Posted July 17th, 2011 by Bill Apter

Sin Cara, Sheamus, Kane, Wade Barrett, Daniel Bryan, Heath Slater, Justin Gabriel, Cody Rhodes are the combatants going for a chance to win the MITB contract in the case above the ring.

Early action — Sheamus powerbomed Sin Cara through a ladder at ringside and Sin Cara was taken out on a stretcher … Barrett tried to get Slater and Gabriel to let him get the briefcase but they beat him up and then Cody Rhodes came in and tossed both of them off the ladder — and he was knocked down by Barrett … Sheamus dealt with Rhodes and tried to get up to the briefcase and was kayoed by Bryan … Kane now in “cleaning house but battles Bryan on the ladder … Slater with a flying neckbreaker from the top takes Bryan down … Sheamus now in and clears the ring … Three ladders in the ring and it’s all Sheamus now … He goes up … Kane comes up to battle him … Kane chokeslams him off onto another ladder! … Now Rhodes, Barrett, and others attack Kane … Gabriel with an amazing 360 off the ladder … Barrett goes up again but knocked down .. .Rhodes and Bryan now at the top … Barret comes up behind them tries to get it down … Bryan knocks Barrett down and WINS!

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