Posted July 18th, 2011 by Bill Apter

The WWE website is reporting the suspension of Sin Cara!


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  1. By Kevin P, posted

    He failed a drug test,testing positive for some type of steroid

  2. By Richard, posted

    He can now use a name change to Sin Stupido.

    He was not thinking at all…

  3. By JayPeaTee, posted

    Anyone who isn’t 7′ or ripped gets no respect from Vince anyway… he’ll be back to being misused when he gets back

  4. By Ivan Q., posted

    Well, not a good thing to do when you know they are testing for drugs. As far as calling him “sin Stupido”, that make no sense. If anything they’d call him “Muy Estupido”.

  5. By Kevin, posted

    Wow ! I see a release within the year . Vince has a big guy love and I’m sure sin will be back in Mexico or tna within a year

  6. By BH, posted

    Don’t be suprised when this guy ends up in TNA before long. So much for Triple H’s ‘pet project’.

  7. By Jeff Trevino, posted

    He will be better used in AAA or Tna

  8. By Jimmy, posted

    I Think Midget man Sin Cara, Midget man Matt Bourne, Midget man Rey Mysterio, Midget man Daniel Bryan or Bryan Danilson should all just GO AWAY!!! I seriously can’t understand the staying power of Mysterio, Rey a heavyweight champion? the guy is 60 pounds soaking wet? They should bring back the cruiser-weight division at least it would make more sense for those mighty midgets. I just had to blow off steam. 1 more thing, Sin Cars like Rey and the others I named above extremely overrated performers

  9. By Jimmy, posted

    And another thing, In real life you put Rey against Orton or Dolph Ziggler or even Teddy Long and they would totally beat the hell out of him.

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