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Blurring The Lines

WWE needed a big angle on Raw Monday night to follow up one of the greatest angles ever with CM Punk. I think the ending segment on Raw accomplished that task pretty well. Did Vince really get fired? Is HHH really now in charge of WWE? It does not matter and that is what is so great about the current storytelling in WWE. It blurs the lines between work and shoot. There is realism with this angle because HHH is second in command of WWE and has moved into a top executive position in the company in real life. One day HHH may very well take over full time for Vince, so even though this is all a work, it is a believable situation that will have some fans wondering if it is real or not. That is how to book a successful angle, when the fans do not know for sure what is real or not and need to watch the shows to find out.

Regardless of work or shoot, WWE needs to take advantage of this angle to implement some real change of direction for the company. Vince can use HHH as a scapegoat either way and that plays in Vince’s favor. If the new direction goes poorly then Vince can blame HHH. Vince can also fend off any criticism from advertisers who may not like the new direction because Vince will state that for the angle to work, a drastic change in direction was a must. Vince can take full credit if all goes well stating that this is all his idea. It is a win-win situation for Vince and the WWE needs to run with this ball and make the most of what the WWE now has. This angle is smart business and Vince needs to make sure that no money is left on the table ala the Invasion angle, ECW, and the list goes on.

HHH can make real change and do things that fans have been wanting for years now. Yes I understand that it is a work but still HHH will need to make change to what Vince was doing or Vince would not have been relieved of his duties. If WWE really wants to impact ratings then WWE needs to make the show “must see” each week for the next few weeks. HHH needs to come out at the top of Raw and talk about what changes the WWE will be going through over the course of the next few weeks. If HHH can lend intrigue into the storylines whereas some major happenings will occur, then fans will hopefully jump back on the wrestling bandwagon. Fans that left the product are interested again. They may not have fully returned but the interest has been piqued and WWE needs to hook these fans back full time.

The first thing that may and should happen is the influx of names returning to the company. HHH can install JR back to the booth even on a part time or PPV show basis. Not sure of JR’s health right now but regular appearances should be an absolute right now. HHH needs to reinstall the best play by play man ever in wrestling. Now that Cole is reverting back to his normal self, his normal self is a pretty awful play by play man. Cole had a great character going but if it is truly ended, then Cole is worth very little again for the company and should be moved back to Smackdown full time. Cole has some value but the flagship show should once again have the best on commentary. That alone will get fans interested in the product again.

HHH should not only prevent that championship match from happening but eliminate the WWE title altogether. Stop with the idiotic concept that Smackdown and Raw are separate entities and have one champion for the company again. Get rid of the worst angle in recent history, the anonymous Raw GM and just have one GM for the company that oversees both programs. Whether that is Teddy Long or someone new, HHH needs to make the company whole again and thus create many new matches. Yes I know Vince loves the “Draft episode” of Raw but the ratings do not spike for the show so what is it that the show does for the company if it does not generate ratings? Less titles and more talents vying for the titles will make the championships worth something again and make champions that hold them be looked upon with greater interest from fans.WWE will be telling fans that these wrestlers are who you should pay attention to and take a vested interest in.

HHH needs to make radical change and capture the attention of the fan of yesterday. CM Punk has brought wrestling to the forefront again and now WWE cannot drop the ball. Wrestling is relevant right now because an angle done to perfection has captured the attention of fans and even mainstream media alike. Vince getting fired will also take the Punk angle a step further and it should make people want to tune in and see what the heck is going on in the WWE. HHH needs to take advantage of what might be added viewer interest and draw them back into the product. Maybe having someone return to the company like Brock, Batista, Nash, HBK, Bret, Foley, someone that returns to have a position in the company again, whether that be wrestler or executive. Just give fans a reason to watch each week and fans will do that very thing.

Bottom Line:

The possibilities are endless as to what WWE could do with this angle. It gives the WWE the ability to change everything about the product right now. Major wholesale changes being made under new management is a great way to do it without ever admitting that things are not working. Yes this is all storyline driven and a work but not all fans will know this and most will always take angles at face value. The smart fan knows but the majority fan base will look upon it all as it was meant and that will create a major buzz going forward. CM Punk has created major interest in WWE again and hopefully Punk will be back in short time to reap the benefits of what Punk has created.

If HHH truly ever had concepts of what HHH would like to see within the WWE now is the time to try it because fans are expecting change and will be willing to embrace such change if the storytelling remains strong. WWE is in a very enviable position and need to take full advantage of what WWE now has, I cannot stress that point enough. The storylines do not have to be real, that just need to be presented as such and when WWE blurs that line, WWE has done their job to perfection. You have just read another chapter of the Forzese Files and as always feedback is greatly appreciated.

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