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Kyoko Inoue, the Japanese Puroresu legend, makes her way to Combat
Zone Wrestling for ‘Prelude to Violence’ on Saturday, June 11 at
the Asylum Arena, 7 W. Ritner ST in Philadelphia, PA with a 7:30 pm
bell time.

Inoue, the founder of NEO and new promotion Diana, is known as the
first woman to hold a men’s wrestling title in Japan (the WEW Tag
championship with Kodo Fuyuki) and will bring her 22 years of
experience to CZW as she squares off against the returning Sumie
Sakai. Sakai, no stranger to CZW, has also added MMA experience to her
repertoire. Both women have held titles around the world and will
amaze the crowd on June 11.

CZW Owner DJ Hyde’s “chosen one”, CZW Junior Heavyweight
champion Adam Cole will defend his title against Jon Gresham. Gresham
has been making big waves in CZW, especially against the likes of
Akuma. Read CZWrestling.com’s preview of this match


Two contenders have been added to the Young Athletes Rising Fast,
Six-Way Match to name a #1 Contender to Drew Gulak’s CZW Wired TV
Title – “The Havana Pitbull” Ricky Reyes and a man who recently
impressed both the crowd and CZW officials at the recent Wired TV
taping, VSK.Visit CZWrestling.com for more on VSK and Reyes


Also in action, CZW World Heavyweight champion Devon Moore, CZW
Ultraviolent Underground champion Danny Havoc, “The Ego” Robert
Anthony, and more.


* CZW Tag champions Philly’s Most Wanted (BLK JEEZ & Joker) vs.
Azrieal and Bandido

(See PMW celebrate ‘The Plan’ “Ego” Robert Anthony laid out on
CZW’s Official YouTube

* BLK OUT members Alex Colon & Ruckus vs. The Runaways (Joe Gacy &
Ryan Slater)

(Watch what BLK OUT has to say


* Tables, Ladders, and Chairs to Qualify for Tournament of Death:
Scotty Vortekz vs. “Golden Boy” Drake Younger

(See Scotty Vortekz’s challenge

and Drake Younger’s response


* “Callihan Death Machine” Sami Callihan vs. Adam Cole

(Watch Jake Crist get manipulated into the match by DJ Hyde and Adam
to earn a regular spot on the CZW roster.)

* CZW Wired TV Title #1 Contender, Young Athletes Rising Fast, Six-Way
Match: First two entrants – Ryan McBride & Ty Hagen

(Check out CZWrestling.com Review of the first two entrants


* Ultraviolent Rules Match for Little Mondo to enter Tournament of
Death on June 25: Little Mondo vs. CZW Owner DJ Hyde

(What does each man have in store for June 11? See what DJ has to say

& Watch Little Mondo train for this match


Tickets available now at CZWrestling.com

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