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On RAW tonight we saw a commercial advertising a WWE TV Network happening in 2012. This has been the mindset of Vince McMahon for more years than most of you realize.

Moments after the promo aired I received many emails asking my take on this upcoming 2012 happening. Most of the emails were negative, which seems to be the tone of so many messages that come my way about the WWE.

My thoughts are very simple –I like the idea. Why not? If it’s what I envision, we’ll not only see the current product but be treated to the historical “old school” wrestling as well.

It will also give the WWE an opportunity to spread their wings in the movie, music, and other business ventures. Remember, the bottom line is they are an entertainment company and if the WWE station will be a 24/7 one, they’ve got to have lots of content. We certainly don’t want to just see reruns of the weekly RAW and SmackDown shows over-and-over-again every day!

What I would love to see in their programming is a show similar to the old Joe Pedicino “Pro Wrestling This Week” program. That was such a great news format show that brought highlights of the various territories to our TV screens. Perhaps WWE can do this with their “farm” team like Florida Championship Wrestling.

Of course we’ll also see some shows we may not thing highly of (how many of the Divas will get their own reality shows – yikes)! We also might be surprised as perhaps the WWE will add blocks of non-wrestling themed shows as well. Remember, it’s a network and you need compelling programming to keep it alive.

That’s my take on the WWE Network. Keep in mind the “E” stands for “Entertainment” so they could go in many directions with this new venture.

Thanks and I look forward to your comments – and I’ll see YOU at the matches!

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