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!BANG! TV Report – Support Your Troops 67, “Blood Sweat and Tears” Now Online

Dory Funk Jr. with Bert Prentice in his corner teams with Cory “Wild” Weston and Spain’s Leo Cristiani to take on “Heartless” with Karl “Mad-Dog” Madetzke and MMA Fighter, Luke Spencer teaming with Fushicho Masuku (The Immortal Mask) with iCandy in their corner.

Funking Conservatory Wrestling presents it’s highest award to cancer survivor and wrestling promoter, Bert Prentice.

For the Women’s Tag Team Championship, Ms. Looki Atmi and iCandy (champions) defend against Claudia “The Claw” Reiff and Barbara Garcia. (Special Referee for this event is Bert Prentice).

For the Tag Team Championship, “Heartless”, Luke Spencer and Karl “Mad-Dog” Madetzke (Champions) defend against “Los Luchadores,” Alma Maskarada and El Diablo Negro

For the US Championship in a 3 Way Dance, Jayson Falcone (Champion) faces Bobby “Chico” Adams and Damien Steel.

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Dory Funk is the Coach of WWE, TNA, NXT and Japanese Wrestling Talent.

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