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From The Referee’s Position – SmackDown Preview & Picks
Jimmy Dylan reporting……

SummerSlam has become known as the “Biggest & Hottest Party of the Summer”, and it’s rapidly approaching on the horizon. I think I feel the way that a lot of others do rather it be those in the business, or the millions of fans around the world. The “realness” of the recent storylines played out on WWE TV recently really should be a lude point at this point. The angles have generated a buzz and level of interest that we honestly have not seen in years. It’s a good thing folks…and we should all sit back and enjoy it. CM Punk invaded Comic-Con to ask the “new Chairman”, Triple H, a few questions. This story has potential to play out very well, and while there is some eventual truth to what we saw at the end of Raw, who honestly really didn’t know this would happen one day anyway? I mean, really. That day is not now, however. If you do our homework then you know exactly what I’m talking about.

All that being said, it brings me back to my original point. Just sit back and watch what happens. As far as I’m concerned I love what I’ve seen so far, and I like the potential for longevity in the CM Punk angle. SummerSlam is upon us…one of my favorite pay-per-views of the year, and rightfully so. Judging by the notes I was handed in order to do this week’s preview, we won’t be seeing a repeat of the travesty that was Christian’s first World Heavyweight championship reign (in WWE). I’m definately diggin the idea of seeing Christian carry the strap for any significant amount of time. Let’s see what they do leading up to, and at, SummerSlam on August 14. The “Summer Classic” comes early this year, so there’s not much time to advance this into the next stage. WWE has done well so far IMO. Christian attempted to play on the psyche of Randy Orton for weeks leading into the Money in the Bank ppv, and finally pushed Orton past his breaking point this past Sunday. Orton’s unstable mental condition has been well documented in the past. It made perfect sense for Christian to push his loophole to the limit, and it paid off for him in the end with the DQ that was obviously his “ace in the hole”. The recoil of the Viper has already proven to be full of venom. Will Christian need to be on the lookout this Friday night, or will Orton be the hunted? The feeling of unpredictability has also returned in a way, and the notion of “anything can happen in WWE” once again holds a measure of credibility. It’s going to be interesting as we move forward. On to The Referee’s Position for this week’s SmackDown, July 22, 2011!!!

Christian vs. Ezekial Jackson:
In a battle between the reigning World Heavyweight and Intercontinental champions, I wouldn’t look for a Hogan/Warrior classic on this one. Christian is a wounded animal, and although those are often the most dangerous, it doesn’t do much for you when you’re a lone wolf in a wilderness full of beasts waiting to pick your bones. Orton left Christian laying after a vicious post-match assault that included not one, but two RKOs on the Spanish announce table. Big Zeek is not a walk in the park by any means whatsoever, thus the reason why he’s a champion. Notwithstanding his own capabilities, the element of WWE’s Apex Predator darkens things for the new World champ from my POV. If things go the way I see it, Randy Orton will have a lot to say about the outcome of this contest as he continues to explode with rage over the way the World championship was ripped from his grasp at MITB. This can’t mean anything good for poor Christian, and again citing the Viper’s current state of mind, he’s likely to strike anything that moves…including Ezekial Jackson.
Jimmy’s Pick: NO CONTEST

Daniel Bryan vs. Heath Slater:
*I have sung the praises of D. Bryan in the past, and I also enjoyed the tag team of Slater and Gabriel. Both of these Superstars match up very well, and I’m looking forward to seeing how it plays out. It seems as if both Bryan and Alberto Del Rio are being billed as the first real “underdogs” to win the MITB Ladder Match…and possibly even being viewed as being unlikely to successfully cash in their contracts…which would be a pair of first in company history. That in itself is interesting as Bryan is a very good underdog to overcome whatever may come his way. Stay tuned for that! On the Raw side of things, the angle with Del Rio can be equally effective if his “path to destiny” is told correctly. Playing the underdog, you can expect to see Daniel Bryan hold on to his briefcase for a while as he anxiously awaits his opportunity….and that folks…will truely be a cash in worth plenty of money for the bank. I for one can’t wait to see Bryan wear the WWE Championship, and WWE will profit great when…not if…it happens.
Jimmy’s Pick: Daniel Bryan

Wade Barrett vs. Sheamus:
*I’m at a crossroads on this one folks as I haven’t a clue where WWE is coming from in this one. We have two guys that most fans probably will just want to see to see rip each other apart. I think the closet Sheamus fans may emerge in this one. If there’s animosity hanging over from Sunday’s ladder match, then so be it. Let them go out there and beat each other to the point of no return. If I had to pick one…..
Jimmy’s Pick: Sheamus

Randy Orton vs. Kane:
*As I stated earlier, the set up of these matches was perfect this week if only because Orton and Christian weren’t facing each other for the title again…well not on televison atleast. I’m going to stick with what I said earlier in the column about Orton’s rampage when the cameras turn on Friday night. The Big Red Machine is no push over, and will definately let Randy know who he’s in the ring with. It’s tough to call this one without knowing how things will play out with Christian, but if it’s left to a 1-on-1 situation, I could see Orton being a powder keg from the gate and subsequently getting himself disqualified again. The message being driven home is that Orton has clearly been pushed over the edge and just doesn’t care anymore. He will not rest until he once again reaches the Holy Grail!
Jimmy’s Pick: Kane via DQ

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