Posted June 27th, 2011 by 1Wrestling News Team

Doug Gibson’s message to Ricky Morton: Don’t worry about me. You’d better be worried about Kevin Nash.

“Ten years in the making, huh? Ten years of you running your mouth. You know what? Watch what you ask for, Ricky. Because sometimes, you get it,” said Nash in a video interview released today by Awesome Wrestling Entertainment.

Nash will team with Gibson in the main event of the AWE Awesome Night of the Legends on Oct. 15 at Augusta Expo in FIshersville, Va. The Nash-Gibson duo will face off with Morton’s Rock-n-Roll Express.

What had started off as a brewing feud between Morton and Gibson has morphed into something unexpected. A Morton-Nash feud has been in the offing for 10 years, dating back to a shoot interview that Morton did with RF Video criticizing Nash, then in WCW, for the direction that he had taken that company, at the time still at the height of the NWO invasion.

Morton had been picking a fight with Nash since to no avail. He finally got Nash’s attention in a shoot video that had been aimed at Gibson in which Morton repeated his characterization of Nash being a “c—sucker” who only made it to the top of the wrestling business by ingratiating himself sexually to WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon.

“You have no idea what it’s like to be with me. I’m a seven-foot, 310-pound, in-shape grown man. Grown man. Not some little boy still wanting to be a rocker,” Nash said in the video released today by AWE.

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