Posted August 14th, 2011 by Bill Apter

Referee Triple H is the first person to come to the ring … CM Punk comes out next and Cena follows him … Triple H holds both belts up as they are getting set for the bell to ring.

Highlights:They lockup and Punk pushes Cena into the corner and makes a clean break … Cena with an armlock and Punk reverses it and locks Cena into a headlock … Off the ropes and Punk makes the first pin attempt … The fans are very vocal with “CM Punk/Let’s go Cena” … Cena now has a headlock on Punk … Off the ropes shoulderblock and pin attempt by Cena and a kickout by Punk … So far many holds being traded … Punk with a dropkick and pin attempt and into a chinlock on Cena … Cena with a wastelock/suplex combo and into a chinlock on Punk.

Cena with another pin attempt after an elbowsmash but only gets a two count … Punk dropkicks Cena outside the ring and Triple H starts to count … Cena rolls in and a pin attempt … Punk using kicks to Cena … Punk with a sitting top face-arm lock (amost like a sitting abominal stretch) … Cena gets out of it with a slideslam … Cena going for the “you can’t see me” and his finisher but Punk takes him down with a facelock and Cena is in pain but reverses it into a chinlock … Punk turns it into a headlock … Cena reverses it again … Punk makes it tothe ropes and a break is called … Cena tossed out of the ring … Triple H is counting … Punk dives onto him –Suicide Dive — outside the ring but Punk seems to have hurt himself as he also crashed into the barrier … Triple H is still counting … Triplle H takes Cena and tosses him into the ring and Punk too!

Triple H refused to call this a countout so he brought them both back into the ring … They trade blows with their legs and fists … Cena with a dropkick and goes for the five knuckle shuffle — gets the fist drop … Munts punk on his shoulders … Punk kicks out … Punk with a savate kick and pin attempt … Punk pus Cean on his shoulders Cena gets out, slams Punk — two count … Cean to the top rope Punk kicks him down … PUnk goes to the top … Bulldog headlock off the tope and pin attempt … Punk dives off Cena catches him in as STF … Punk tries to make it to the ropes … He makes it … Triple H calls for the break … Cena tries his finish again but Punk gets out .. .Cena is very upset and argues with Triple H saying the count is slow … Cena off the ropes for a legdrop and Punk moves, Cena crashes and Punk gets a two count and looks frustrated with Triple H’s count as well … Punk to the top ropes again … Cena down … Punk with a flying elbow … Cena kicks out at two! … Punk takes issue with Triple H again and argues with him … Cena tries a rollup and pin attempt … Now Cena is aggressive with punches … Kick off the ropes …GTS and Punk pins and is the champion!

Cena has words with Triple H as he leaves the ring as Punk celebrates! Triple H offers his gand and paragdes him around with the belt but refuses to shake hads with Triple H.


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  1. By Mike, posted

    I would love to know where this story is going because it makes zero sense the end of this match was awful kevin nash?????????

  2. By Jrock, posted

    body guard/enforcer for Delrio u watch

  3. By Ian, posted

    it was awesome

  4. By Brian, posted

    And yet another good story line screwed up at the hands of the writers…I was riveted with the new Punk angle, and like usual they just pull something like this…so disapointing.

  5. By dave, posted

    not as awful as trying to read this match play by play.

  6. By vikki, posted

    I love Kevin Nash whatever he does is for money

  7. By Justin, posted

    Nash?! Really?! Really?! I’m guessing the Clique is coming back to book the shows. What’s next? X-Pac was the Anonymous Raw GM the whole time? Scott Hall and HBK were the real masterminds to remove Vince, not the Board of Directors? If Impact is smart…who am I kidding. Where can I find ROH programming in Indiana?

  8. By bill, posted

    possibly Kevin nash returning to his previous
    role of a body guard? With Del rio’s money he
    could afford it and as Diesel, Nash debued in the wwe as a bodyguard/enforcer for shawn michaels. Nash’s interferrence will SURELY be questioned by Punk on raw monday, I’m sure Punk will question Triple h about Nash
    since Hunter and Nash are pals. I gotta say,
    it was a unexpected little twist tossing nash in but at least they did involve him in
    SOMETHING besides the royal rumble match.

