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After a brief hiatus, pro wrestling’s one and only referee-reporter is back with an edition of this week’s Indy Buzz! Find out what happened this past Saturday night at the world-famous Asylum Arena in South Philadelphia!!!

THE INDY BUZZ! —- What Happened at CZW This Past Weekend!!!
By Referee Jimmy Dylan

I get a great feeling of humbleness each and every time I enter the building once known as the ECW Arena. The Asylum Arena, as its called these days, truly sits on hallowed ground. The extreme battles that have gone down there throughout history made it so. For years, legends and legends-to-be descended upon the old bingo hall on the corner of Swanson and Ritner St. to apply their craft and entertain some of the most passionate fans this business has ever seen, or ever will see. I can’t help but see flashbacks as I take notes and pictures from the Eagles Nest, or from the infamous perch where the great Joey Styles once worked. CZW continues on that rich history on a worldwide scale, just as ECW did during a golden age in wrestling.

This past Saturday night was business as usual in the Combat Zone. The doors opened around 7:30 and the fans were greeted with the latest edition of CZW’s Wired TV program playing on the giant screens. The Arena was packed by 8pm and LarryLegend took the ring to open CZW’s May offering……”PROVING GROUNDS”!!!

Alex Colon def. Rich Swann
*Things started with a bang in the Combat Zone as these two got set for battle. It was obvious the South Philly crowd didn’t think to highly of Alex Colon by the instant jeers he received upon appearing through the curtain. Rich Swann lightened them up for a moment when he came to the ring to the old Sanford & Son theme song carrying a bucket of KFC chicken! I was sure I had seen and heard it all as the crowd united in what had to be the first-ever “KFC” chant at a wrestling event! Swann would offer the referee and his opponent some of the Colonel’s money maker…leading to the bucket of deep-fried delight being punted into the fourth row like a football! The fun and games were indeed over. Colon failed a sneak attack to start the match, but would employ several other underhanded tactics throughout the course of this one in an attempt to secure victory. Rich Swann once again proved that he is a world class athlete with endless potential when he refused to go away. Colon’s arrogance in the middle of things almost cost of the win. Both men showed how far they were willing to go to achieve their goal when they spilled out to the apron. They jockeyed for position and attempted moves that would spell spell the end for the one of the receiving end. Colon got the better of the exchange here and connected with a eye-popping German suplex on the ring apron! Swann’s resiliency was put on display as he battled back, but was never able to fully recover. A swift move by Colon late in the bout sent Swann crashing into the ring post and it wasn’t long from there before Alex Colon’s hand was raised in victory.

Ty Hagen def. Ryan Eagles
*This was an explosive, fast-paced contest that could have gone either way. Eagles took the early advantage , but Hagen soon turned the tables. The jockeying for position took place both in and out of the ring with submissions and high impact offense from both competitors. Hagen was able to capitalize in the end and walk away with the win.

Jon Gresham def. Akuma w/ Kimber Lee
*The crowd was informed that there was some bad blood stemming over from the Best of the Best X tournament between these two, bringing them together at Proving Grounds for a war to settle the score. The fans were treated with lightning quick grappling to kick this one off. Neither man was able to gain an advantage until a failed kip-up attempt by Akuma led to Gresham getting the upper hand. He went to work on Akuma’s knee and leg in an attempt to slow things down. He trapped his opponent in the corners and unloaded his assault. Akuma was able to battle back at took to the air as he mounted a comeback. After several moments of intense battling and many pinfall attempts, Gresham took it back to basics…utilizing an amateur-style guillotine with a crucifix to gain the three count.

