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Things are starting to wrap up in the Bound For Glory Series. Plus, things are heating up for HardCore Justice.

The show opened with Sting’s façade about being a Network Exec. Sting played all kinds of games. Ken Anderson got into it with fellow Immortal member, Bully Ray, which led to his loss to an AngleSlam.

Bully Ray told the fans to shut up. He talked about their unit being Immortal. He ran down the roster of the current Immortal members. Ray admitted he was afraid of Abyss. (I have to admit to being a bit intimidated in my role as his ring announcer on August 20th in Reno). Ray called Anderson “Just an *sshole”. Ray said Impact wasn’t big enough for both Immortal and Fourtune. Ken took the stick and said the ring wasn’t big enough for him and Ray. He reminded Ray that Ray volunteered Ken, last week, to fight Kurt Angle. Ken said Ray then screwed him over. Ken told Ray he hoped it was all worth it. Ken told Ray he was a vindictive person and he would get Ray back. Ray wanted to know just who Ken thought he was. Ray mocked Ken about losing the World title after being in Immortal for one week. Ray then ran down his own list of accomplishments. Ray reminded Ken that he (Ray) was third-in-command, behind Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff. Ken came up with an idea. He and Bully Ray had yet to be booked in a match, so why not fight at HardCore Justice. Ken went into a bad Meatloaf impression as he wanted to know if it would happen. Ken and Ray started to fight when…

Fourtune strolled out onto the ramp. Kaz said they would be happy to join them in the ring for a battle. The quintet hit the ring and tore Immortal a new one wide enough to drive a Mac Truck through. Fourtune cleared te ring. James Storm clutched his back in pain. Mike Tenay then ran down the rest of the night, including 3 Bound For Glory Series Matches.

Backstage, Miss Tessmacher was warming up. Miss T won the Hooters Invitational, according to her twitter account. Congrats to the lovely lady. Miss T was on deck to battle Madison Rayne.

Mickie James came out with her Knockout singles championship. She joined Taz and Tenay at the announce booth.

Madison Rayne vs Miss Tessmacher

Madison and Mickie had a confrontation before Madison headed to the ring. Tara came to the ring with Miss T. They are the Knockout Tag Team Champions, recently defeating Sarita and Rosita. Miss T and Tara kissed each other. Madison wanted Tara to head to the back. She forced Earl Hebner to send her to the back. Miss T waited for Madison to turn around and went to town on her with punches and kicks. Madison with her *sstastic Rump Shaker. Madison went to Miss T’s eyes. Madison with the Hair Toss., twice. Madison with the Push-Ups Faceplants. Madison asked Mickie if she saw that. Miss T with a Rol-up on the distracted Rayne to take the win. After the match, Madison attacked Miss T and choked her. Mickie started down the ramp but Angelina Love attacked her on the ramp.

Your Winner: Miss Tessmacher

Grade: B- (80%)

Winter and Love double teamed Mickie James. Winter took the title belt and smacked her in the face with it as Love held Mickie. Winter showed off what she felt would become her title belt. She then laid it across the semi-comatose Mickie.

Taz and Tenay updated the Bound For Glory Series. Crimson is still the leader but there are several nipping at his heels.

Devon vs A.J. Styles

Bound For Glory Series Match

Styles came out through the sparks waterfall. Devon had already arrived, stopping to talk to his kids and wife before getting into the ring. The two danced around and Styles with a Go Behind. Devon pushed out of an Arm Bar. Styles with a Side Headlock off the Go Behind. Devon went to the ropes and Styles Cartwheeled over Devon. Devon with a Leapfrog and Hip Toss. Styles with a Dropkick that rocked Devon. The Pope came out to sit with Devon’s family to wtch the match. Devon Elbowed out of a Go Behind. Dvon with a hard kick. Devon missed a Corner Splash. Styles with a Cross Armbreaker. Devon slid out of the ring.