  9. By Chuck H., posted

    I’m glad I didn’t pay to watch this because this was total bulls**t. I mean, who the heck is writing this stuff anymore? Growing up I was a huge wrestling fan. While I was in High School the NWA Mid-Atlantic started being shown in Philly, so that was a whole new level of the “sport”. Back then they showcased the wrestlers athleticism to go along with the storylines. Now it’s all recycled storylines about who’s screwing over who and which diva has the biggest boobs. Turns out, the biggest boobs are on the writing staff.

  10. By hank, posted

    Sad and predictable. I have no problem with Nash. But the MIB is a joke. Always after someone wins a chapionmship belt some loser comes down with a referee. This has happened many times before.

  11. By dale, posted

    Kevin Nash? Really? Really!? The guy can’t manage to hardly walk due to bum knees and now he is acting as this huge body guard (again) Wat next, DDP as the diamond studd?I do not know what the hell to think. But the Del Rio was fairly obvious.

  12. By David, posted

    WOW.. Kevin Nash was just here in Parma, Ohio and had a autograh session at b a SWEETY candy company. No one was there to even see him. Me and my buddy thought it reminded us of “The Wrestler” movie. Totally shocked to see him..

  13. By yragcom1, posted

    Hi all from Staples. I thought the card was just OK, I had a idea that DelRio would end up with the belt. Sad though, because the new Punk angle is really hot with the fans. WWE has TOTALLY missed the boat in burying this angle with the weak ending they threw out. We got there three hours before showtime, and all the Punk product was SOLD OUT. Those new T-shirts were EVERYWHERE. The crowd was evenly split, to the point where the crowd had a single opposing chant, “Let’s Go Cena/C-M-Punk”. i have never heard or seen that since Hogan/Warrior.

  14. By k91xxx, posted

    Sounds like a good ppv to me cena lost!!!!

  15. By Dennis, posted

    My guess its Stephanie getting back at CM Punk for having her father fired. She hired Nash. You heard it here

  16. By John, posted

    They just made the CM Punk/Cena feud worthless because now Alberto Del Rio is the champ and Rey Rey will be facing him tonight on raw for the belt. They could have had Cena try and fight for the belt back then have Alberto cash in next month.

  17. By BH, posted

    I would not be suprised if Ol’ Steph & went ‘behind’ Triple H’s back and had a hand in bringing Kevin Nash in and have Del Rio cash in his MITB case for the title. This I feel will be revealed at Raw on Monday Night.

  18. By David M, posted

    you gotta be kidding Kevin Nash how is he involved does DelRio have such clout he can buy out a TNA contract and hire Nash. In way exspected Cena would lose as he is scheduled for a new movie but, this way out leaves us all going what did we just miss here? Is Nash back in the WWE and for what reason?Always…David M

  19. By JJTj, posted

    Makes no sense at all. The CM Punk
    ‘angle’ could of been much better, but
    Kevin Nash ? The WWE needs some better
    writers here, folks, because this is lame.

  20. By Rick, not rude, just obnoxious, posted

    The new champ was very predictable. The only question was, would it be Cena or Punk getting punk’d by Del Rio. Maybe the writers saw the irony.

    RE: Kevin Nash: a nice surprise, but I wonder if there’s a tie-in to ‘Just For Men’ beard products. He looked like he smeared boot black on his whiskers.

  21. By BT, posted

    I have a feeling that Vince hired Nash to interfere making it look like HHH is trying to strong arm the WWE. By doing this it will make HHH public enemy #1 and make Vince seem like the lesser of the two evils helping get Vince back into power.

  22. By The Chosen 1, posted

    I loved the ending of this ppv. Everyone is up in arms about the end, but what better way to continue the Punk storyline. If they are really trying to paint Punk like he is Stone Cold, then screw him out of the title. Everyone roots for Punk, bam, storyline continues. Nash/Diesel was an inspired choice as they have been trying to find a way to bring him in since the Rumble.

  23. By Ian, posted

    You guys are crazy purists. How is this bad for punk? He’s now the center of a storyline with new & classic wrestlers. Also any of you who said “I predicted this” are full of it. The unpredictability of this storyline continues, and that’s what makes it so great.