Ryan McBride def. Jake Crist
*LarryLegend told the story of Jake Crist from last month’s Best of the Best performance, and said he was brought back by popular demand to keep in the theme of “Proving Grounds”. If this was his chance to prove he’s worthy of competing in the Combat Zone, he may have lost the opportunity. The two got things started with some sound technical wrestling, but things soon broke down into an all out affair, Jake Crist threw everything at his opponent, taking the fight to him both in and out of the ring. By the middle of the match however, Ryan McBride began to take over and shut the doors on the young upstart one by one. He took everything Crist had to offer and kept coming. In the end, McBride found a way to counter a triangle scissors and put Crist on his back for the pin. Interesting to note the crowd’s show of respect for Jake Crist after the match as they voiced their hopes for him to come back. Ryan McBride showed his approval by raising the hand of his worthy opponent.

“Golden Boy” Drake Younger def. Scotty Vortekz (Dog Collar Match)
*As I’ve said, there is a rich history of blood, guts, and ultraviolence at the old ECW Arena, and a match like this can only add to the legacy. The crowd inside the Asylum clearly wanted to see the “Golden Boy” get his comeuppance in this one, and let themselves be heard loud and clear. This was a wild battle from the opening bell. A fight to the finish. Younger was all over Vortekz as soon as he was tied to the dog collar, and they were off and running. It wasn’t long before the weapons were introduced, and it was Scotty Vortekz pouring glass all over himself in the middle of the ring! He immediately paid for it when Younger delivered a nasty power bomb onto the glass, then proceeded to drag his opponent through it. When Vortekz found himself locked in the figure-four, he threw a hand-full of glass in Younger’s face to free himself. That would begin an all-out war that saw the chain-link dog collar be used in several ways as a weapon….both to bash each others brains in, and also in attempts to hang one another. These men used chairs in ways never thought possible as they tried to mame each other and secure victory. Younger introduced tables to the conflict, and put Scotty through the wood with a variation of the Michinoku Driver. It seemed as if both men were getting stronger as the match went on. Late in the contest and after both had endured huge amounts of punishment, they began kicking out at 1 and fighting as fierce as ever! In the end, it was the “Golden Boy” with his patented Cop Killer finisher on a steel chair for the win.

Sami Callihan def. MASADA
*The fans inside the Asylum were jacked for this one. The “Callihan Nation” was in full effect. They were very vocal as both men got set to square off at ‘Proving Grounds’. Sami was floored by a big boot at the sound of the bell, but was able to rebound and put MASADA down with a flurry of offense. The barrage of attacks put MASADA on the defensive for several moments, but he wouldn’t go away. Sami stepped up the assault, eventually taking the fight to ringside where he continued to punish MASADA. MASADA took over and attempted to power bomb Callihan on the cold concrete, but to no avail. After several attempts, he opted to just swing Sami sideways…smacking his head off of the unforgiving steel barricade. MASADA took over and began hitting Sami with everything but the kitchen sink. He applied several submissions, but was unable to put Callihan away. Sami battled through it all in an awesome show of endurance. He managed to lock MASADA in his Stretch Muffler submission and kicked him into defeat.

CZW Ultraviolent Underground Championship:
Danny Havoc (C) vs. Ryan Slater
*A ringside distraction allowed Slater to get the early jump on the champion, but it was a matter of moments before Havoc took over and floored his opponent. Danny Havoc unleashed on his challenger with a vicious assault until Joe Gacy entered the fray and attacked the champion with a baseball bat covered in thumbtacks. The ref called for the bell and the crowd voiced their disapproval of the outcome. Special referee Drew Blood put the badmouth on Gacy for his troubles, then found himself on the mat looking up at the lights for his two cents. The double team on Havoc was on, but it was tHURTeen who hit the ring for the save. Havoc cautiously accepted tHURTeen’s jesture and challenged Slater and Gacy to a tag match. The ref made it official and both teams engaged in heated battle all over the place. Havoc took m breath away when he hit a flipping samoan drop on Gacy, off the apron to the arena floor! In the end, teamwork led to a Death Valley Driver by Havoc on Slater on a pile of assorted weapons for the win.