Styles with a Sunset Flip off the apron. Styles wanted the Styles Clash but Devon blocked it. Devon wanted his Amazing Grace but Styles with the Pele. Christopher Daniels had taken a seat at ringside. Styles didn’t understand why Daniels was out there. Styles missed a Springboard but missed. He tweaked his knee on the landing and Devon quickly Rolled him Up for the win.

Your Winner: Devon (+7)

Grade: B (85%)

Styles and Daniels argued up the ramp. Daniels wanted to talk over the situation that he has been bringing up for weeks. Styles kept saying this was not the time but Daniels would not be denied.

Taz and Tenay talked about Sting vs Kurt Angle at HardCore Justice. They sent it to a video package about the events leading up to this Sunday’s World Title match. They have feuded for four years now and Kurt has yet to get a “Clean” win over Sting.

Backstage, Pope talked about the Bound For Glory Series. He hinted that he has a submission hold in his arsenal. Pope said he would have to fight Devon at HardCore Justice. He hoped for a fair match.

Samoa Joe vs D’Angelo “The Pope” Dinero

Bound For Glory Series match

The Dinero Bucks fell from the roof. Matt Morgan was at the announce desk. Matt is out with an injury, so he will be providing color commentary. Joe finally got some points in the series. Pope hopped over a Leg Sweep. Joe wanted a Test of Strength but Pope with an Uppercut. Pope took Joe down with a Dropkick and Arm Drag. Joe tried to get up but Pope continued to work over the arm. Joe whipped Pope into the corner. Joe missed a Running Corner Backsplash. Pope and Joe went to the floor and got back in. Pope with an Inverted Atomic Drop and Shoulder Tackle. Pope with a Double Axe to the face.

Devon walked out to watch things. Joe blocked an Irish Whip. Pope Floated Over a Scoop Slam. Joe quickly caught Pope with the Kokina Clutch for the Submission Win.

Your Winner: Samoa Joe (+10)

Joe refused to release the hold, so Jackson James reversed the decision.

Your Winner: D’Angelo Dinero (+3)

Samoa Joe (-10)

Grade: B- (81%)

Joe screamed backstage about how he was being conspired against. Joe knew he was a threat to the Powers That Be and that is why they are keeping him down. Joe said he would not go silently into that good night. Joe said there would be blood on the hands of those responsible.

In the back, James Storm talked about his bad back. He tweaked it in the street fight. Robert Roode asked to go against Hernandez in the Street Fight. Storm wanted to join Roode at ringside.

In the back, Ray talked with Hulk Hogan on the phone. Ray tried to convince Hogan that Mr. Anderson was wrong for Immortal. Hogan said Ray instigated the whole thing. Hogan demanded that Ray apologize. Ray didn’t like the idea but he would do it out of respect for Hogan.

Robert Roode (subbing for James Storm) vs Hernandez

Street Fight Match

Anarchia, Rosita and Sarita were at Hernandez’s side for this wild battle. The ring was circled with “toys”. Hemme announced that Storm was going to be in the match. Storm was limping badly. Mexican America wanted a forfeit if Storm couldn’t go. They eventually accepted Roode in the battle.

Roode and Hernandez went fast and furious from the start. Roode with an Explosive Clothesline and a La Bandera Clothesline. Roode with a Slingshot Crossbody onto the floor. Roode pulled out a steel chair and blasted Hernandez’s ribs and back. Roode tossed a Steel can, lid and board into the ring. Roode waffled Hernandez with a can lid. Hernandez with a hard Kneelift. Roode went for a ship but Hernandez reversed it and sent Roode’s face into the ringpost. 2 count. Hernandez attacked Roode with a can lid and threw him into the ring.

Springboard Shoulder Block by Hernandez. He used his belt to whip Roode like a government mule. Hernandez choked Roode with the belt. Roode with a Knife Edge Chop and hard fists. Hernandez Stone Walled Bobby. Hernandez with a can lid to the face to get a two count. On the floor, Hernandez ran Roode’s back into the apron. He then whipped Roode into the steel steps. Roode clutched his previously injured shoulder.

