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Changes were in the air. Kurt Angle debuted a shocking degenerate as his “mistress” to handle his ex-wife, Karen. Also, Spike TV sent their “representative” to show Hulk Hogan who was really in charge. And Matt Hardy unveiled his partner to face Beer Money on Sunday at Sacrifice (and it’s not who you might think). In addition, the Thursday night wrestling show got a new name.

Hogan walked with a steel pipe for the Network rep. Eric Bischoff did his best to calm Hogan down. From there, TNA did a recap of the events of last week. Karen thought Velvet Sky was Kurt’s “Chosen One”. Kurt said the real “Chosen One” was something karn couldn’t even fathom. Hogan demanded to speak with the network Rep. Sting promised the person would arrive this week. Eric and Hulk thought it might be Ric Flair or Goldberg.

This Week’s Episode: “The Network’s Revernge”

The Jarretts came out to find out who was coming after Karen. Jeff said he and Karen talked it over and wanted to call a truce. Jeff said this one was sincere. Fear will make you do things like that. Jeff talked about how fragile Karen is. Jeff said he made it a priority to keep Karen out of the ring. Jeff said karen has never had anything to do with the outcomes of the Jeff vs Kurt matches of the past. Jeff said it was a crime to have anyone try and hurt the “Queen of the Mountain”. Karen then took the stick and started talking trash to her ex. Karen said she was the mother to Kurt’s kids and a kind and giving person. Karen said this whole situation was just a big misunderstanding.

Kurt Angle walked down to the ring with a purpose. Kurt told Karen it was over and done. Kurt said Karen and “Mr. Dou*** Bag” have pushed all the buttons for six months. Kurt called Karen “pure evil” and warned Jeff that Karen would take him for everything she could. Kurt decided to wait on introducing the mystery partner. The Network Rep wanted to give a proper intro to this “precious” commodity that Jeff did know, from the past.

Tara and Madison Rayne vs Mickie James and Miss Teschmacher

Tara and Mickie started the match.Tara worked over Mickie’s arm but Mickie Cartwheeled over and Arm Dragged Tara. Tara went back to work on Mickie’s arm. Both women tried to throw Dropkicks at the same time. Madison screamed at Tara. Tara and Mickie shook hands and Tara tagged out. Mickie hit a Thesz Presss and pounded away. Rayne with a series of kicks to ickie’s head. Miss T tagged in and threw some brutal Fore-arm Shots and then nailed a Victory Roll for the pin.

Your Winners: Miss Teschmacher and Mickie James

Grade: C (74%)

Madison and Tara had a chest bump session and Rayne read Tara the riot act. Tara just blew her off.

Backstage, Ric Flair walked into the Immortal office. Hogan went off on Flair for his disappearing act over the past few weeks. Flair explained that he was out with his shoulder injury. Hogan back-tracked as the reality sunk in. He wildly apologized to Ric and Eric. Out in the parking lot, a black limo pulled up. TNA went to break.

Tara talked about being tired with Madison’s ordering her around. Tara called Madison a skank. Madison walked up and went off on Tara. Madison said when she won on Sunday, Tara’s life would be Hell.

Tommy Dreamer was asked about his recent actions. He tried to put off the interviewer, claiming it was hs personal time. A.J. Styles showed up and asked Tommy if he had something to tell him. Styles wanted answers. Tommy said Styles was too young to understand. Styles said he wasn’t so young and innocent as Tommy seems to think. Tommy kept telling Styles that AJ just wouldn’t or couldn’t understand. Styles challenged Tommy to a match at Sacrifice. Styles was ready to fight but Tommy agreed to back down from the fight. Styles mocked Tommy for avoiding a fight. Tommy said maybe no one knew who tommy is or was.

Sting was doing a photo shoot and then he was interviewed. Sting said the match on Sunday would bring out the best in him. Sting said the Network Rep would make it Showtime, soon.

TNA ran a promo for Beer Money. After that, James Storm and Bobby Roode made their way down to find out who Matt Hardy’s partner would be. The general feeling was that Jeff Hardy would be brought back into the fold. Bobby told Matt that Hardy was supposedly calling “someone special”. Bobby and James were certain that it was Jeff Hardy. Bobby called out Matt. “Cold-Blooded” showed up ready to surprise the world. Matt rambled on a bit about great tag teams and such. He then explained that Jeff Hardy would not be his partner. He then brought out…”Wildcat” Chris Harris (Storm’s old tag partner in America’s Most Wanted!)

