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By Jimmy Dylan

Rey Mysterio vs. Cody Rhodes:
**The Master of the 619′s continued quest to avenge his loss at WrestleMania XXVII has traveled across the pond as Smackdown emulates from London’s O2 Arena this week. Rhodes continues to hound Rey for the injury he caused, as we saw last week during an in-ring promo where Mysterio’s family was brought into the picture. It’s been made clear that the son, of the son of a plumber will not rest until Mysterio’s face resembles what he thinks his face looks like…that of a grotesque monster. Rhodes has another chance to continue his work tonight. This isn’t the first time Rey’s family has been drug into a war involving the masked Superstar. It’ll be interesting to see how far Rhodes goes with this, but if history has anything to say about it, Cody is playing with a devil he doesn’t know. Rey is fierce and vicious when he feels he has to defend the honor of his family in any way. I believe Rey will come out on top eventually, and I’ll get into that more in the coming weeks, however I don’t believe he’ll get his measure of revenge tonight.
Jimmy’s Pick: Cody Rhodes

Jack Swagger vs. Trent Baretta
**This is another one of those no-brainers I’ve talked about in the past. Trent doesn’t stand a chance in this one. Swagger needs to build momentum for his big tag match at Extreme Rules. He has to if he has any hopes of coming out of the pay-per-view a winner. I’m sure we’ll get more than our week’s worth of Michael Cole ramblings in this match as he goes incessantly overboard to build his team. It’s all about hyping Swagger/Cole before Extreme Rules. I’m deeply saddened that there isn’t an “extreme” stipulation on this match. Maybe that will develop in the upcoming week. Someone needs to petition WWE and make this happen.
Jimmy’s Pick: Jack Swagger

Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater (C) vs. Big Show & Kane: (WWE Tag Team Championship)
**I’m not sure how to call this one folks. The young team of Gabriel and Slater have done well for themselves, but defending your championships on “foreign” territory so to speak has proved to be costly in the past. That being said, their opposition tonight just makes things worse. I don’t think the full force of Scotland Yard could help the Corre out of this one. I was a huge fan of the Kane-Show when they first teamed years ago and dominated the tag ranks, and I believe tonight will belong to them again. They’ve waited patiently while the Corre played around with the Apple, but tonight is all business. The recent in fighting within the Corre may also come to light if they haven’t been able to mend things since last week’s meltdown. It won’t take much or long for the seasoned duo of Kane & Show to capitalize on this internal conflict and leave the O2 Arena as World Tag Team Champions.
Jimmy’s Pick: Kane & Big Show

Chris Masters vs. Drew McIntyre:
**Both of these rising Superstars have been impressive lately, and will most likely put on an intriguing contest. They bring two very distinct styles to the squared circle. While the “Masterpiece” has been on an incredible roll on Smackdown and WWE Superstars, I believe he will be derailed tonight. Drew has been on a tear this week throughout the European tour, and I think he’ll continue that roll right here tonight. He’s had something to prove for several weeks, and this week he’s motivated beyond belief by the honor of performing in front of his countrymen.
Jimmy’s Pick: Drew McIntyre

Wade Barrett (C) vs. Kofi Kingston: (IC Title Match)
**I’ve got much love for Kofi Kingston, and would really like to see him regain the Intercontinental championship tonight, but I don’t see two titles changing hands on one night. This is a chance for Wade Barrett to look strong in front of his fellow Brits. The aforementioned problems between the members of the Corre may surface in this one as well. If that’s the case then this trip home will not have been a pleasant one for the “uncrowned” leader of the Corre. It will serve Barrett good to ground Kingston early and often if he has any ambitions on making it to Extreme Rules with his gold. The Corre’s involvement may be what saves Wade in this one, but not how he would hope.
Jimmy’s Pick: Kofi Kingston via DQ

***As far as Alberto Del Rio’s Retirement Party for Edge, I think its going to be the typical disrespect deal. Del Rio will get a ton of heat for being the scoundrel he’s been since coming to WWE in general, but especially in the wake of Edge’s unexpected and untimely departure. Hopefully we’ll be saved by the awesome presence of Edge and Christian before the party makes us want to gauge our own eyes out…only to deliver the proper Retirement Party to the WWE Universe…E&C style!!!

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