CZW World Title Match:
Devon Moore (C) def. “The Ego” Rob Anthony
*The issues between Devon Moore and Rob Anthony over CZW’s top prize continued this month. Both men battled hard, but was unable to establish a clear advantage throughout most of this one. When it seemed “The Ego” wasn’t going to be able to do it on his own, Joker made an appearance and caught the referee’s position. This allowed his partner, Sabian, to sneak through the crowd undetected and lower the boom on Devon Moore. The “BLK JEEZ” hit an impact DDT on the reigning champion before rolling to the floor. Anthony made the cover to finish the job, but Moore found it in him to kick out at the last second. The former CZW World champion wasted no time in lanching the next attack, but Moore had him well-scouted. He caught his unsuspecting challenger coming in and trapped him in a small package for the quick victory.

Philly’s Most Wanted was none too happy, and they immediately returned to the ring to spoil Devon Moore’s celebration. Along with Anthony, the triple team beatdown was on….prompting the Briscoe Brothers to storm the ring and chase off their nemesis. Jay Briscoe stated that they never back out of a fight, and reminded the crowd of their standing open challenge to any team that dared step up to face the champs. Any and all, except for Sabian and Joker however, whom the Briscoes excluded since they had “beaten them more times than they can count.” Rob Anthony grabed the mic and said he had a team that were more than willing to face the Briscoes, then proceeded to introduce the NIGERIAN NIGHTMARES!!!!!! The crowd was split between absolute shock from those who knew these challengers, and a mass of confusion from those who didn’t.

CZW World Tag Team Championship Match:
The Briscoe Brothers (C) def. Nigerian Nightmares w/ Voodoo Princess Sheeta
*The Briscoes looked on in disbelief as the famed trio appeared through the curtain and made their LONG awaited CZW debut! Voodoo Princess Sheeta was the first person the crowd saw as she began to cast her spell on a different crowd…on a new and very different battlefield. Her massive and mighty Nigerian Nighmares followed close behind as she went into her trance and dropped down onto the ramp. The Nightmares released the voodoo powder from their bamboo batons before converging on a CZW ring for the very first time. The jam-packed Asylum stood in unison as the powder began to disapate and the 500 lb. frames of the Nightmares started to come into focus. The African warriors finished their pre-match ritual and disrobed…instantly winning a lot of the crowd over as they’ve done in so many places before. Chants of “Man Up!’ began to rise from the crowd as everyone realized what the beloved Briscoes were up against. The bell rang and it was Mark Briscoe starting the open challenge off against Saifu, the smaller of the Nightmares. He was quickly outmatched and overpowered, forcing him to re-think strategy. Jay tagged in and attempted to knock Saifu off his base with a series of shoulder tackles that barely budged Saifu’s thick, pitbull-like frame. Saifu stood firm on his trance-like base as Jay tried again and found himself flat on his back from the impact. The Briscoes opted to strike and move with tags to thwart this mammouth opposition. This lasted for a quick cup of coffee, then the Nightmares kicked it into high gear. Saifu made a tag to the much larger Maifu before sending Mark flying into the ropes. He caught the younger Briscoe coming off with a drop toe hold. He then held his opponent in place as Maifu came off the ropes and flattened the champ with senton back splash! The crowd reacted in awe as the Nightmares’ confidence grew by leaps and bounds. Maifu took over and threw Mark over the bottom rope. He proceeded to stand on his back in an attempt to choke the life out of one half of the champs. When he was satisfied with the damage he caused, he released the choke in the most vicious of ways. The 500-plus pound giant threw all of his weight to the side and came crashing down on the small of the back with a ugly elbowdrop that again brought the crowd to its feet. As I’ve stated in a past edition of The Referee’s Position, the Nightmares have dominated the United States east coast wrestling scene for the past three years, winning championships and tournaments from Maine to Florida. They are currently champions in PWX, 304, and FWF, and were clearly looking to add the CZW straps to their collection.

