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This is something, that did not get the press it deserves. All people always put the bad spin on things. When there is something good to report, no one is to be found. I find it very amusing. THIS needs some press!

For the hard work, I do, along with working with the VWA in Florida, we produced something great, and positive in the community. I have been doing charity work for years, but never once, has someone done an article, on how I, associate myself, with doing positive things in wrestling. It seems only the bad incidents get theattention of the press. Never the good. Here, we have a bunch of people, who put their time in. This was a team effort.

This year, I was invited to the U.S. Embassy, in Nepal to speak on behalf of what good took place in a third world country, that doesn’t have a lot of good in it.

This past week, I was asked to speak in front of the Mayor, of NPR Florida at the Town Hall. I represented Wrestling and the VWA. It was an honor to speak in front of some very important people in the community. A great day to be able, to do the things I worked hard for, and give back to those who took the time, when I was a kid, to teach me and do for my Mom and Brothers, when we did not have much. You never forget where you come from. I never did.

Just a note to all those who love wrestling, but seem to like to write the bad, take the time to find the good — it is there. There doesn’t have to be a shoddy promoter, a scam for money, a guy who has money and wants to be big time and run a show, but dosent know what the hell he is doing.

There are honest people in this sport. You dont have to put religion as a reason, just do it, because you want to. Please read below. Thanks for your time. Enjoy some good, and smile.


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