Posted July 11th, 2011 by Bill Apter

The New York Yankees was the reason John Cena finally slugged CM Punk. Wow that was compelling TV!(?)

Watching the final segment of RAW tonight was a roller-coaster of highs and lows and it appeared that no one really was sure what track this was all taking as far as I can tell. It was all too long and all too confusing.

A few weeks ago the entire world was buzzing about CM Punk’s excellent tirade against the WWE system and the people who run it. Tonight I felt it was sent on a wrong turn going into the “Money In The Bank” pay-per-view this Sunday night. It was — again — too long and too predictable.

I really wanted to be psyched about Cena vs. Punk at MITB but now that fever just isn’t as high for me after tonight.

While I’m complaining a bit, I might as well add that Mr. McMahon’s character just isn’t cutting it — and it’s not just his fault.  He’s made to look like a “pansy” at times and that doesn’t work when you think about what a monster boss/heel is has been in the past.

Come on Vince, tell the writers to bring the “grapefruits” back when it comes to you’re TV appearances!

On a parting note about the Sunday PPV, I will be at the King Of Prussia (Pennsylvania) Fox and Hound Restaurant on Sunday night covering the event, watching on the ginat screens there.  Come on and join me, some great fans, the Voice Of Choice Nation Radio team, and some surprise guests. Oh by the way, there is no charge to watch the PPV but they Fox and Hound has some magnficent food (the burgers are exceptional) and drinks.

Thanks and I’ll see YOU at the matches!


  1. By Iceman2469, posted

    Really, you were confused? Really…. Really?? Really?!?

    Tonight’s end brought to light what still many of us have been thinking and screaming about week after week. CM Punk has been spot on. Cena was made to look like the fool he is. As for Vince looking like a pansy? Remember who really approves the stuff that goes on. Vince is at EVERY tv show sitting at that one table back stage feeding Cole his lines.

    Vince just needs to hang it up and let someone else with a broader vision run some things. Get Heyman or Cornette, those men can create something that people will pay to see

  2. By jeff, posted

    well, I might be wrong but let’s look at a few facts I don’t think anyone can disagree with, does ANYONE REALLY think Vince would KNOWINGLY let anyone walk out of the WWE with
    the world title belt, yes Alundra blaze DID show up on wcw with the woman’s title but
    vince didn’t know she was going to do that,
    remember Bret hart was leaving for wcw and was the champion going into his last match and vince was afraid bret would pull an alundra blaze too so he got the belt off Bret BEFORE he left, IF Punk DOES win, he won’t leave chicago(and the wwe) with the belt, you can bet on that nor do I see Cena
    REALLY being “fired” if he loses, not with the hype STILL going on for the rock and cena
    at wrestlemania. What I DO see is MAYBE Punk winning, Vince does pull the firing routine, cena goes off and maybe attacks vince and lays Punk out, with Punk out cold in the ring here comes whoever won the money in the bank match out there with a referee and they cash in the money in the bank contract then and pin punk thus keeping the title in the wwe, that way we get c m punk ACTUALLY winning the title, the few minutes of shock
    that the title is leaving with him, then vince firing cena leads to MORE shock as cole and lawler bring up wrestlemania and what about the rock and cena match then cena
    snapping and attacking punk leads to more shock and finally ends with the money in the bank winner cashing in his contract to pin a beat cm punk.

  3. By Steven Millan, posted

    If C.M. Punk does win the WWE Championship belt at MITB,you can expect either one of the winners of MITB or a surprise appearance(such as The Rock,Steve Austin,or even Jeff Hardy[as unpredictable as both the WWE and TNA can separately get])popping up and defeating Punk for the belt.

  4. By Steve, posted

    I was under the impression Cena slugged CM Punk not becaise he mentioned the Yankees but more for pretty much calling him a fraud in front of his family.

    Vince came off well last night in my opinion. He came off as a man who is backed into a corner which is where he is supposed to be in the angle which is exactly where he is supposed to be in this angle.

    I do find one thing confusing tho. Vince has truely painted himself into a corner if CM Punk is truely leaving. Why give one who is leaving so much attention?

  5. By JJTj, posted

    Here’s a interesting concept:

    CM Punk wins the belt and ‘leaves’ with it
    as the WWE re-introduces a brand name they
    own: WCW as a ‘new’ wrestling company to
    ‘compete’ against. It would give them a
    second gun against Impact, allow them to
    bring a ton of old timers back to spark
    interest, they own all the back tapes,
    and..get this..they could ‘kill’ the
    whole program when it’s run it’s course.

    With WWE winning, of course…

    I know this is stretching it, but put
    Ole Anderson as ‘head of WCW’ and let he
    and Vince play THAT to the hilt !!!

    If you use it, Vince, I want my cut..hehehe


  6. By Show isjust lame now, posted

    With the Closer on last night and other great shows I did the dumb thing and DVR’d this to only ONCE AGAIN be disappointed. Why did they have such a great angle only to have it completely destroyed in one week? His relentless push to make any and all things CENA is ridiculous. Cena must be the first one in line for the annual Vince KMA kiss before each show.

    Vince you are losing money, when are you going to get it through your head that your show is stale and 1 week angles are not going to cut it anymore? Angles work when they are longer than show to show. I am going to give this another month or so to straighten out and then I am done. As much as it would pain me to do, I cannot sit and watch this garbage anymore. My FIL who is a lifelong fan of wrestling is soon to turn it off and THAT is saying stuff considering he buys ALL the PPV’s.


  7. By Richard, posted

    I want Punk to leave with the title to TNA and then burn it.

  8. By EDDIE PINETTI, posted

    Punk is not leavin,come on now…is everyone that nieve,with the internet,wrestling has changed,you know whos leavin,whos comin,who cut layed off,christ you know storylines for the next year..sometimes,And this storyline,from what I think was a revolotionary thing.I think that only a few people know what is really going to happen,its obvious how vince looks in the ring,he seems very,well real vince,add libing he doesnt seem very confident,in the ring..so that means theres no script,so the low totem wrestlers,cant get paid ta spill the beans to the world.havent you noticed how honest and real the wrestlers in wwe have been,like karma tellin the world she was pregnant,and not using a stupid storyline that she killed one of the divas,or something stupid.their changing with the times,knowing that the internet,could ruin prowrestling..when you know whos going to win and whats going to happen,or whos showing up,why watch,or order a 50 dollor ppv…Punk isnt gone,he will show back up,and your going to see more reality t.v. wrestling,Vince always changes with the times,and it will work,its just new,hes an entrapenour.Not an actor.so without a script,to show everyone..it was bad two mon. ago,they almost ruined it,but get ready for punk to show up with the title,and becomeing the most talked about wrestler since the days of the rock and stone cold…HHH is better at add lbing theirs nobody better.thats why he will become the new evil boss…I guaran damn tee…If ya smell what im cookin..Mr. apter you know,your too smart not too.

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