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Ric Flair, Matt Harrdy, Abyss and Bully Ray of Immortal vs. Kazarian, Beer Money and Christopher Daniels of Fortune

The match started with one member of each team starting for a five minute period. Then, every two minutes, another member of one team came into the cage first – with Immortal getting the first entrant after each two minute period. Then, when all eight competitors are in the ring – the weapons drop from the ceiling.

Order of entrance:

Starting the match: Kazarian for Fortune vs. Abyss for Immortal started the match
Next Entrant: Matt Hardy of Immortal
Next Entrant: Christopher Daniels from Fortune
Next Entrant: Ric Flair of Immortal
Next Entrant: James Storm from Fortune

Upon entering, James Storm broke his beer bottle over Ric Flair’s head, busting him open.

Next Entrant: Bully Ray of Immortal
Last Entrant: Robert Roode of Fortune

At 14:38, the weapons dropped and Lethal Lockdown began. The match spilled outside the cage when Abyss, Matt Hardy and Christopher Daniels left the cage. Daniels and Matt Hardy went on top of the cage and Matt Hardy gave Daniels a Twist of Hate. Then, Hardy made his way to the floor and Daniels delivered a High Cross Body onto Abyss and Hardy from the TOP OF THE CAGE!

The match continued with utter chaos until Bully Ray was about to hit Daniels with a Kendo stick – when AJ STYLES CAME OUT! During the melee, Robert Roode made Ric Flair tap out with an armlock – giving Fortune the win and ending the pay-per-view.

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  1. By You're busted, posted

    Like anyone with a mind didn’t expect this!! What a waste of money

  2. By Eddie P., posted

    Great show!! Well worth the money!! Buy a ppv just to trash it? Sounds pretty stupid to me. Hey vince! This is how its done…

  3. By Jrock, posted

    actually everyone figured daniels would sell out fortune as the last man in .. and then AJ would come in and crash that party

  4. By grossepointer, posted

    Vince wishes he could put on a ppv like this. This is WRESTLING, not an event for pulicity like wrestlemania with snookie, which by the way shows how WWE rips off other promotions. Well done TNA.

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