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Punk comes in to a huge roar from the crowd and sits in the middle ofthe ring. Cena makes his way down, Punk stands near the fans at ringside appauging him … There are so many fans with Punk signs … During the introductions Punk fan’s reaction is deafening … Cena is greeted with jeers of course (and one sign saying “Chicago Hates Cena”) … Referee is Scott Armstrong.

Highlights: Looks to be a technical wrestling match as they exchange headlocks and other wrestling holds … Cena takes Punk down with a short-arm-scissor and armbar … Nice exchanges off the ropes and Punk takes Cena down with a flying dropkick … Punk iwth a series of kicks and elbow smashes and refusing to break clean … Cena with a “bulldog” and pin attempt … Cena with a powerful clothesline that floors Punk … Punk recovers and whips Cena into the corner … Cena with a comeback and pin attempt … DDT by Punk … Cean on the ring mat and (under the ropes) and Punk comes off the top ropes onto Cena’s neck … Punk makes pin attempt … Cena in the corner, Punk tries to dive at him, Cena moves and Punk’s head goes into the steel ringpost … Clothesline by Punk … Cena’s right knee is injured by Punk … Cena suplexes Punk from the ring and both crash outside onto the floor … He rolls Punk back in — 2 count .. Cena tries again after an elbow smash … Cena with a series of punches, Punk with punches and kicks — it’s a brawl now … Cena with an abdominal stretch … Both down now from a double clothesline … Cena goes for “you can’t see me” and Punk knees him to the face … Now they are both outside the ring … Back tosses Cena back and them goes for a flying maneuver but Cena moves and Punk crashes into the mat … again Cena tries is signagture move … Five Knuckle Shuffle … Attitude djustment … Punk kicks him and trips him out … Punk with a bulldog headlock … Cena near kayoed … Punk with a flying elbow and a two count … Cena goes for the STF … Locks it in … Punk reaches he ropes and a break is called … Punk with Attitude Adjustment but Cena on the way down puts him in an STF again … Punk rolls it into a headlock! … Cena picks him up with a drop again and a two count as PUnk kicks out … Cena tothe top of tghe corner, off, Punk catches him and gets a two count … Cena up top again, legdrop and pin attempt .. Only a two!!! … Another Attitude Adjustment by Cena and only gets a 2 count … Cena puts Punk on the top turnbuckle and puts him on his back, about to go off, Punk with elbow smashes and reverses things — Frankensteiner off the ropes! … Punk with Attiude Adjustment and Cena falls out of the ring … Punk goes to the floor as ref Armstrong counts … Cena rolled in, Punk still not in as Mr. McMahon and Head of Talent Relations John Laurinitus come down the ramp and stare down Punk … Cena with STF and Vince calls for the bell as Laurinatus tellsthe bell ringer to do so … Cena punches Lauriniatis gets back in the ring and is met with an Attitude Adjustment by Punk and PINNED. PUNK IS THE CHAMPION!

McMahon gets on the microphone and asks Del Rio to come down and cash in hims Money in The Bank contract. He runs to the ring and is floored by Punk! Punk does into the audience, shows the belt to Vince, tosses a kiss, and leaves!

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