Back in the ring, Roode rocked Hernandez with Can Lid Shots. Roode rushed at Hernandez but ate boots to the ribs. Hernandez rolled up the ropes but took a trash can to the face. Superplex by Roode. Roode with Kendo Stick shots to Hernandez. Roode with another Knife Eedge Chop. Reversed Irish Whip but Hernandez but Roode with the BuffBuster. Roode favored the hurt arm. Hernandez reversed an Irish Whip but took a boot and chop. Pounce by Hernandez. Hernandez called for the Border Toss but Roode slipped free. Double R Spinebuster! Roode with the Fujiwara Arm Breaker. Hernandez tapped but Mexican America had distracted the ref. Sarita in with the Kendo Stick. She popped Roode and then took off. Hernandez with a Roll-up after the distraction to take the win. Hernandez’s head was split open.

Your Winner: Hernandez

Grade: B (86%)

Bully Ray found Ken Anderson and told him that he had respect for the business and those who came before him. He praised Hulk Hogan. Ray said he was there to apologize for his recent behaviors and things that he has done to Anderson in recent weeks. Ken didn’t want to shake Ray’s hand. Ray explained that he didn’t apologize to many people. Ken finally accepted the handshake. Ray then kneed Anderson in the groin and asked “Who’s the *sshole, now?”

Kurt Angle was in the production truck.

Austin Aries vs Alex Shelley

I so dig Shelley’s new ring jacket. It’s like 80s metal bands gear crossed with Road Warriors (the movie) gear. Aries attacked before the bell and choked Shelley on the bottom rope. Aries with a Slingshot Double Sledge from the inside to the outside. Shelley with punches and Knife Edge Chops. Jumping Enziguri by Shelley. Shelley tried for pins, over and over. Aries backed off and asked for the handshake. Shelley caught Aries’ leg and avoided a kick. La Magistral Cradle by Shelley for a two. Next week, several new X-Stars will debut. Dragon Screw Leg Whip by Shelley. Spinning Figure Four by Shelley. NICE!

Shelley went back to the knee but Aries sent Shelley into the corner. Aries with a Funk Neckbreaker in the ropes after a Running Kneelift. Aries with a Flying Elbow Drop off the ropes onto the floor. Aries rolled Shelley back in and got a two count. Aries placed Shelley in the corner and went for the Superplex. Shelley countered it into a Front Drop Superplex. Single Leg Thrust off the top rope. Aries went out to the floor. Suicide Dive by Shelley. Shelley went to the top but missed the Warrior’s Way. Aries wanted Sliced Bread #2 but it was blocked. Aries pitched Shelley tot he outside and put on Shelley’s jacket. He wrapped the jacket around his fist to pop Shelley. Shelley with a kick. Shelley wanted Sliced Bread but Aries tripped Shelley on the climb. Aries with a wicked Brain Buster to take the win.

Your Winner: Austin Aries

Grade: A (92%)

After the match, Aries tried to beat down Shelley but Brian Kendrick rushed down to make the save.

Eric Young was talking about his new agent. Eric was on his way to take acting lessons. The girl didn’t know what the belts meant. Eric was supposed to repeat all that the coach said. She felt Eric didn’t have what it takes to be a TV star. She ffelt it was a complete waste of time to try and help him become an actor.

Jeremy Borash sat with Kurt Angle to go over several of the matches between Kurt and Sting. This time out, it was the Empty Arena Match.

Sting vs Kurt Angle

Empty Arena Match

Both men were in the Main Event Mafia, at the time. Kurt was waiting in the ring for Sting. Kurt and Sting went fists and fire Sting with a Cactus Clothesline to send Kurt o the floor. Sting threw Kurt into the empty chairs around ringside. Sting then ran Kurt into the retaining walls. Kurt fought back with machine gun fists. The match went back and forth in this February, 2009 war. They went all over the arena. Sting pitched Kurt over the rail. Kurt dropped a good 20 feet and tweaked his knee. Sting came down and took a trash can to the face. Kurt punched and taunted Sting.

