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WSU Presents Historic Record Breaking Match; Martinez & Lexus Put On The Longest Match in Womens Wrestling

On 8/6, WSU presented a double dvd taping, filming two DVDs worth of shows for future release. These DVDs will be up for pre-order later this week.

In the World Title match of the first taping, WSU World Champion Mercedes Martinez wrestled WSU Tag Champion Lexus to a 60 minute draw. After the draw, the two wrestled in a sudden death over-time. When it was all said and done, Martinez beat Lexus at the 73 minute mark after a fisherman buster. As a result, this match was the longest match ever in womens professional wrestling.

Martinez previously held the record for having the longest match ever in professional womens wrestling when she defeated Angel Orsini in a 70 minute match on 6/6/09.

Martinez is the longest reigning champion in all of professional wrestling in America, as she is rapidly approaching the three year mark as WSU World Champion. In that time, Martinez has made 45 defenses of her WSU World Title against top competition such as Serena Deeb, Jazz, Mickie James, Awesome Kong, Angelina Love, Rain, Brittney Savage, Alicia, Nikki Roxx & others.

For Lexus, this was the biggest match of her career and she pushed the WSU World Champion to limits no one has ever taken her. Where the previous match that held the title for longest match in womens wrestling history was full of brawls and physicality outside of the four ropes, Martinez & Lexus wrestled a 73 minute technical masterpiece that wowed everyone who saw it. These two really did something special on 8/6 in Union City, NJ and showed that there is a place for quality professional womens wrestling in the wrestling world today.

While it seems Martinez will be busy in WSU dealing with “The Midwest Militia” at the next event, WSU has granted Lexus a World Title rematch whenever she wants based on her effort.

If there is one womens wrestling match or DVD you buy this year, you will want to make it “Martinez vs Lexus”. Experience womens pro wrestling the way it should be done.

WSU congratulates and thanks Martinez & Lexus for their hard work and dedication. Not only was this record breaking match a gorgeous work of art, these two did it in a 83 degree building in the middle of August.
WSU will be sending out another press release with full results and DVD pre-ordering info from last night’s shows.
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