Sangrento vs Sucidie

The two masked men locked up and moved to the corner. Suicide sent Sangrento to the opposite corner but missed a Corner Splash. Sangrento connected with a Running Dropkick. Sangrento with a Whirly Birld Head Scissors to send Suicide to the floor. Sangrento with a Corkscrew Plancha to take out Suicide on the floor. Sangrento rolled Suicide back in the ring and nailed a Missile Dropkick off the top. Samgremtp wotj a Rimmomg Fpre=ar, bit je tjem ate a Bog Bppt frp, Siocode/ Suicide with the Spinning Elbow Cutter. The two got into a K\nife Edge Chop Fight. Sangrento with a Trouble in Paradise like move. Rolling Leg Lariat in the corner. Sangrento with a Revolution DDT. Sangrento missed a top rope move but Suicide connected with the Suicide Solution for a two. TNA’s “Faceless” one from Mexico caught Suicide with a Flying DDT off the middle rope. Sangrento with the Springboard Diamond Cutter to take the win.

Your Winner: Sangrento

Grade: B (84%)

Immortal crashed the post-match celebration. Flair attacked Suicide and kicked him out of the ring. Hogan took the stick and said the games were over. He demanded to see the Network Rep, now. He would have to wait for a commercial break, first.

Hogan was still waiting to meet the Network Rep. He found out the Rep was…Mick Foley! Foley came out with a horrible haircut and a cheesy black jacket. Foley talked about how The Network was there to sabotage Hogan at ever twist and turn. Foley got in the ring and dropped Eric Bischoff and dared Hogan to hit him. Foley said the show was now about wrestling, once again. Foley did a history lesson about when wrestling mattered. Foley then said the show was no longer” TNA Impact” i. It would now be “Impact Wrestling on Spike TV”. Foley then made a new main event…a 25-man Battle Royal to determine the number-one Contender to the TNA World title.

Foley then made the official introduction to Kurt Angle’s mystery partner…CHYNA! Karen just seriously freaked out. There were mixed reactions in the Shannon household if Chyna looked good or not. Impact Wrestling went to break.

Mick talked about how great it was to be back on Impact Wrestling. Foley was psyched to be in charge. Foley wanted to fire Bischoff, Flair and Hogan but he didn’t get the chance, yet. Mick asked Chyna to head to ringside to counter Karen Jarrett.

Ken Anderson grumbled about Mick Foley holding him back. He then whined about being forced into a 25-man Battle Royal. Mike Tenay and Taz ran down the updated Sacrifice card.

Abyss vs Crimson vs Samoa Joe

Triple Threat Match

After all the introductions, the fight got under way with serious brutality. Abyss and Crimson slugged it out as Joe watched. Joe blasted Abyss with repeated fists to the face. Joe then jumped both of his opponents and hit Headbutts. Joe with the Jumping Corner Enziguri on Crimson. Joe with an Inverted Atomic Drop on Abyss, followed by a Big Boot and a Backsplash Senton on The Monster. Crimson with a Big Boot to Joe and then he went to work on Abyss. Crimson caught Abyss with a Cravat with hard Kneelifts. He then nailed a Spinning Neckbreaker. Joe and Crimson then slugged it out, big time. Crimson with the Cravats and Kneelifts on Joe. Snap Powerslam by Joe on Crimson. Abyss with a Black Hole Slam on Joe. Crimson Speared Abyss and then covered Samoa Joe!

Your Winner: Crimson

Grade: B (84%)

After the match, Abyss jumped Crimson and Joe looked on. Joe was about ready to take out the New York kid before the Monster struck. Joe shrugged and left the ring. He talked about “You live by the sword, you die by the sword”. I’m cool with that attitude. Black Hole Slam on Crimson by Abyss to end the segment. Abyss is now missing several teeth now. RVD is credited with removing them, by way of a kick to the face.