European Uppercut by Kurt. Sting reversed an Irish Whip to send Kurt back to ringside. Sting threw Kurt into the barricade. Kurt kicked the ribs and grabbed a steel chair. Kurt didn’t get to use it but Sting did. Sting walloped Kurt’s back and stood over his foe. Security finally rushed down to break things up.

Your Winner: No Contest

Grade: A- (92%)

Sting entered the building for his contract signing, later in the night.

Gunner and Scott Steiner vs Crimson and RVD

Bound For Glory Series Match, Tag Team Match

Only the person getting the pin or submission will get the points. I’m hoping Crimson will be one of our future superstar guests at the PWD shows. As it is, we get Abyss in two weeks. He will battle the legendary Shannon Ballard.

Scott and RVD to start the match. Scott was upset at the crowd for cheering RVD. Collar and Elbow and Scott shoved RVD into the corner. As Scott showed up, RVD with a Rolling Body Scissors for a two. Scott with a Knife Edge Chop and Power Fist in the corner. Scott with an Irish Whip but RVD with the Float Over into a Jumping Spin Kick. Scott with a Power Driver. Gunner took the tag after Scott spat at Crimson. RVD Roll into a Low Leg Sweep. Standing Moonsault for a two. Gunner threw RVD into the corner and pounded away. RVD stopped a Bulldog and kicked Gunner in the face.

Crimson with a tag and a T-Bone Suplex. Scott went for a Cheap Shot but Gunner drilled the undefeated Crimson. Gunner stomped Crimson and raked the face with the boot. Scott took the tag and hit a Knife Edge Chop. He then ran Crimson into the corner and kicked and chopped away. Rolling Belly to Belly Suplex by Scott. Steinerline and Push-ups. Scott screamed at the ref and RVD. Gunner tagged back in and hit the Back Drop Suplex for a two. Gunner went to the middle ropes but got caught. Power Spin F5-like move. RVD and Scott both tagged. Lariat Spin Kick on Scott. Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex by Scott. RVD blasted Scott in the face. Rolling Thunder! Gunner made the save. Crimson attacked Gunner and the two worked each other over. RVD wanted the apron Legdrop but fell victim to the Spear. Five Star Frog Splash. Close Quarters Faceplant by Steiner on RVD. Scott sent Crimson to the floor and almost got the pin. Scott sat RVD on the top ropes. Crimson with the Electric Chair on Scott. Five Star Frog Splash!

Your Winners: RVD (+7) and Crimson

Grade: A- (92%)

Christy Hemme interviewed the winners. RVD and Crimson will square off at HardCore Justice. Crimson said it was an honor to team with RVD and he looked forward to facing him on Sunday.

Taz and Tenay ran down the updated HardCore Justice card. The card actually, at this point, looks stronger than Summerslam, in my humble opinion.

Jeremy Borash was in the ring for the signing of the Main Event contract between Sting and Kurt Angle. Kurt came out first. He was in jeans and an Angle T-Shirt. Sting was then introduced. The Stinger came out in all black, including cheap sunglasses. He looked like Jack Nicholson’s Joker. JB said both men had agreed to the terms of the contract. Kurt was asked to sign the papers first. Kurt quickly signed. Sting then took the pin and applied his name to the legal document. The two men stared each other down in the center of the ring. Both men were given the chance to speak.

Kurt took the mic and said that Sting was one of the very few men in the business that he respected. He praised Sting for being an upstanding man. Kurt hoped he could be half the man Sting has been. Kurt said the World title match was only business, not personal. Kurt was confident that he would leave HardCore Justice as the new World champ. Sting didn’t feel like laughing after hearing that. Sting thanked Kurt for the words. It made him feel special to know he affected someone like Kurt. Sting said Kurt was the greatest all-around wrestler that he has faced. Sting said there was nothing that Kurt couldn’t do. He talked about all over Kurt’s abilities in the ring. He then brought up the Olympic Gold Medal. Sting said the title means everything to him. Sting wanted to use the belt to return Dixie Carter to her place of power. Sting said losing was not an option for him at HardCore Justice. Sting was determined to put Dixie back in charge before he called it a day. He said he would win on Sunday.

Fade to Black


–Jay Shannon


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