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No one reaches a milestone without first setting a goal, right? Well tonight’s DDP Radio will be devoted to the importance of setting goals, or as DDP says, smacking them down…and we all need smackable goals to move forward. So whether you’re new to Team YRG or have been around for a while, here’s our challenge to you: Call the show and say what your goal is out loud. On the air. To DDP himself. Then we’ll post it and make it a team-wide challenge. Don’t know what SMACKDOWN means? For optimal results, DDP suggests setting goals that are:

S – Specific

M – Measurable

A – Achievable

C – Compatible

K – Keep it going!

I’ve set a lot of little goals and reached many major milestones during the past two years. I’ve dropped 180 pounds, walked a marathon, nailed The Double Black Diamond, and took to the open skies in a parasail sling. Still, there’s always someplace else I can go: higher, further, longer, whatever. I’m not going to stop challenging myself or finding ways to strengthen myself physically and emotionally. So here’s part of my current SMACKDOWN list: By the end of 2011, I want to weigh 150 or less, take martial arts lessons from a Master based in New York City, and have my heart race with excitement during my first motorcycle ride. What do you want out of the remainder of 2011? Call us tonight and tell us! With focus, determination, and asking for support, it CAN be done.

The topic for each show is just a means to get the ball rolling. DDP created the show as a forum for sharing questions, concerns, and triumphs that are part of the path to better health. It’s a journey that never ends, which is why a supportive community is a crucial part of the process. You can even post questions in advance of the show on the blog section at , (if you’re already a member) or during the show in the chat room at DDP Radio .

DDP encourages everyone to get involved with the show to make it a roundtable of dialog between him, the co-hosts, callers, and chat room participants. To listen to past shows, check out the archive at DDP Radio. He begins each broadcast with an update on what’s new with him, whether it’s wrestling news, his latest acting project, or the upcoming reality series “DDP Changing Lives.” The bulk of the show is devoted to DDP’s role as game-changer…and that’s why he created DDP Radio – to help everyone out there who wants it to OWN YOUR LIFE.

Eric ‘Sparky’ Collier and I will co-host with DDP. Eric and I are Team YRG members who have transformed our bodies and our lives through YRG, clean eating, and a positive attitude. For more information, . To listen to the show Thursday, visit DDP Radio or call (347) 994-1216.

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