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Punk comes in to a huge roar from the crowd and sits in the middle ofthe ring. Cena makes his way down, Punk stands near the fans at ringside appauging him … There are so many fans with Punk signs … During the introductions Punk fan’s reaction is deafening … Cena is greeted with jeers of course (and one sign saying “Chicago Hates Cena”) … Referee is Scott Armstrong.

Highlights: Looks to be a technical wrestling match as they exchange headlocks and other wrestling holds … Cena takes Punk down with a short-arm-scissor and armbar … Nice exchanges off the ropes and Punk takes Cena down with a flying dropkick … Punk iwth a series of kicks and elbow smashes and refusing to break clean … Cena with a “bulldog” and pin attempt … Cena with a powerful clothesline that floors Punk … Punk recovers and whips Cena into the corner … Cena with a comeback and pin attempt … DDT by Punk … Cean on the ring mat and (under the ropes) and Punk comes off the top ropes onto Cena’s neck … Punk makes pin attempt … Cena in the corner, Punk tries to dive at him, Cena moves and Punk’s head goes into the steel ringpost … Clothesline by Punk … Cena’s right knee is injured by Punk … Cena suplexes Punk from the ring and both crash outside onto the floor … He rolls Punk back in — 2 count .. Cena tries again after an elbow smash … Cena with a series of punches, Punk with punches and kicks — it’s a brawl now … Cena with an abdominal stretch … Both down now from a double clothesline … Cena goes for “you can’t see me” and Punk knees him to the face … Now they are both outside the ring … Back tosses Cena back and them goes for a flying maneuver but Cena moves and Punk crashes into the mat … again Cena tries is signagture move … Five Knuckle Shuffle … Attitude djustment … Punk kicks him and trips him out … Punk with a bulldog headlock … Cena near kayoed … Punk with a flying elbow and a two count … Cena goes for the STF … Locks it in … Punk reaches he ropes and a break is called … Punk with Attitude Adjustment but Cena on the way down puts him in an STF again … Punk rolls it into a headlock! … Cena picks him up with a drop again and a two count as PUnk kicks out … Cena tothe top of tghe corner, off, Punk catches him and gets a two count … Cena up top again, legdrop and pin attempt .. Only a two!!! … Another Attitude Adjustment by Cena and only gets a 2 count … Cena puts Punk on the top turnbuckle and puts him on his back, about to go off, Punk with elbow smashes and reverses things — Frankensteiner off the ropes! … Punk with Attiude Adjustment and Cena falls out of the ring … Punk goes to the floor as ref Armstrong counts … Cena rolled in, Punk still not in as Mr. McMahon and Head of Talent Relations John Laurinitus come down the ramp and stare down Punk … Cena with STF and Vince calls for the bell as Laurinatus tellsthe bell ringer to do so … Cena punches Lauriniatis gets back in the ring and is met with an Attitude Adjustment by Punk and PINNED. PUNK IS THE CHAMPION!

McMahon gets on the microphone and asks Del Rio to come down and cash in hims Money in The Bank contract. He runs to the ring and is floored by Punk! Punk does into the audience, shows the belt to Vince, tosses a kiss, and leaves!

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  1. By Dean Lester, posted

    Match of the year for sure…All I can say is “CM PUNK..CM PUNK….CM PUNK

  2. By Jimmy, posted

    Pure Junk, I am now officially a TNA fan!

  3. By Purd Hupley, posted

    A lot of good directions for this to go in. Hope they don’t screw it up.

  4. By Andrew, posted


  5. By Brian, posted

    Finally, it ends the way it should have. It could be the match of the year.

  6. By fred, posted

    thank god but we all know that cm punkwll resign and will lose the title but its good to see that no talent john cena lose.. hey cena you aint hogan and you aint goldberg quit trying to be lol

  7. By GiL, posted

    Jimmy….your an idiot….tna fan? Wow….when was the last time tna had a ppv this good? First…2 great “total nonstop action” (lol) money in the bank matches. Good match with show & henry…top of the line main events….cm punk wins….now raw will have great ratings. Why? Cuz we dont know whats gonns happen….its intriguing….tna is not!!! Point blank.

  8. By ratboy, posted


  9. By scott justice, posted

    I’m always the first to knock the WWE. But I must say that was match of the year. Raw will be some must see TV tomorrow night.

  10. By John, posted

    Same old WWE crap.It all apart to turn John Cena heel. TNA TNA here I come.

  11. By mark, posted


  12. By chewy, posted

    Just when I thought WWE could do nothing right, they finally figured it out. I was scared del rio would cashin a nd send punk home with out the belt. it was the perfect ending couldnt of wrote it better myself. good job WWE

  13. By Skizim, posted

    What is a TNA???