  24. By fred, posted

    ok anytime cena loses is great but with the wwe about to start its tour of mexico did anyone really expect alberto del rio to not be the champ its just sad that mib has been reduced to this and now that del rio won and yes he has zero talent i bet daniel bryant doesnt win his mib match i love kevin nash but having him come out to screw up the finish to a decent story line is horriable well i guess we know whos now writing wwe story maybe the same person wwho got the first win over goldberg in wcw or someone very close to the story…these are only my opions and do not reflect or anyone else…p.s. thank god for roh coming soon

  25. By fred, posted

    oh and 1 more thing i forgot to say or may have but will say it again del rio does not deserve the strap but now after all they hype cm punk goes back to midcard status which is sad cause punk has all the makings of a future legend and a big time player in the wrestling buisness

  26. By Eric, posted

    R u serious this is some bull nash come on anyone but him like they say money talks and bs walks just when the wwe was getting better they pull this shit

  27. By Jj, posted

    This is why I don’t watch w w e anymore and you all buy Vince ppv and you think he going to listen to you all rants he will listen when everyone stop watching?

  28. By Iceman2469, posted

    I got my money’s worth for last night’s PPV… oh wait, i watched it on the internet for free and I still think i over paid. Why did they give The Burrito Bandito the WWE Title? He cant carry a match to save his life.

  29. By Blackie, posted

    Why is everyone bitching? Cena and Punk are over already and don’t need the belt, they will be fine without it… Del Rio is your classic old school heel, so if he now has a bodyguard, is that sooooo wrong? Now, they brought back Nash because they hope to draw back fans of his WCW/NWO days, who may or may not tune into wrestling like they did in the past… That being said I hope Nash doesn’t end up a fulltime wrestler but filling the bodyguard role for Del Rio, is better than him sitting on the sideline doing nothing for the WWE while he collects checks…

  30. By Jj, posted

    Everyone should stop complaining if you don’t like something don’t watch that simple

  31. By Canaan, posted

    I was very pleased with SummerSlam and Raw. Punk is going to continue to be a major force on RAW. Some previously stated that he does not need the belt. In my opinion the Punk keeping the belt would ruin his character. I see Punk as an ECW type of counter culture and anti establishment character. Him having the belt would be like the WWE bowing down to him and make him to over inflated like the Cena Character had become. WWE need to keep the strap off Punk for awhile and keep having him fight to earn a shot at it by bringing in people(such as they have Nash) to put as road blocks. And giving Punk stuff to bitch about will keep his Mic work hot. He will not be pushed to mid card status. People need to remember that the titles are not real titles but are really props to put over the product and enhance story lines, which includes the “pursuit” of these titles. Give it a chance people.

  32. By Mike, posted

    @Dale – DDP wasn’t the Diamond Studd; that was Scott Hall.
    As for SummerSlam, my biggest problem isn’t Nash’s involvement–it’s Del Rio’s cheap win. The heavyweight changing hands used to be a major deal years ago. Now it’s changed hands 4 times in, what, 5 weeks? Stop switching the title like it’s a pair of shoes girls trade with each other!!!!!!
    Del Rio, an arrogant heel with an annoying sidekick, and he’s actually a pretty good wrestler, so no problem there. But I’m tired of the “pick-up-the-scraps” wins with Money in the Bank. It’s become too predictable now. I KNEW Del Rio would do it, so I didn’t order the PPV. WWE should make it so it can’t happen right away. One possibility, no more cashing it in if the champion just had a match. Maybe he’s limping and full of stitches the next night and is forced to defend, but oh well. Or maybe they have to give the champ 15 minutes to recover? They could always cover that by letting the MIB challenger stipulate a cage match and the time it takes to build the cage can be the time for the champ to recover. At least it makes it appear like the champ has a chance to retain, even if the deck is still stacked against him. It would take some planning and good storytelling (lacking lately) to make it work without the easy fix of a switch like the immediate new champ, but it *can* be done. For example, around 9-10 years ago when RVD was hardcore champ, the matches were not spotfests loaded with chairs & canes. Most were wrestling matches that brought in a chair or garbage can for the finish, and that’s what kept the matches entertaining. Instead of relying on a cheap & easy formula, someone actually thought outside the box. And someone needs to start thinking outside the box on these Money in the Bank “cash-ins.”

  33. By bill, posted

    I’ll say this for the storyline, it HAS managed to stir up people’s attention and get them to talk about it more than any other storyline in a while, but now comes the hard part, they got people’s attention, can they keep it? The story has an interesting start, but where it goes next will be interesting, and on a side note, what happened to the raw gm? Has he faded away without it never being revealed who it was or could they be behind it all? The ball’s in the wwe’s hands, there’s millions of ways they COULD take this, here’s hoping they don’t mess it up.

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