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•Bret Hart came out to start the show and said that Teddy Long could not be in Calgary and that Triple H made him the special guest General Manager for the night. He then said at the special live Super SmackDown on Tuesday, #1 contender Mark Henry would take on Randy Orton for the World Heavyweight Championship. Christian then came out and said that Edge cost him the title due to the fact that, because of Edge’s comments, he was unable to concentrate. Christian then said, as the former World Champion, he wants a rematch on Tuesday. Bret then said he has to stop being a crybaby and an embarassment to everything, including Canada. Christian then said he was the only Canadian who is still relevant. He then gave Bret a legal document that says that he will get a rematch before anyone else. Bret said that at Super SmackDown on Tuesday, he will get his rematch – but in a steel cage.

•Mark Henry then came out and said he has been with the company for 15 years and he demands respect. He then said he wants the winner of the Christian vs. Randy Orton match at Super SmackDown. Before Bret could answer, Sheamus came out and said that his uncle had a black bull and he castrated it – and not to make him do the same thing to him. Sheamus then went into the ring and attacked Mark Henry, forcing him out of the ring.

•In the first match of the night, Christian defeated Daniel Bryan with the Killswitch.

•New WWE Diva Aksana was then shown and asked the WWE Universe to “turn her on” at Super SmackDown this coming Tuesday.

•Wade Barrett was supposed to wrestle a local athlete from Calgary, but he said that he took his opponent as an insult and left the ring. The match was a no contest.

•Sin Cara easily defeated Heath Slater.

•World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton defeated Ted DiBiase, Jr. Cody Rhodes came out with DiBiase and said that he would restore the integrity to the Intercontinental Championship. After the match, Cody Rhodes came into the ring and gave Ted DiBiase, Jr. the CrossRhodes and then put a paper bag on his head.

•WWE Divas Champion Kelly Kelly easily defeated Tamina.

•Matt Striker then interviewd Jinder Mahal. Jinder said the servent (The Great Khali) “disobeyed his master.” He then said that his only mission is to serve him and defeat Ezekiel Jackson. Ezekiel Jackson then defeated The Great Khali by making him tap out by amazingly lifting him up for the Torture Rack.

•In the main event, Sheamus defeated Mark Henry by count-out. Mark Henry attempted to throw Sheamus through the announce table, but Sheamus reversed it and won the match. After the match, Mark Henry viciously attacked Sheamus, slamming him on the steel steps to end the show.

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