Posted August 1st, 2011 by Bill Apter

By Bill Apter
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You’ve got to admit, CM Punk’s rebellious streak is very reminiscent of the one that rocketed “Stone Cold” Steve Austin to fame.  It was quite obvious during his tirade against the WWE system and Triple H.

Do you remember the days of Austin vs. the boss Vince McMahon and how you  supported Austin because he was against nearly every rule in the company?  That is what Punk is doing — and he is major “over” due to the  expert way he delivers his characterization — one that mirrors his real personality.

Punk has injected a healthy dose of fever into the business.  Not many could pull this off as well as Punk.  His chemistry with the audience is exceptional and so is his in-ring promo and wrestling skills.

By the way, remember it was against the rules for any WWE performer or broadcaster to use the terms “wrestling, wrestler, professional wrestler?”  Punk uses those words all the time and if it’s a scripting idea, that’s fine. It makes the fan beleive “he’s saying things they are not supposed to say” thus making him come off as more of a rebel. 

Punk vs. Cena will be a really great program and I hope that Triple H can physically stay out of it.  If tonight’s first segment gave anything away, it was the sense that Triple H really wanted to be in the spotlight again.  I was happy though to see that Punk didn’t get a “Pedigree” on the way out!

Austin was a “take no crap from anyone” character.  He really impressed me.

Punk is a “take no crap from anyone” character.  He is really impressing me.

That’s my bottom line!


  1. By Jesse Kessler, posted

    Glad to see you agreed with my comment from last week Bill. The new ” Corporation ” will be alive and well after Summerslam, when Cena turns heel and joins with HHH.

  2. By pienman, posted

    over all indeed, u r totally correct in the points made! i honest agree with the truth of the austin/punk comparision…i would totally love to see them tie up

  3. By Mitch, posted

    I am so sorry to say, in my opinion, CM Punt couldn’t hold a candle to Stone Cold and it is an Insult to compare the two. He is not a Heavy Weight, more a light Heavy Weight, like Jerrico way to small to compete in the heavy weight division. I can not understand how people like Punk, Christian, Mysterio, etc are allowed to compete as heavy weights. Just my opinion. Bring back the good old days of real heavy weights, light weights and this one for Rey Mysterio, midgets wrestling.

  4. By BH, posted

    This could be compared to “Austin/McMahon” fued a decade ago. Only difference is it will be HHH/CM Punk. Intersting.

  5. By Dan, posted

    I know rey sells butt loads of merchandise but he is a midget. How dare you compar punk to him. I’m roughly punks size and I have had enough bar fights with guys twice my size. Always walk away while they are laying on the ground. “thank you amateur wrestling background” with punks background and his excellent mike skills he is the best. Btw I weigh 170. Fought a 275 lb biker Sunday. All I got is a skuff above my eye tiny bit of a day lip and respect of ALL that seen the fight. Funny thing is I don’t like fighting. Just nice to know at 37 I can still go. Once again thak you wrestling. You have saved my ass again :)

  6. By Steven Millan, posted

    If C.M. Punk succeeds in becoming a major wrestling name(and legend),we just might see him eventually taking on the likes of Steve Austin,The Rock,Mick Foley,and maybe even Hulk Hogan(if he ever decides to return to the WWE)in the near future.

  7. By fred, posted

    they wont turn cena hel no matter how much they want to vinnie mac always shoot that down because hes a cash cow and a big part of the pg rating on the product right now
    i know they did it with the rock but cena is not and will not ever be as good as the great one (yes i am a huge rock fan lol) but this is how it will play out cena o punk will be champ after summerslam but punk will go full heel right now hes a tweener cena will stay that face spot he has then del rio will cash and win the belt at the time wwe starts its tour in mexico to attract the mexican fans to them just my opion

  8. By Ian, posted

    It’s different from Austin vs McMahon, in that HHH is still a fan favorite while McMahon was hated from the start. This is more like Austin vs DX. Only it’s Punk, Cena, and HHH. All have their loyal fan base. Very interesting either way

  9. By Iceman2469, posted

    CM Punk will never wrestle Hulk Hogan because Punk will not want to carry Hogan for 20-30min.

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