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This is Salvatore LaSardo and welcome to this very special edition of Rough Cuts, remembering Randy Savage. When I read about the passing of Randy Savage I was very sad that it brought tears to my eyes that another great wrestling legend has gone to be with the Lord. The day before Randy passed away I was watching videos on youtube of some his matches that still stand as some of the best wrestling ever.

I was watching Randy take on Jerry Lawler in a Steel Cage match from Memphis Wrestling. If you have not seen it you should. The cage itself was a wooden cage on the outside of the ring with chicken wire. The ending was not much but there were some very intense moves by both men from early on in their careers.

From there I watched another amazing cage match from Randy’s ICW days, where he battle Ronnie Garvin for the World Title with Lanny Poffo (Randy’s real life brother) doing commentary.

As I moved forward when Randy was introduced to the WWE and still today to see him introduce the late Miss Elizabeth was truly amazing. She was the ulitmate damsel in distress and both of them sold this so well. We all hated Randy for the way he treated her and that sold tickets and made us tune to see what would happen next. Randy could not only talk better than anyone on the mic, but he wrestled very well. The flying elbow is still the most devastating move off the type rope even today. Randy could wrestle with his robe and sunglasses on and still carry a match. How many wrestlers can do that so well?

Randy Savage winning the Inter Continental title from Tito Santana still stands out as one of Randy’s better matches during his WWE days. Yes, he pulled a pair of brass knuckles out of his tights but still a solid technical match from both men. Tito Santana went on to better things by winning the World Tag Titles later on but this win for Randy elevated him and made him a major player for the WWE. This was a perfectly timed title change.

When Hulk Hogan saved Randy Savage and the Mega Powers were formed was totally right for the wrestling fans. We all finally got to cheer Randy after booing him for so long, even though we respected him we still booed him. Of course the Mega Powers exploded and both went on to have many matches but still it was a very special moment for all the fans that finally got to cheer the Randy Savage.

Randy eventually went to WCW and finally to TNA briefly to end his career. It may not been the way he wanted it to end but it was time and I believe he knew that in his heart his days as wrestler were coming to an end.

Upon Randy’s passing, I read he was trying to make it to the major leagues as a catcher. He had average talent but a heart of gold, however, he was destined to be a wrestler. ESPN did a nice piece on Randy’s former roommate and friend Larry Herndon who is the batting coach for the Lakeland A Tigers. I read Larry had nothing but praise and admiration for such a terrific person on and off the baseball diamond. He was truly a person who helped all around him.

Randy had done allot of charity work over the years and visited many children in hospitals which truly is a testiment to how wonderful a man he was. It is sad that we the fans never truly got to see this side of him even after his wrestling career. I do know he had a bitter feud with Hulk Hogan and both had not spoken till just recently. It is sad that it took 10 yrs for both men to talk again and now Randy is gone. I am sure the Hulk is devastated as I would be too. We can’t explain why things happen the way they do but for some reason God has a plan for us and his plan was to have Randy in Heaven with him now.

Randy’s work will never be forgotten not just in the ring. He was a family man, as he was a husband for many years to the late Miss Elizabeth, son to his late father Angelo, a brother to Lanny and adored by millions of us fans as well and the lives he touched will never be forgotten. My deepest sympathies go out to his new wife, Lanny and his family as I know how sad of time this is for all them and I will keep them in prayers every night as they try to cope and deal with such a tragedy.

I say lets not focus on Randy’s passing but focus his living by sharing memories of him with family, friends and fans alike. We have youtube to help us get through and look back at a storied career. We can also snap into a Slim Jim too.

My only hope is that the WWE now finally puts Randy Savage in the Hall of Fame next year along with Miss Elizabeth. We the fans need closure and by allowing both to be in the Hall of Fame will give us that closure and chance to say good bye to two very special people that will forever be in our hearts. There will be allot tears and cheers and it is time that we the fans had our chance now. I am sure Lanny and Randy’s wife can pay a wonderful tribute where they receive the Hall of Fame plaque. I do not know how close Elizabeth was with her family but I am sure someone can be there for her as well.

Again, my deepest prayers go out to the Poffo family, and Randy’s beloved wife as I am sure you miss him as much as we all do. God be with you.

This has been a very special edition of Rough Cuts by Sal LaSardo. Your feedback is greatly appreciated to

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