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In the “Ultra Male Rules” match, which is:

Fall #1 – Submission
Fall #2 – Pinfall
Fall #3 (If necessary) – Escape the cage.

Before the match, Referee Brian Hebner made Karen Jarrett leave ringside.

Kurt Angle made Jarrett tap out with the ankle lock after 5:01
Jeff Jarrett pinned Kurt Angle at 11:31 by using Kurt’s tights

Kurt, after five suplexes, was about to leave the ring and win the match, but decided to go back into the cage and punish Jarrett. He then locked the door and put the key in his tights. Angle ripped open Jarrett and gave him several high risk moves. Immortal’s Gunner came out to stop Angle from climbing over the top of the cage. Angle then gave an incredible moonsault off the top of the cage! Scott Steiner came out to counter Gunner. Then Karen Jarrett came out and sprayed something in Angle’s eyes. Jeff then tried to leave but Kurt put the ankle lock on Jeff. Karen then handed Jarrett the guitar and he hit Kurt with it. Jeff then tried to escape through the door again, but Kurt hit the ankle lock again. Then, Karen slammed the door on Kurt’s head and Jarrett escaped after 22:33.

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  1. By Jimmy, posted

    The most ridicules feud amd most crappy storyline (tied with WWE Raw Unknown GM) in the history of wrestling/entertainment.

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