Posted August 14th, 2011 by Bill Apter

Highlights: Sheamus has an early lead but Henry winds up tossing him from the ring and then going outside and tossing him back in through the ropes … Henry with a devestating clothesline and early pin attempt … Henry almost takes Sheamus’ head off as Sheamus is on the ropes and Henry dives onto him and then onto the floor … The size difference is amazing … A backbreaker by Henry (over the shoulder) … Sheamus actually powers out but Henry catches him and whips him into the corner … Sheamus finally with a flying clothesline takes Henry down and uses repeated knee drops to weaken him … Both off the ropes and collide knocking them both down … Sheamus with a shoulderblock off the top ropes takes Henry down and he tries for a pin … Sheamus kicks Henry through the ropes and goes after him and they crash through the barrier to the fans … The referee is counting and Henry gets back in time and Sheamus loses by countout!

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