Clutching his ribs, Mark Briscoe found himself at the mercy of the mighty Nigerian Nightmares. Under the guidance and direction of their Voodoo Princess, Sheeta, the monsters unloaded on the champs with their devastating arsenal of tandem offense. They beat him down in a neutral corner, then sent him crashing to the other. Saifu charged in after and drove all of the air from Mark’s body with a corner body splash. Mark tried to catch his breath as he slowly walked back to mid-ring. He was met by a charging Maifu who damn-near took his head off with a picture perfect spinning heel kick that echoed throughout the Combat Zone. A dazed Mark Briscoe stumbled aimlessly in a circle, and eventually into the waiting arms of Saifu who deposited him backwards in a nasty belly-to-back Nigerian Suplex. Maifu would also deliver a crunching belly-to-belly suplex that gave me visions of Yokozuna flattening opponents like pancakes back in the day. Princess Sheeta shook uncontrollably at ringside in approval as her team dominated. The savages from deep in the jungles of Nigeria looked to make quick work of the reigning and defending champions. Saifu made the unorthodox tag to Maifu’s head and snatched Mark Briscoe up in a strong waistlock. He dropped Mark in a spinebuster just as Maifu came flying over the top rope with a 500-pound slingshot somersault legdrop to complete their career-ending Nigerian Guillotine finisher! There wasn’t a fan in their seats after what they’d witnessed, and the “HOLY SH*T!” chants could probably be heard blocks away. The Nightmares then baited Jay and distracted the referee, allowing their twisted Princess to spring into action. The wicked Princess Sheets snatched Mark Briscoe to the floor and absolutely unloaded on him with punched, chops, and a nasty knee lift that seemed to greatly impress the ringside fans that got a close up view of the vixen at work. She beat Mark back into the waiting arms of the Nightmares, who looked to put the champs away. Saifu through a wild clothesline, allowing Mark to roll through and make the much-needed tag to his brother Jay. The crowd popped as the fresh man came in like a house of fire. After witnessing his brothers decimation, he knew he had to do something fast if the Briscoes had any hopes of escaping the Asylum with their coveted titles. He wisely attacked the exposed feet of the Nightmares, providing enough space for the Briscoes to mount a comeback. Jay struck both Nightmares early and often, then flew off the top with a high cross-body on Saifu for a two count. He returned to Maifu to keep him at bay, then Mark rejoined the fray. The single shoulder tackles didn’t work in the beginning, so the brothers tried a double team version on Saifu and were still denied. They then showed why they are the champs when they used quick thinking to floor Saifu with stereo superkicks! The crowd voiced their approval and rallied behind their champions as they continued to build momentum. The ref lost complete control as all four men battled it out in the center of the ring. Attempted headbutts by the Briscoes did not prove to be sound strategy as their massive challengers answered with a pair of their own that left the champs seeing stars. Mark was deposited on the arena floor, leaving Jay prone and vulnerable. Maifu started to climb the turnbuckles, but lost his footing and was unable to recover. This was the opening the Briscoes needed and had been waiting for. Saifu stayed on the offensive, but an attempted Vader Bomb turned into a 2-on-1 situation…advantage Briscoes. In an unbelievable show of superhuman strength, Mark hoisted the near 500 pound frame of Saifu on his shoulders just long enough for Jay to come flying off the top with the clothesline! The Asylum absolutely erupted in disbelief and amazement as the cover was made and the Briscoes narrowly escaped with their titles.

Jay Briscoe appeared to be injured on the big finish as he clutched at his neck in great pain. CZW officials, security, and medical staff sprinted to the ring to assist him as the Nightmares tried to get their wits together. Philly’s Most Wanted (BLK JEEZ & JOKER) returned to the ring to antagonize the champs. Joker wanted to capitalize on the golden opportunity he saw before them. He used Mark Briscoe’s words against him of saying the champs would defend the belts anytime, anywhere. Joker then asked if the Open Challenge was over and basically called the Briscoes on the carpet. Mark Briscoe defended his words, and the ref was told to ring the bell.

