Posted June 10th, 2011 by Bill Apter

I just returned home after seeing a move (Super 8 — and I loved it — it was not about the ECWA tourny with the same name — of course).

When I turned by cellphone on I had a few text messages about “did you hear that Bruno Sammartino died?” I also had a voice message from WrestleReunion owner Sal Corrente assuring me that he talked to Bruno and Bruno assured him he was still alive (lol).

Here is an email that Sal sent me I want to share with all of you …

“All rumors about Bruno Sammartino passing away are false. There have been numerous calls made today trying to verify whether Bruno Sammartino was alive or not due to something being published on Wikipedia. Some person posted on Wikipedia today that Bruno had died of cancer. I have spoken to Bruno a few times today including a few minutes ago. I have gotten a few calls myself can you please post that it was a hoax and Bruno is alive and well.”

Thanks Sal and don’t forget to visit¬†for updates on Bruno’s appearances and other great legends as WrestleReunion goes on tour!

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