Posted July 27th, 2011 by Bill Apter

Too many people on the Internet are tearing the CM Punk/John Cena angle to pieces. They’re trying to justify the storyline that Triple H should have cancelled the Rey Mysterio vs. Cena match since he knew he had already signed Punk earlier. Give me a break! Sometimes I think people are looking too deeply into these issues when it is my feeling that what they did with Punk and Cena was right on target! We also got a helluva great match from Mysterio and Cena as well!

The “smarks” are angry that the angle came to this conclusion too soon and they should have waited longer to bring Punk back. I say the vision of Punk and Cena holding up their belts at the end of the RAW broadcast went exactly as the WWE wanted it — and that is to build the “who is the champion” main event at SummerSlam.

You need a few weeks to get in all the right pieces of an angle like this — not just do it the week before the pay-per-view. Again, they’re not rushing it — they’re doing it right.

Let’s take a look from the non “smark” point of view. Kids waiting for the buses to take them to day camp in my neighborhood were buzzing about the belt vs. belt showdown. They are who the angle is aimed at–the fans. They don’t take it apart piece-by-piece trying to find fault with the story. They’re into it! They are the real customers who will pay to see what they feel is an epic WWE clash.

I am looking foward to this match and the outcome. It’s good to get that feeling — and some of you critics should try it!

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  1. By Mike G, posted

    I couldnt agree more Bill.I think too many people are over thinking the angle.Its getting set up nicely for Summer Slam.The fans chanting Punks name Monday nite and then him not coming out was just what you want to do at this point.BTW,great wrestling on Raw too.Keep up the good work work Bill

  2. By C-Rye in Cinci, posted

    I agree 100% on this one with ya Bill. This is one of if not the best story to come from the WWE in quite a while, just hope they keep it good and fresh to the end.

  3. By sal "rough cuts" lasado, posted

    i agree this is a great build up — for me personally it only works if cena loses the belt to punk and then punk goes for the title unification and ends up being the sole champion of the wwe — i think its time we had someone else besides cena run with the title — but knowing the wwe, cena will win again and again and that is where the wwe has gone stale — cena ia not invincible — even hogan, sammartino, savage all lost —

    good to have good ole JR back –

  4. By Sean Petersen, posted

    I could not disagree more Bill. Maybe you think the kiddies are more important than the “smarks.” Here is my take. I had not watched the WWE since 2006. The CM Punk angle got me interested enough to watch and actually give WWE a chance again. Eight days later I am rolling my eyes and saying to myself that is why I stopped watching 5 years ago. The WWE already had the kiddies locked in. They had a chance to do something monumental for the whole business and bring truckloads of disenfranchised fans like myself back into the fold. Yet here I am settling back into my routine of watching TNA when I have time and reading about WWE when I have nothing better to do. How does that result not equal a massive missed opportunity for the WWE?

  5. By Brian, posted

    Bill I still feel they rushed it. As I stated on another thread they could have had guys like Miz, Truth, Del Rio all get interviewed backstage and state that they don’t view Cena as the rightful champ. Hell Del Rio could even say he was planning to petition HHH to let him jump to Smackdown because since he doesn’t view Cena as the true champ that means his MITB briefcase is meaningless with him on the RAW roster. This could be played into Cena starting to show a darker side as more and more of the roster refuses to acknowledge him as champ and ultimately result in a showdown with HHH where he demands the WWE resign Punk so Cena can silence all the critics and show that the champ is still here. HHH could balk at it and remind Cena not to mention that name ever again and that HHH can make life very difficult for Cena if he so chooses. All the while Punk could go into a social network blitz with youtube videos, twitter posts, etc where he taunts Cena and it could even be topped off with Punk showing up in the crowd one night or even in the parking lot. this would draw out Cena and lead to a wild brawl where they are pulled apart and both raise their title belts in the air proclaiming to be the real WWE champion (for all those who feel they need to see that iconic image). HHH then could resign Punk and make the match for Summerslam 6 days before the event occurs. Instead we are going to get Cena and Punk in various tag matches for the next 3 weeks like we always see.

  6. By Nathalie S, posted

    In my opinion I feel that the WWE could of went so many ways with this story and to just come and bring CM Punk back and let it be champ vs champ I find it to be very disappointing.But since the story is champ vs champ then I think WWE did good by bringing CM Punk back now.

  7. By Jose G, posted

    I agree with you 100% CM Punk timing is perfect to come back just before summerslam. I just hope that the fight can live up to the 1995 Summerslam for the Intercontinental Championship between Shawn Micheals vs Razor Ramon.

  8. By Referee Jimmy Dylan, posted

    well said, Bill! I’ve said on my show that the critics need to sit down. Everyone needs to enjoy this. And the longevity of it could be enormous! I’m loving this as a fan and as a worker because I see the potential for great things for the business.

