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Freakin’ incredible is the only way I can describe the Main Event cage match tonight between World Champion Randy Orton and challenger Christian. This was a pay-per-view quality performance by both Orton and Christian. Kudos to both of them for a five-star-PLUS-match.

Wade Barrett was such a convincing heel when he verbally challenged John Cena on SmackDown tonight. However once he and Cena got into the ring to wrestle Cena totally dominated Barrett. I totally understand building Cena for the “Night Of Champions pay-per-view, but why destroy a talent like Barrett to accomplish that?

Sin Cara and Daniel Bryan had a good match and a surprise finish. After the match Cara offered a handshake to Bryan and as Daniel accepted he was kicked down by the masked man. That is a bad guy turn none of us saw coming.
Reversing now from bad-to-good, I like how Sheamus is getting over with the fans. He’s become so very popular. This turn is working out just fine.

Fans in the arena booed Triple H’s cancellation of the Kevin Nash vs. CM Punk match at Night Of Champions. During the contract signing tonight the live audience cheered Punk and was not too kind to Triple H when they were face-to-face.
Triple H and Punk were going back-and-forth about fans that do and don’t like the current WWE. They were talking about changing the WWE. I’m always a bit surprised when a huge company like the WWE talks publically about having problems with the product. I never thought this kind of dialog is too healthy. Why should fans think of the negative that is brought up by the talent?
I did like the interference by Kevin Nash during the contract segment. The glaring look he and Triple H gave each other was very genuine looking. Nash has retained his facial maniacal excellence.

An excellent SmackDown Supershow tonight and I hope we’ll be treated to more quality wrestling (yes I wrote wrestling – not sports entertainment) like this soon!

Thanks for reading and supporting and I’ll see YOU at the matches!

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