RVD sat next to a monitor to watch the Battle Royal. He wanted to see who he would face in his first title defense. In the ring, the last few combatants showed up for the …

25-Man Battle Royal

Matt Morgan sent out Douglas Williams and Brutus Magnus in mere seconds. Orlando Jordan tried to ooze all over Morgan, only to get Double Goozlesd and pitched up and over the top rope. Morgan didn’t even draw a solid breath before he threw out Anarchia. Cookie was there to cheer Robbie E. Anderson almost went out but only one foot hit the floor. Eric Young was just acting goofy, running along the apron. Kurt was dumped over the ropes by Bully Ray and Tommy Dreamer but he didn’t hit the floor. Morgan went after Shannon Moore and choked him in the corner. Morgan with a Headbutt to Gunner. Jesse Neal was tossed out. Shammon Moore was then Pess Slammed over the top rope by Hernandez. Robbie E became the next victim of Mogan. Eric was thrown over the ropes but he hung on. Eric Young eliminated Gunner, then jumped vacka nd forth over the ropes. The goof accidentally eliminated himself. He grabbed the TV title and took off. TNA went to break as Gunner chased Eric.

The fight kept going as Impact Wrestling returned. Pope stomped on Devon near the ropes. Ray tried to get rid of Kurt but it didn’t happen. Jeff Jarrett Suplexed Kazarian out to the floor. Kaz seemed to tweak his knee on the landing. Ray jumped Devon from behind. James Storm went tot he apron and pulled Hardy to the apron. Storm and Hardy both fell to the floor and continued to fight. While the refs pulled Storm back, Hardy pulled Bobby Rood out of the match, over the top rope. Mick Foley joined the announce team for the final portions of the match. Daniels flew over the ropes and out of the match. Morgan sent Hernandez out but Scott S teiner immediately sent Morgan out. Bully Ray joined with Morgan to eliminated Steiner. Morgan and Steiner fought up the ramp. Immortal focused on Kurt but he got free. Ray Big Booted Devon. Ray then hit a mild Superkick on Styles. Ray saved Jarrett from elimination. Pope dropped his elvow onto Devon’s head. Devon with a Corner Splash. Pope Low Bridged the ropes to eliminate Devon. Pope got distracted and Kurt Angle sent Pope to the showers with a pitch over the ropes. Impact Wrestling went to another break.

Ir was down to the final six men. Ray chopped Styles. Jarrett tried to attack but Styles fought back. Dreamer joined forces with Immortal to go after Styles. Dreamer saved Ray from Kurt’s AngleLock. Kurt and Tommy punched it out. Kurt with a Back Elbow to Tommy. Tommy pitched out Styles after Ray Dropkicked Ray to the apron. Ray then thanked Tommy…by pitching him out. Jarrett went after Kurt as Ray blasted Ken Anderson. Styles dropped Tommy on the floor. Ken started punching back. Ken lifted Ray over the ropes and onto the apron. Ray fought his way back into the match. Ray attacked Kurt to save Jeff. Ken punished Ray with fists. Ray reversed an Irish Whip but ate a Clothesline and a Spinning Neckbreaker. Ken and Ray went tot he floor but were not eliminated. Kurt with a Belly to Belly on Jarrett. Kurt santed to AngleSlam Jeff out but Karen provided the distraction. Kurt dropped the straps and Karen grabbed his ankle. Jeff rushed up and threw out Kurt. Jeff thought he had won, but Ray and Ken were still legal in the match. Karen got in the ring and celebrated…until Chyna showed up. SHE threw out Jarrett!. She then turned her attention to Karen. She Goozled the Queen of the Mountain but Jeff pulled her out.

Ken and Ray got back in and punched away at each other. Ray wound up and hit a huge Clothesline. Ray threw ken over the rope but he didn’t hit the floor. Ray pulled Ken in and punched him. Ken nailed a fist of his own and went for the Swanton. Ray got the knees up and tried to throw out Ken. Ray kept punching him to make him come in next to lst. Ken with a Front Face Lock to pull Ray up…over…and out!

Your Winner: Ken Anderson

Grade: A (96%)

Ken called for the Drop Mic. Ken said he overcame huge odds to become the number one contender. Ken compared himself to Sting what the US Forces were to Osama bin Laden, locked, loaded and ready to go, baby.

Sting was asked about Ken winning the Battle Royal. Sting was confident that it would be him that would shut Anderson’s mouth. RVD came in and claimed Sting was over-confident. Ken then walked up to the two of them. Ken told them he didn’t care who wins on Sunday, he would defeat the winner at Slammiversary.

Have a great week-end. I will be here on Sunday to bring you all the results from Sacrifice. And you’ve got just one more week to get your tickets for Wrestlefest.


–Jay Shannon


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