cena. The Rock is famous for TALKING not Wrestling. I know I’m going to get HELL for saying that, but I’m sorry fans, that’s just how I feel. EVERY time someone brings him up all they can talk about is how well he was on the mic, not how good his matches were. I remember two people that were just as good on the mic, and could put on a HELL of a match. Their names are Ric Flair and Dusty Rhodes.

  20. By Mike, posted


  21. By Tony, posted

    not a huge fan of Cena being champ again but JESUS Rio was a terrible champ!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. By pienman, posted

    check & mate…he will have the belt under wrestlemania! wow, indeed

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