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Edge is introuduced by Christian. Edge talks about how doctor’s said he cannot wrestle again and how proud his is of Christian becoming champion two times — but on a disqualification. He says he didn’t hide behind lawyers and suits and says Christian became a disgrace to himself! He said he will always be his best friend but he had to say that his best friend has become a “whining, crying, etc” … Then Edge leaves the ring and Orton comes out. Christian is visibly shaken and Orton looks focused and ready to engage in battle in this no rules match.

Highlights: Christain and Orotn face to face and Christian is talking trash to him … Orton quickly goes on the attack and the champ has a brief comeback … Christian off the ropes with a flying elbow and tries for a quick pin … Now he has Orton in the corner and raking his eyes … Orton tossed over the top rope … Christian goes after him but Orton gets the upperhand … They are on the announcer’s table how Orton tries for an RKO and Christian slips away and takes the belt and runs after him through the crowd where they fight on the steps … Orton looks crazy as he tosses Christian over the barrier and back into the ring … He tries to dive into Christain but Christian moves and sends Orton into the ringpost and outside the ring …Christian goes out and tosses Orton back in and grabs a kendo stick from under the ring and beats Orton with it repeatedly … Finally he drops the kendo stick tries a pin but only a two count … Orton with a reverse and gets a two count … He gets the stick again and dives off the ropes with it but Orton meets him with a powerful flying dropkick … Christian posts Orton and now they are our of the ring again … Orton gets a table from under the ring … Christian gets another one and sets it up outside the ring (one is in the ring not setup) … Orotn with a suplex off the ropes and Christian crashes into the not setup table in the ring … Orton now opens the table and sets it in the corner … Christian in the corner and going to charge at Orton but Orton leapfrogs and now they are outside again .. Christian whipped into the ringside steps … Orton now bashed into the steps … Christain bashes a TV monitor into Orton’s skull and now Orton is laying on the Spanish broadcast table … Christian goes for an RKO but Orton reverses it and RKO’s the champ! … Both are back in the ring now … Christian tries to pin Orotn with the Kill-Switch but Orton kicks out … Christian brings a few chairs into the ring … Orton moves out of the way and bashes Christian with a chair knocking him out of the ring and through a table … Orotn brings the ring setps into the ring as well as garbage cans, kendo sticks, and more! … Christian is lying on the steps and is bodyslammed through another table … Now Christian his hit with the Kendo stick over and over and she tries to get out of the ring but Orton DDT’s him onto a garbage can! … Orton’s face is cut (not sure from what just yet) … Christian is RKO’s onto the steel steps out of nowhere and pinned and ORTON IS THE WORLD CHAMPION!

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  1. By Archangel, posted

    Is anybody surprised that Orton go the title back?

  2. By fred, posted

    nope hes good buddy with hhh any suprise that nash is back too

  3. By Mike, posted

    I don’t care much for Orton’s character, but he does put on good matches. I think his “pounding on the mat” like a cobra about to strike is a bit too theatrical (yes, dear fans, even in pro wrestling you can get a little too theatrical) and I don’t like the “punt the head” angles, given the dangerous side effects of concussions. Not that he’s really giving them concussions, I know, but I’m not a fan of those angles.
    Anyway, no real problem with Orton but I still think Christian deserves a longer run as champ, and not as a weak heel champ, either. He had a chance to shine in TNA and showcase his talents and be taken seriously. In WWE, I feel they’re holding him back somewhat. True, he’s main eventing, but they apparently don’t trust him to run with the belt as a face, or at least as a strong heel who can get a credible (not by DQ) win over another top guy.

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