  14. By chewy, posted

    JOhn I love TNA but their writing sucks and storyies never make sense. and how do you get rid of black machismo. that guy had talent. they r falling into the same issue as wcw did. pushing old guys to the top. Sting I get but why are u recyling scott steirner again. I hope they get their shit togethger before vince buys them too

  15. By Michael, posted

    Danielson and Punk are going to lead WWE back into “wrestling”

  16. By Iceman2469, posted

    “By Michael, posted
    July 17, 2011 at 11:19 pm
    Danielson and Punk are going to lead WWE back into “wrestling””

    You said it man. the only joke was giving the MITB match to Del Rio. He is a crappy wrestler like cena. plus the look tonight on Colt Cabana’s face was epic

  17. By pelli, posted

    look i like cena but agree he is a crappy wrestler he needs to turn heel and del rios attitude sucks beut he is bye far a better wrestler than cena im glad we got a new champ go punk

  18. By Eic, posted

    ROH ROH ROH is gonna have 2 world champions. They should unify the belts on the frist TV show.

  19. By willie, posted

    Vince wont fire the wanna be “Rock” John Cena. Vince knows that tna is a threat to wwe. CM Punk’s going to tna with the wwe belt and make an ass out of wwe. Congrats CM Punk for winning the wwe belt.

  20. By BH, posted

    Who the hell is McMahon trying to kid here? He is not going to fire Cena because there is not enough top talent in the rosters as it is right now. Cena will turn heel and join up with Punk. Where’s my Ice Cream Bar McMahon?

  21. By Vic, posted

    Are they done with Nexxus and the Corre? It was nice to see that kliq against one another last night

  22. By Marlon, posted

    Awesome PPV havent said that in a long time! Great storyline raw is a must see 2nite! What i hope is Punk goes to Japan and brigns over Japanesse wrestlers over to the States! hardcore fans would appreciate something like that

  23. By Rick, not rude, just obnoxious, posted

    So, a ‘great’ WWE PPV is one in which Cena loses. Nice to know how low we set the bar.

  24. By JayPeaTee, posted

    Love the Cena haters out there. The fact is when he is given a chance he can work a great match and he showed it last night. Yeah, Punk carried him because Punk is a fantastic wrestler but Cena is no slouch.

  25. By Golden George, posted

    I can’t see Punk going anywhere. This would be the first time in history someone left WWE on top. I find it very hard to believe that if he was leaving that he would not have been buried in the past couple months.

  26. By Jimmy, posted

    It is so funny how a person can make a comment and if you don’t agree with it, some of you resort to name calling and put downs, That shows the kind of morons with minuet iq’s watch pro wrestling, oh! by the way, it is just entertainment, NOT REAL!! Calm Down! it does not run your life, relax and enjoy it stop acting like it is life end all!! Everyone is entitled to their opinions, this is a free country! Get a life!!

  27. By storm, posted

    I was at the show, and all I can say is it was GREAT.Even if you don’t like WWE you had to like this show, anything else you are just trying to be a jackass. Im a wrestling fan and that last night was a wrestling ppv. Best WWE has done in years.I just hope that it helps ROH when they start there new tv show in sept.

  28. By Foxx, posted

    That is NOT true. Medussa left for WCW with the womwns title and threw it in the trash can remember?

  29. By Foxx, posted

    That would be the Women’s Title

  30. By fred, posted

    punks not leaving with the belt no way its all a ploy to get more viewers and once this storyline runs its course wwe will go back to being the same stale product that tna has become i used to be a huge tna fan but like wwe its stale so i cant wait for roh to come to tv they got the good shit

  31. By GiL-D, posted

    Oh Little Jimmy!!! Complaining? Uh? What? Lol come yourself man….thats why people should shut up…you dont like wwe yet you watched mitb ppv. N commented on cena vs punk. You contradict yourself. Go watch tna!!

  32. By EDDIE PINETTI, posted

    Man, obviosly all you people that think punk really left,are marks…vince would have never let him win…he will main event wrestlemania against Stone Cold Steve Austin,I guarantee ya,he wore that s.c.s.a shirt the night of his tiraid for a reason,hes also mentioned it..vince would be dumb to let the hottest comodity in the buiss.just leave,and this is the perfect chance to turn cena heel,I dnt know why it has takin so long,every body 6 and up hates the guy,he needs to be a thug again,jumpin people with a mean streak..hes not hogan,times have changed..people lke the bad guy,or the out spoken guy now,im soooo sick of his friggin salute,and why have him the top face when he gets booed out of every build…vince its time for a change,his big heart isnt enough,you will never get him over,its time for the heel turn!!!!!!

  33. By EDDIE PINETTI, posted

    Now that r.o.h has been bought out,and will deff. have a T.V. deal soon, I cant wait,if u have seen their product,its Awesome,with a capital A. Its diff. like E.c.W once was and has some young,bright stars…and if it wasnt For r.o.h you wouldnt have ever heard of the lkes of C.M. Punk,Samoa Joe,A.J. Styles,Christopher Daniels,austin Aries,Daniel Bryan(bryan danielson)..Be ready T.N.A,R.O.H is gona be takin all your X division stars…Back.

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