Posted September 5th, 2011 by Bill Apter

On RAW tonight we saw a commercial advertising a WWE TV Network happening in 2012. This has been the mindset of Vince McMahon for more years than most of you realize.

Moments after the promo aired I received many emails asking my take on this upcoming 2012 happening. Most of the emails were negative, which seems to be the tone of so many messages that come my way about the WWE.

My thoughts are very simple –I like the idea. Why not? If it’s what I envision, we’ll not only see the current product but be treated to the historical “old school” wrestling as well.

It will also give the WWE an opportunity to spread their wings in the movie, music, and other business ventures. Remember, the bottom line is they are an entertainment company and if the WWE station will be a 24/7 one, they’ve got to have lots of content. We certainly don’t want to just see reruns of the weekly RAW and SmackDown shows over-and-over-again every day!

What I would love to see in their programming is a show similar to the old Joe Pedicino “Pro Wrestling This Week” program. That was such a great news format show that brought highlights of the various territories to our TV screens. Perhaps WWE can do this with their “farm” team like Florida Championship Wrestling.

Of course we’ll also see some shows we may not thing highly of (how many of the Divas will get their own reality shows – yikes)! We also might be surprised as perhaps the WWE will add blocks of non-wrestling themed shows as well. Remember, it’s a network and you need compelling programming to keep it alive.

That’s my take on the WWE Network. Keep in mind the “E” stands for “Entertainment” so they could go in many directions with this new venture.

Thanks and I look forward to your comments – and I’ll see YOU at the matches!

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  1. By jshannon, posted

    If it flies, I think WWENetwork could be awesome. With literally thousands of hours of programming in their ginormous video vaults, the programming might never end. AWA, WCCW, WCW, ECW, Jim Crockett Pre-WCW’s NWA shows, etc… If they set it as a standard network, I’ll be petitioning our local cable company like mad to get it.


  2. By chris, posted

    it would be better if it was a all wrestling cannel,wwe,tna,roh,everyone!

  3. By joe wolfe, posted

    I for one would love to see a WWE Network. I used to have tons of the Clash of Champions and Saturday Night Main Events as well as the PPV’s but they were all VHS and I don’t wanna buy the DVD’s because they are edited down and I would like to see matches in their entirety.

  4. By CRiley, posted

    I am not totally against the ideal, I actually think it could be a very cool thing, I agree with jshannon. But, I just hope that they don’t make it a “digital” only tier network and move RAW & Smakdoown to it, I love that USA & SyFy are available on my “Basic” cable for right now I can not afford the Digital Box, really want it and plan someday to be able to afford it but in this economy who knows what the future holds.

    And for those who are going to assume that I am an unemployed lazya** that lives in my mother’s bastment, you are wrong I am a working stiff who has a family & bills, work hard everyday & am doing everything I can everyday to better myself & my family, not all who love Pro Wreslting & gets on here are unemployed ETC… A lot of us work & have lives.

  5. By Joe Jones, posted

    Hi, Finally, A chance to see the old WWE, WCW, ECW, AWA, NWA, JIM CROCKETT PROMOTIONS, etc…


  6. By bill, posted

    I’ll agree with Jay, I’d LOVE the idea if it meant Vince would throw open the vault and show videos from all the millions of tapes he’s got from wcw,nwa,awa,world class, and all those old shows AND mix in some new shows as well. When it comes to the wrestling programming, I hope it’s NOT just
    WWE/WWF, Vince is sitting on a treasure trove of tapes, bring them out and let today’s fans(the younger ones) see the way it use to be, where there was more action and less talk. Let them see the true legends
    in action they’ve only heard about. It might re-ignite the fire in some fans and bring back some that drifted away.

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