Posted May 20th, 2011 by Bill Apter

The news came to me on texts, voice-mails, and emails as I was coming off the flight that Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka and I were on from Philadelphia to San Jose, California (I am hosting the Big Time Wrestling WrestleFest in Newark, California tomorrow at the Pavilion and Snuka is one of the guests).

I could not believe that Savage had been in a horrid accident and died. There is so much history, so many things that ran through my mind.

I just did an interview with Bret Hart about Randy’s death and I hope to be able to upload it for you to see later today (I am on a hotel computer — this is the one time I didn’t bring my laptop with my video editing program).

Lanny Poffo, Randy’s brother was to be here — arriving today — but I am told he has turned around (he was making a connection at an airport) and is on his way home.

Our sincerest condolences are extended to the family, friends, and fans of “Macho Man.”

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  1. By Dean Lester, posted

    RIP Randy “Macho Man” Savage..WWE Hall Of Fame at Wrestlemania 28

  2. By fred, posted

    god bless you randy you were one of the greatest of all time to ever enter a ring thank you for the memories

  3. By Stephen Faust, posted

    My prayers go out to Randy’s Family,Friends and Fans. Pro Wrestling has lost a true all time great champion. May God watch over you,Randy.

  4. By Richard, posted

    This just blows…

    He was one of the main reasons you watched wrestling in the 80′s..

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