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The Solie Chronicles

Solie Versus the Non-Believers

“You think professional wrestling is fake? You come down to the Armory and work out with the
guys! These are the best conditioned athletes in the world!!”

Those were words spoken by Gordon Solie in 1971 when someone was poking fun at the validity
of professional wrestling. Gordon was the consummate defender of the faith and certainly not
one to break kayfabe.

Over the years, the “non-believers” have consistently tried to undermine the events taking place
in the “squared circle.”

Ask John Stossel, a well known reporter who moved up the ranks over the years and currently
hosts a regular feature for Fox Business.

Back in the early 1980s, Stossel made national news for a confrontation with a professional
grappler. Dan Bischoff described the encounter in “The Village Voice” on March 26,
1985: “Last month John Stossel, a reporter with WNBC-TV in Manhattan, asked 276-pound “Dr.
D” David Schultz as he climbed out of the ring, ‘Is wrestling fake?’ Dr. D put his hands on both
sides of Stossel’s lilliputian head and clapped them together, sending Stossel to his lawyers and
doctors complaining about a permanent loss of hearing.”

And then of course, there was actor/comedian Andy Kaufman who ridiculed wrestling to the
point that he finally ended up in a match against “King” Jerry Lawler. A powerful pile-driver
from Lawler left Kaufman with a broken neck.

Gordon Solie told reporter Nancy McAllister of the “Florida Times-Union” that
Kaufman “probably reaped what he sowed in mocking the sport.”

One of my favorite comebacks from the wrestling world came from Mick Foley during an
interview with Thomas Frank of “Newsday.”

“Let me tell you something that really tees me off…I mean really burns me up. It’s you people
who sneer at pro wrestling and cry, ‘Oh, but it’s fake.’ You geeks would rather blow a hundred
bucks to watch Edward Villela dance around that to see bone-crushing wrestling action. Well,
I’ve got news for you: Swan Lake is fixed, and the duck gets it in the end every time.”

Professional wrestling has withstood decades of similar maligning from the “non-believers” and
has continued to flourish as one of America’s much loved pastimes. Point in case; over 4 million
viewers tuned in to Raw recently and 1.8 million viewers watched Impact Wrestling.

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