  9. By Joshua Smith, posted

    Sorry Bill. They had a chance to make this something that would go for the next 6 months, and they’ve blown it. Maybe it’s because I’m older, maybe because the ‘magic’ is gone and I want to see more, but to me, this was a botch.

  10. By Paul Wein, posted


    Great editorial, but I have to disagree. I am not a “smark,” but I still think they should have kept the storyline going for a while longer. But you are right when you say I am looking forward to next week’s RAW!

    Great job as always!

  11. By Jesse Kessler, posted

    I agree completely Bill. I see this as the perfect setup for the Cena heel turn. You have Cena siding with Triple H to screw Punk out of the title. Fans will despise both Cena and Triple H and make Punk the perfect anti-hero. Thats why people hate Cena. He is to black and white. You need the good guy to be a bad guy also, just like Stone Cold was. Thats what the WWE needs. More gray area wrestlers. Set Punk up as a revamped Stone Cold, and HHH and Cena as the new McMahon and Rock. I think it would go over huge with the fans. Just my opinion.

  12. By fred, posted

    im sure this will be removed butt im going to say this anyway bill you just answerd your own question “KIDS” were talking about it most adults were not all they were saying was how epic fail wwe was in ending the storyline to soon and i agree becasue we are adults we yearn probably for a time when titles had meaning and the story was so well writen that people really got into them i have said this before the attitude era had the best wrestling and storylines ever and alot of those fans are adults now and rember when wrestling was great. plz dont get me wrong bill i love this site and think that next to jr your probably one of the most respected men in the buisness but also if u dont want ppl bashing holes in stuff dont give them the ammo to use by letting the post on your website in the feedback column cause your always going to have ppl like that anyway keep up the good work i love the site

  13. By Rick, not rude, just obnoxious, posted

    Right on, Bill. Some people simply can’t suspend their disbelief and their nitpicking can destroy the fun for everyone. I see the same tendency in hardcore sci-fi fans. Their constant barrage of tedious and trivial complaints ended up getting the last Star Trek (Enterprise) show cancelled without anything to take its place.

    BTW, what are you doing hanging around a kids’ bus stop?

  14. By Archangel, posted

    This is a bunch of BS!!! First of all, everbody and their mother knew Rey was going to win the title. Del Rio should have been allowed to cash in the suitcase because Rey is one of those tiresome wrestlers who always win the title. Hell he should have never been allowed to ever win a world heavyweight title!!! When Triple H set up the match between Rey and Cena (surprise, surprise), everybody, their mothers AND their grandmothers knew Cena was once again going to win the title!!!! The problem with WWE wrestling these days is that it is predictable therefore making it boring. Can’t wait for Monday Night Football!!!

  15. By Jimmy, posted

    HOLY COW!!!! Archangel!!! Finally!!!! Someone see Mysterio as I do! That midget should NEVER EVER BE in the Heavy Weight Division!! that goes for guys like Air Bourne! Cin (Midget) Cara! etc… I just can’t believe he made it in prowrestling this long. What a sad state ProWrestling is. That also Includes TNA, but at least they try to have the X division. Keep the Giants OUT of that DIVISION ALSO!!!!!

  16. By Gee Big Surprise Bill, posted

    Deleting comments now Bill? How pathetic. You confirmed my point, people are sick of the WWE nonsense and these tired storylines that end up with Cena winning the belt.

    The show is geared towards 10 and 12 year olds the ones that have to ask US to buy the merchandise, watch the shows, and buy the PPV’s. Pretty sad when you have to write a complete article YELLING at the very fans who supported the product all those years. Pretty lame.

  17. By Vilicles, posted

    Well said, Mr. Apter. I hate to see a great angle ruined by the scrutiny of people who generally wouldn’t know how to book a good show if they tried (myself included.) I agree with fans that say it may have behooved WWE to keep this angle going for a few months, but then think about what they are trying to do: they’re trying to keep interest in the show during the summer months, and fans who don’t see a payoff now will likely leave the product once the summer is over, so WWE needed a solid payoff quickly and now we can see how they build the angle going into Summerslam. Should be exciting!

  18. By Vilicles, posted

    On a completely unrelated note, I hope CM Punk doesn’t keep the “Cult of Personality” theme song, because I’ve been using that for my wrestler in Smackdown vs. Raw, and now I may have to change it.

  19. By fred, posted

    i completely agree with you big suprise this is my second comment on this subject but the first one was deleted and i didnt even use a profanity but ya way to go delte ppl who dont agree (especially about hogan)and yell at the opions of the very fans that visit your site now having said that everyone does have a opion to any of you who get mad cause some of us dont agree with you about wwe tough its our right to ssay it just like it is yours to like wwe and voice your opions and yes they screwed the angle with punk and cena bigtime and no cena will not go heel everytime some one brings it up vince shoots it down and bill i love the website but if you dont want people to give feedback or comments all you need to do is remove that option ty and these are just my opion and no one else

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