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Ray Mullan reporting for 1Wrestling.com. This week on TNA Xplosion, the Xplosion Championship Challenge heats up as we reach the final match of the Quarter Finals. Mexican America’s Hernandez, goes head to head with the British Invasion’s Douglas Williams for a place in the Semi final, find out what went down and much more…

Before we kick off the action, let’s take a look at where we are in the tournament bracket:

Xplosion Championship Challenge – Round 1:
“The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero def. Suicide
Crimson def. Robbie E
Devon def. Anarquia
Douglas Williams def. Amazing Red
Magnus def. Orlando Jordan
Alex Shelley def. Okada
Shannon Moore def. Jeremy Buck
Hernandez def. Max Buck

Xplosion Championship Challenge – Quarter Finals:
Alex Shelley def. “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero
Magnus def. Shannon Moore
Crimson vs. Devon (Double Countout – Both men eliminated)
Douglas Williams vs. Hernandez

Xplosion Championship Challenge – Semi Finals:
Magnus recieves a bye to the final
Alex Shelley vs. Douglas Williams or Hernandez

Xplosion Championship Challenge – Final:
Magnus vs. TDB

We open with the Xplosion promo video and “Welcome to the gun show” by In this Moment . We cut to crowd shots and we join JB and Taz at the announce booth to take us through what’s in store this evening. As we head to Hardcore Justice’s broadcast here in the UK & Ireland, we kick off with a look at the background to the Sting and Kurt Angle World Title bout in a “Before the Bell” Hardcore Justice special.

Next up, this week’s IMPACTWrestling.com classic match of the week, from Hard Justice 2009  it’s Christopher Daniels vs. Suicide vs. Chris Sabin vs. Alex Shelley vs. Jay Lethal vs. Consequences Creed vs. D’Angelo Dinero in a Steel Asylum match. This interestingly was “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero’s TNA Wrestling debut. A fast paced, action packed match-up as you’ve come to see from the X-Division with Daniels the deserved winner. Definitely one to seek out if you have yet to see it.

We get a Bound For Glory series update and hear from each of the competitors as to why they will win it. I love these promo videos, it places the focus on the wrestling and the goal of winning. It really makes the tournament feel important with each contestant really showing their desire to win it.

Back to the studio and it’s time for the latest edition of the TNA Spin Cycle with Jeremy Borash. This week’s guests are Mickie James, Bully Ray, Scott Steiner and Angelina Love. This is a continuation of last weeks episode and given the propensity of Steiner and Bully Ray to run their mouths, this should again be a fun show.

As if they needed it, JB tries to stir up trouble between Ray and Steiner by asking “Who’s the greatest tag-team of all time”. Tense moment as we await Bully Ray’s answer. Ray gives credit to the Steiners but says their second best behind the RoadWarriors! Steiner takes exception with the obligatory expletive. Steiner thinks the RoadWarriors dominated the scene only until the Steiner’s came along and he thinks they were nothing but “Musclebound bitches with no athletic ability”, WOW! Angelina smartly (probably out of fear more than anything) agrees with Steiner that the Steiner’s were number 1. The lovely Mickie James think’s it’s the good old southern boys, the Rock N Roll Express. Bully Ray calls them Midcard Midget Rednecks, no holding back here tonight folks!

JB thankfully changes the subject before any violence erupts. It’s time for his favourite segment – REVELATIONS! Each member of the panel must reveal a secret or fact about them that people will not know. Angelina Love is up first. She confesses that she has always had a fear of Aliens, she just cannot watch Alien films. Steiner refuses to reveal anything, reminding Jeremy that they aren’t friends. JB smartly reminds Scott that he saved his life one time in Puerto Rico, now that’s a revelation I want to hear. Bully Ray turns to Mickie James and asks if he should tell all about them last night, oh boy. JB moves the discussion to Mickie before this breaks down again, MJ is apparently addicted to all things Smurfs! No-one else is impressed though. Another great edition of the Spin Cycle, these segments are really entertaining and unique, probably my favourite part of the show. That’s it for this week’s Spin Cycle, we now send it to the ring and SoCal Val with the introductions for this week’s Main event.

Match 1: Hernandez (w/Mexican America) vs. Douglas Williams (w/Magnus)
Jeremy Borash informs us that Crimson and Devon are both eliminated from the Xplosion Championship Challenge tournament as a result of the double count out last week. This means the UK’s own, Magnus, has received a bye to the Final and sets up a potential all British final should Douglas Williams manage to win his next two matches.

Jackson James is the official for tonight’s bout. Drop toe hold into a headlock from Williams, some great mat wrestling from him so far. According to JB, Magnus has already planned a victory party and Phil “The Power” Taylor is invited, somehow I doubt the credibility of his sources. Irish Whip reversal by Hernandez, who charges Williams but is sent to the apron with a back drop. Williams follows up with a forearm to head sending Hernandez out to the floor. Suicide dive to the outside from Williams connects!  But here comes Mexican America now, getting involved as Jackson James tries to push them back. Magnus has made his way round aswell now and this is breaking down. Jackson James has no choice but to throw all of them out from ringside. As they move to the back though, the crafty Anarquia slides under the ring unbeknownst to the referee. Countdown to screw-job finish folks!

Back from the break and Hernandez wraps his shirt around Doug Williams and uses it to toss him across the ring. Cover from Hernandez but only gets a one count. Looks like Hernandez is setting up a border toss. No, it seems to be a variation back breaker. Goes to the well again with another cover but can only get two slaps of the mat from James. Bearhug here from Hernandez but Williams fights his way out only to be brought back down to the mat with a bump following a stiff clothesline from Hernandez.

Williams fights back with a series of European uppercuts. He heads to the top rope and attempts a tornado DDT, only to have it countered by Hernandez who then pounces with that straight shoulder block. Goes for the cover but again only a two count. Frustration evident on the face of Hernandez now. Charges at Williams, but eats the turnbuckle instead. Williams to the top and connects with a flying elbow. Cover from Williams for the 1…2….NO! Close, but no cigar. Here comes Sarita and Rosita to ringside to distract Jackson James. Anarquia snakes his way into the ring and clubs Williams to the back of the head as Hernandez sets up a Border toss. But wait a second, Magnus hits the ring and hits Hernandez with the big boot. Cover from Douglas Williams as James redirects his attentions to the action in the ring, 1…2..3! Yes! Williams wins it as Mexican America’s interference backfires thanks to the boot of Magnus.
Winner: Douglas Williams

Great main event tonight, a really enjoyable Pro Wrestling match. Had me convinced that Mexican America’s interference would be the end of it, so the swerve at the end was totally unexpected and only added to the match. Two thumbs up for everyone involved in this one.

Well folks that’s all for this week, join me next time as Douglas Williams takes on Alex Shelley in the next matchup in the Xplosion Championship challenge for a place in the final against Magnus. As ever, if you have any questions, comments or feedback concerning this report, feel free to drop me a line at my blog The Daily Dropkick, E-Mail me at raymullan@gmail.com or tweet me at @raymullan.

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