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Just announced for Ring of Honor “Death Before Dishonor IX” in New York City on Saturday, September 17th:

Stipulations To Be Announced
Jay & Mark Briscoe vs. The All Night Express

The fight between the Briscoes & The All Night Express has been carrying on for months now, and has shown little sign of slowing down. If anything, it has only gotten increasingly more violent and out of control. As seen in the most recent ROH Video Wire (, it even broke out in the parking lot at the Frontier Fieldhouse where Rhett Titus attempted to use a ladder as a weapon against the Briscoes.

Well ROH officials have decided to let these four men tear into each other when we return to NYC on September 17th for “Death Before Dishonor IX” with the winner of the bout receiving a future title shot within the year. ROH officials, however, have yet to decide what stipulation this match will have. It is no secret after watching the aforementioned videowire that the Briscoe Brothers want a Ladder War and really with both the ANX & the Briscoes wanting to settle this rivalry once and for all, if there is any match to do that it would be a Ladder War.

Ring of Honor has seen two Ladder Wars over the course of its nearly 10 year history, with the original one including Jay & Mark successfully defending the ROH World Tag Titles. They are rarely held due to the brutality and danger of the match itself, and the match was essentially banned by ROH management following the first war. Special circumstances prompted the second Ladder War, but ROH officials are very hesitant to revisit this dangerous stipulation a 3rd time due to the potential risks to the wrestlers and not to mention the negative impression it may have on the new owners.

ROH officials have debated many different stipulations this match could have and feel it may be in everyone’s best interest at this time to keep the Ladder War on hiatus. Officials should have their final decision confirmed on the stipulation very soon, but whatever form it may take, this Briscoe vs. ANX war must come to an end! Tickets for “Death Before Dishonor IX” are available right here:!

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