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Before I joined Team YRG, there was no Team YRG safety net to rely on, no DDP to light a fire under my ass, no desire or passion in my heart to fuel me to success. At 37 years old, not being able to pull a sock on the morning, or walk up my yard holding my son’s hand without getting winded, I was taking a pass on life. I lived on my own personal Beat Down Street that suffered no shortage of problems and emotional gravity. What was your address before you started changing your lifestyle?

Enter DDP, Team YRG, and DDP’s Zero Impact Fitness, and BANG!, what amazing changes have happened in my life in just a year. I wrangled my body off of the medications and the illnesses. I snuffed the emotional gravity out of my life and took it back. Along the way, so many people helped me realize the power and the greatness that’s within all of us, and I believe in it. OWN YOUR LIFE, right? Hell, yes! Then this week Dallas calls me up, “Sparkyyyyy! I won’t make the show this week, and wanted to give you the opportunity”. I was shocked. I was scared. Stand on my own? Nope. I passed. WHAT? Yup, I took a pass just like I did before I knew Dallas. Of course, I relaxed, adapted, and took a breath, then I sacked up and changed my mind. There’s always opportunity. You just have to TAKE it!

This week we are talking about the impact of making decisions, meeting challenges, and taking opportunities on your own. Each step that you take on your own can be the hardest, but most will have consequences that will ripple through your life and end up in waves of success. And, most of the time, if you look back, you’ll notice that someone was really walking right with you all the way. It’s time to not be afraid of taking a step forward alone. Stop taking a pass on your life and OWN IT. What’s stopping you from Living Life At 90% on your own?

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