Impromtu CZW World Tag Team Title Match:
Philly’s Most Wanted def. The Briscoe Brothers (C)
*Mark Briscoe knew he was on his own in this one and unleashed his fury on Joker at the bell. This reaked of a set up and was over before it could really start. In the confusion of the injured Jay Briscoe on the apron and the bewildered Nightmares still trying to get their bearings, the referee missed BLK JEEZ sneak in the back door and knock Mark out cold with some kind of foreign object. Rob Anthony did what he could to alert the ref, who turned to see Sabian covering Mark and made the final three count. The South Philly crowd booed Philly’s Most Wanted out of the building as they gloated and demanded respect along with their accomplice.

CZW Junior Heavyweight Title Match:
Adam Cole (C) def. AR Fox
*Besides the Tag Team title match, this was the other contest of the night that I couldn’t wait to see. I’ve heard a lot about these two, but have recently got the chance to see them live in person, which is truly something to say. Adam Cole’s greatness has been put on display twice over the past month and change. He won CZW’s prestigious Best of the Best X tournament last month at the Asylum Arena, and came very close to winning the famed ECWA Super 8 tournament a couple weeks ago in Voorhees, NJ. AR Fox continued to enhance his ever-growing fan base in a losing effort at BOTB X last month. His outstanding was fearless and left me wanting to see more of what he can bring to the table. Excellent decision by DJ Hyde and the powers-that-be at CZW to put this on as the main event. The junior heavyweights are definately the work horses on much of the independent scene, and they deserve to be spotlighted for their contributions.

CZW’s owner, DJ Hyde, was present at ringside to ensure things were fair and square after Adam Cole’s underhanded tactics against Sami Callihan at the end of Best of the Best. The crowd is hotter than fish grease for AR Fox, and he took it right to the reigning champion in the early going. The fast offense forced Cole to seek refuge on the outside, but Fox wasn’t going for it. After some jockeying for position, AR Fox connected with one the highest and sickest suicide dives I’ve ever seen in my life! It was fearlessness like this that made me an instant fan of Fox’s in-ring work when I first saw him live. These gladiators battled for several moments trading advantages, but when Adam Cole felt as though he had things well at hand, he grabbed a microphone and took a seat at the table. He made sure to end his arrogant fun and games before AR Fox could make him pay. The champ would take the fight back inside where he would unload a relentless assault on his opponent. Fox would endure everything the champ dished out and kept coming. He would make an eventual comeback, but was again cut off and grounded by the seasoned veteran. Adam Cole turned up the heat, but was unable to get the duke and introduced a table into the match. Turns out he was making a bed that he’d soon have to lay in. Fox regained control and laid Cole out on the table on the outside. He attempted a shooting star press from the apron onto Cole through the table, but the table didn’t break. Fox would not be denied as he ascended the turnbuckles and came off with a frog splash that put Cole through the wood! Confusion ensued in the aftermath, leading to DJ Hyde climbing in the ring, drawing the attention of the official away from the match. Adam Cole connected off the top rope, then grabbed the referee’s attention. It was unclear what was going on, but everyone soon found out when DJ Hyde almost decapitated AR Fox with a vicious clothesline! The crowd let the crooked owner know how they felt about him as Adam Cole got the ref out of his way and made the cover for the three.

Hyde and Cole continued to stomp AR Fox, drawing Greg Excellent from the back to make a stand. Cole was able to neutralize Excellent with a superkick before he did too much damage. The attack was now on Excellent and Fox, but the Asylum went pitch black. The Asylum buzzed in anticipation, and went absolutely nuts when they found out SAMI CALLIHAN had returned to chase off the evil owner and his chosen champion. Sami had words for both of them and let it be known the “HE IS CZW!!!”

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