Posted August 2nd, 2011 by 1Wrestling News Team

Each week 1Wrestling.com’s resident rankings expert, Ray Mullan, will be scouting the major North American wrestling promotions in order to bring you an in-depth rankings report for the top championships in Pro Wrestling.

The Top 10 rankings are based on television and Pay-Per View win-loss records over the course of the month, quality of opposition, and inherent skill of each wrestler or team. All other rankings are based on the official current positions of challengers to the Top Title in each category (I.E. Should a wrestler win a number 1 contenders match, he will automatically be afforded that ranking regardless of current win-loss record).

Ray’s ‘Rasslin’ Rankings – As of August 2nd 2011:

Well that’s all for this week folks, if you have any comments or questions pertaining to the rankings, feel free to drop me a line at raymullan@gmail.com, my blog “The Daily Dropkick” (http://dailydropkick.blogspot.com) or alternatively you can tweet me via @RayMullan. Thanks for reading, see you next week!


  1. By jerry, posted

    How is Dolph on there twice?

  2. By Stephen Faust, posted

    Why is Dolph Ziggler ranked 4th AND 7th on the Raw Top !0???

  3. By Todd, posted

    Is the Morgan injury legit or a work? I really like Matt Morgan and thought he would have been one of the favourites to win the Bound For Glory Series, real bummer that he misses out now.

    If Punk, Orton and Angle to walk out of Summerslam and Hardcore Justice with the belts I’ll be happy.

  4. By Ray Mullan, posted

    Jerry & Stephen, as you can see from the description and photo, that’s Evan Bourne at 7th. Bourne has slid after a few losses where as Dolph has been on the rise, looks like an oversight on my part with regards changing the name at 7th place, but this has since been corrected. Apologies for any inconvenience and thanks for reading!

  5. By Hitman115, posted

    awesome, I love these rankings reports, will you be ranking the ROH guys when they return to TV.

  6. By fred, posted

    love the wrestling rankigs i look foreward to it every week but i was wondering not only about ring of honor but will u be covering jcw? love the rankigs plz keep up the good work

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