Posted September 18th, 2011 by 1Wrestling News Team

After a grueling match, Mark Henry gave the World’s Strongest Slam to Randy Orton at the 13:03 mark to become the NEW World Heavyweight Champion. After the match, Josh Matthews tried to interview Mark Henry and he grabbed the mic and said that this is his moment and that he will never lose the title.


  1. By Cori, posted

    Crap! First of all, Randy should have been in the main event. Second of all, Henry should have been fired when he started breaking legs. It’s not entertaining and I’m sick of it!

  2. By Dale, posted

    Oh my. While I am not surprised at this, I am glad to see Mark is getting a chance to be a top tier wrestler. He has been a jobber for too long. While I am not a fan of the character, I do respect the size and intimidation factor of the man.

  3. By Frank, posted

    This is Mark Henry’s gift for being a long time Jobber. His contract will soon end this it is just a gift b4 he retires.

  4. By pelli, posted

    really cori you really think that all mark henry has done recently wasnt scripted like he is really breaking legs and hurting people wow is all i can say

  5. By David Jewel, posted

    I gotta say this is WWEs way of thanking Mark Henry for being a loyal employee of the WWE for a long time. I dont really have a major problem with it every so often the Title has a history of going on the huge beast heel (think Yokozuna). I suspect they may let him keep it till Survivor Series so he gets one title defense because its just the way that the heel generally at least gets away with keeping the title more then one PPV (unless your Albert Del Rio when ya strip it off him after cashing in his MITB). The difference is Mark’s been a long time worker for the company and deserves his brief time in the spotlight before he gives it back probably to Randy Orton. Congrats Mark you’ve earned it even if you are the bad guy now. Anybody who’s met ya know your just a big black teddybear at heart

  6. By Ray McDowell, posted

    Jim Cornette suggested this years ago for Mark Henry. Nobody listened. Simply put, Henry works as a monster heel. Right up there with the Undertaker, Bruiser Brody, Big Van Vader. There aren’t many who can carry it off. Size alone doesn’t make it work, and innate meanness doesn’t either. Maybe its like acting, you get the most charming cat in the company to play the villain. They find a way to get the pathos into the character. Works most every time. It may have come late for Henry, but when it did, it came like a lightning bolt. I’m glad he got the championship, but now lets get it back on Orton because he’s the real thing. He can shoot, play crazy and charm the crowd, all at the same time if necessary.

  7. By Stephen Faust, posted

    It’s about time that Mark Henry got a chance at being The WWF/E World Heavyweight Champion. After 15 years of up and downs in his career, he deserves the championship.

  8. By g-money, posted

    Let the Mark Henry era begin!

  9. By Brian, posted

    This was the absolute right call. I know Orton is a far better wrestler and Henry isn’t the best in the ring but when guys remain with your company for 15 years and do whatever is needed of them whether it is jobbing, teaming with lots of guys or whatever you show them some loyalty here and there and throw them a bone. Henry has been a company man for a long time and it was a good call to recognize this and give him a title run. It probably won’t be a long one but it is a nice gesture by WWE to show wrestlers that when you are good to the company the company may return the favor some day.

  10. By fred, posted

    congrats mark but youll always be remberd as sexual choclate

  11. By pienman, posted

    indeed…i applaud this one! i am glad henry won the title! there aren’t ENOUGH BLACK champions

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