Posted July 4th, 2011 by Bill Apter

Did Vince McMahon just say to John Cena on RAW that “he is afraid of the title being taken by CM Punk to “another wrestling company?” (The context was in regard to a WWE title match with Champion John Cena vs. CM Punk at the “Money In The Bank” pay-per-view). That makes WWE a wrestling company I guess…hummmmmm.

I thought the WWE is NOT a wrestling company and the word “wrestling” was not to be used. Did he make an unconscious mistake — or a conscious one?

Hummmmm …

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  1. By Neal Hashimoto, posted

    Here’s the diiddo:

    It’s a wrestling company, hence the name world wretling entertainment, or wwe for short. Originally, the name was the WWF (World Wrestling Federation) and then they dropped the F and replaced it with E (Entertainment).

  2. By sal lasardo, posted

    he tried to reference when flair left wcw with the world title to the wwe and it now seems punk will head to tna possibly with the world title and cena gets time off –

  3. By Jimmy, posted

    Maybe he is finally waking up? Maybe Wrestling matters hit a nerve? Maybe the other organizations are starting to make sense? Or maybe it is time for change? We will soon find out.

  4. By Steven Millan, posted

    At least Vince finally admitted that the WWE is indeed a wrestling company(since they lengthfully biult their company around wrestling).

  5. By Joe, posted

    I for one would like to see another invasion angle,Punk wins title and goes back to Ring of Honor and they invade WWE.ROH can then grow in ratings and the WWE can open themselves up to a whole new talent pool.Vince always says he isn’t afraid of competition,it might be a breath of fresh air the WWE needs.

  6. By Referee Jimmy Dylan, posted

    if a “high cycle” comes out of this…GREAT! its just what the wrestling world needs…needed…BEEN NEEDED!!!

  7. By Jimmy, posted

    Vince was not about to mention Flair and the WCW title, He was going to mention Alundra Blaze throwing the women’s title in the trash on Nitro. Also, No Invasion of ROH, When ECW Invaded WWF Vince was in negotiations to purchase ECW out of Bankruptcy. The last time Vince allowed another organization to come in was in the late 70′s early eighties when WWF and NWA had an open agreement for wrestlers to compete in both companies.

  8. By tom bullock, posted

    also did you all forget when Alundra Blaze took the Womens title to WCW and burned it live on TV Monday Night Nitro….

  9. By Rod, posted

    Wasn’t that almost the same explanation he gave for the “Montreal screw job”? Chicago screw job next?

  10. By BH, posted

    Maybe what WWE needs is an invasion by TNA. Maybe then wrestling could go back to the old days when wrestling was wrestling period.

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