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With the Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix continuing without Alistair Overeem, it was announced today that the Heavyweight champion would be taking on former WWE, IWGP and UFC champion Brock Lesnar on December 30. The fight will take place on a Friday, as opposed to the traditional Saturday for UFC, due to New Year’s Eve being the following night.

Overeem had recently been released from his Strikeforce contract due to the manner in which his management company, Golden Glory negotiated contracts. Since then, however the company has changed their negotiation policies, and Overeem was spotted at UFC headquarters on Tuesday.

Lesnar, who has had another bout with diverticulitis, looks to get back on track following the loss of his Heavyweight title to the undefeated Cain Velasquez. This matchup pits arguably the greatest wrestler in the division against the greatest striker in the division in the first fight announced for the December 30 card.

Clay Guida vs. Ben “Smooth” Henderson was also announced to take place on the Fox Debut card on Tuesday.

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