Posted July 21st, 2011 by Bill Apter

Hardcore! Tommy Dreamer added to lineup for Bunkhouse Stampede
The stakes just got raised on the AWE Awesome Night of the Legends Bunkhouse Stampede. Awesome Wrestling Entertainment announced today that ECW Legend Tommy Dreamer has been added to the Bunkhouse Stampede lineup.

Dreamer is an ECW Original and two-time former ECW World Heavyweight Champion – and the only wrestler to have world title reigns in ECW in its original run from 1992-2001 and its second stint as a WWE property in 2006-2010.

Dreamer should handle well the rough and ready environment in a Bunkhouse Stampede, having survived Singapore Cane matches with The Sandman and a three-year feud with Raven.

Dreamer defeated another ECW veteran now on the AWE roster, CW Anderson, at the final ECW pay-per-view, Guilty as Charged, in an I Quit match.

Dreamer joins a lineup for the Bunkhouse Stampede that now includes The Barbarian, “Dirty” Dutch Mantell, Mr. #1 George South and BuzzSaw.


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