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Holding back the hands of time, The Art of YRG

We are on our second week of this amazing 3 part series: Holding back the hands of time, The Art of YRG. Join us and our guest hosts for this first time YRG event! We will be bringing you tips, tricks, discussions and the opportunity to have face time with 3 of the great of Team YRG. Just like YOU, we’re all community members, each with experiences and strengths in areas we hope can help you with your journey, workouts, and questions you have had along the way. We’ve been there, done that, we were ready and we went. YOU’RE READY … are you going to GO?!

So, who are these pillars of YRG? Ok, fine, I’ll tell you, but you *have* to promise to show up! So, know that I know you *will* be there, here they are: Doug ‘The Monster Motivator’ Steffen, Henry ‘The Professor’ Dembski, and our own Radio YRG Diva, Stacy Morris. And, you just never know when DDP himself will show up.

He blinded me with SCIENCE! The Art of YRG Wellness.
Brought to you by the ‘The Professor’, HD has been chomping at the bit for this series. I can tell you this is one dude, who is READY, LOCKED and LOADED to take you on your doctor on! But, I don’t have to tell you that, HD can in his own words!

“I lost my dad at 69. To me it’s all PREVENTABLE. So look for me to do a show coming up soon on what needs to take place when you go to your doctor, labs, supplements. I say to you, what is more important than your health or life? If someone gave you info that gave you extra years wouldn’t you listen and do it? So look for me on YRG radio soon and trust me the info I give I feel can give you years to your life and possibly reverse or squash existing medical issues. Believe in your body’s ability to heal itself of anything. Own your life and own your health!”

If you just started YRG or have been here for years, dropped 1 pound or 100 pounds, you can’t miss this series, or the opportunity to ask these guys what’s on your mind. While it’s worth mentioning that we don’t profess to be medical professionals, and you should always seek a professional medical opinion if something’s making you go ‘Hm?’, we will do our ultimate best to arm you with everything you need to know to talk to your doctor about it, or go out and do everything YRG.

Robert, Stacey, I and our other guests hosts are looking forward to getting into these topics and hearing from YOU! As always each show will have a focus, but we’re open to taking the discussion where ever it leads us.

Talk to you Thursday! Be there, because there’s no other place that you want me to find you if you’re not! ;)
YRG4L, LL@90%,

For more information, visit www.yrgfitness.com. To listen to the show Thursday, visit DDP Radio or call (347) 994-1216
Visit TEAM YRG at: http://www.teamyrg.com

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