Posted July 27th, 2011 by Bill Apter

Too many people on the Internet are tearing the CM Punk/John Cena angle to pieces. They’re trying to justify the storyline that Triple H should have cancelled the Rey Mysterio vs. Cena match since he knew he had already signed Punk earlier. Give me a break! Sometimes I think people are looking too deeply into these issues when it is my feeling that what they did with Punk and Cena was right on target! We also got a helluva great match from Mysterio and Cena as well!

The “smarks” are angry that the angle came to this conclusion too soon and they should have waited longer to bring Punk back. I say the vision of Punk and Cena holding up their belts at the end of the RAW broadcast went exactly as the WWE wanted it — and that is to build the “who is the champion” main event at SummerSlam.

You need a few weeks to get in all the right pieces of an angle like this — not just do it the week before the pay-per-view. Again, they’re not rushing it — they’re doing it right.

Let’s take a look from the non “smark” point of view. Kids waiting for the buses to take them to day camp in my neighborhood were buzzing about the belt vs. belt showdown. They are who the angle is aimed at–the fans. They don’t take it apart piece-by-piece trying to find fault with the story. They’re into it! They are the real customers who will pay to see what they feel is an epic WWE clash.

I am looking foward to this match and the outcome. It’s good to get that feeling — and some of you critics should try it!

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