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Make no mistake about it, this is going to be a major loss to not only the WWE but to every fan that watches wrestling. Anyone who reads this column knows that I feel that Edge is the best overall talent in wrestling today, period. Nobody is the total package like Edge is, although CM Punk and Miz are very close seconds. This certainly comes as a major surprise to all of us as nobody had any idea, even though we heard rumors, that Edge would be retiring this soon. It did not matter if Edge was heel or face; Edge was a main event fan favorite superstar. Edge knew how to develop a character and change it through the years to keep it relevant and on top. Edge was a great in ring talent that continually put on five star matches. Edge was a great promo talent that made us listen to every word that was uttered. That is the total package as far as I am concerned and very few have ever possessed the same talent set as Edge has. Edge is a very rare breed that is so few and far between to come by.

My hope is that Edge has a very short retirement and quickly gets hired by WWE to teach the young wrestlers all the same skills that Edge has. Some might not be capable of teaching but the very important elements of what makes Edge so great can be. Promo skills and charisma is very tough to teach but character creation can be taught. Edge can teach new talents how to take a given character and make it into something that fans can connect to. Edge can teach new wrestlers how to live the character and bring it to life. Edge can teach how to make said character work whether it be a face or heel gimmick. That is an important aspect because most characters really have not gotten over and a lot of new talents have not connected with the fan base like they should have by now.

The most important aspect Edge can teach is how to tell a story in the ring and ring psychology. Edge can take the great promos to set matches up and continue that story in the ring. Storytelling in the ring is such a vital aspect of the wrestling business because even if the setup to a match is well done, it will all be for naught if the match fails to deliver in all ways. I do not want to see a kick and punchfest as much as I do not want to see what looks like a choreographed dance competition. I want the matches to be a healthy combination of both and Edge was able to do this in each and every one of his matches. It did not matter if it was hardcore or technical, Edge could wrestle any style and that is what makes him a great in ring opponent to any wrestler that Edge was facing. That is why everyone wanted to work with Edge because Edge could make anyone look great in the ring and make every angle important.

If WWE can get Edge to teach the skills that Edge has then the new crop of wrestlers coming up will have a better chance to succeed and hopefully less generic characters will be created, like why do most heels dress in suits now? Edge is a sure fire HOF talent and WWE needs a guy like Edge to teach everyone else how to become that since no talent id a future HOF candidate right now. The work ethic that Edge put into the business needs to be taught. Edge can show the new talents that wrestling is not learned through IPods and video games but by talking with the veterans who wrestled through the territories and through other major companies. Listen to the “war stories” of the older stars and get a full understanding of what it takes to be a major star in this business. Learn how to connect to the audience and get the character over. That in turn sells merchandise and that in turn helps said talent generate money. Any aspect of wrestling that can be taught and or learned, Edge was great at it.

I am truly saddened to hear about Edge’s retirement and realize how much of a loss this will be to all us fans. This is the equivalent of losing Austin and Rock back in the day. Even if Edge is behind the scenes it will still be a major loss to the TV audience. That is why Edge should also be used as a color analyst for WWE programming. Or maybe Edge could be a manager or even the new Raw GM. Anything that could utilize Edge’s verbal skills while Edge can no longer use his in ring skills any longer. WWE can ill afford to let Edge walk away from the business and not tap into that vast resources that Edge possess. I am sure Edge will not walk away from the business completely but since this was a shock to everyone, I am sure Edge was planning to remain wrestling for a few more years anyway so why not entice Edge to stay on the road right now after a short break?

I just think that Edge has so much to offer the WWE now that his in ring career was cut short that WWE cannot afford to miss this opportunity. I truly hope that HHH, who oversees developing characters, can convince Edge that this is the next logical step in his wrestling career. Like I have said, when the last character created that actually connected with fans is Michael Cole, then there is a real issue with that aspect of WWE. These are areas I have been writing about as a true weakness in the WWE for awhile now and WWE now has the ability to rectify it with one of the best ever. I am sure Vince is not foolish enough to not be thinking along these same lines so I am sure it will happen. Vince’s choices and sanity scares me lately so I hope HHH makes this a reality.

Bottom Line:

I will miss watching Edge every week. Edge was always worth the price of admission and never disappointed any of his fans. From everything I have read posted Edge also appears to be a genuinely great guy. This was a big shock to me and it does really sadden me to hear that one of my all time favorites will no longer be on my TV screen each week. Again I am hoping that Edge remains in some capacity with WWE but if not, then we have lost one of the greatest pure talents wrestling has ever seen. Farewell Edge you will be missed by all and I will miss you greatly. You have just read another chapter of the Forzese Files and as always feedback is greatly appreciated.

Jim Forzese

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  1. By pienman, posted

    can Christian take this is the next step in becoming the “new” man on Smackdown…
    the peeps have spoken, lol

    let the dude take the ball, it can’t be that bad since Miz is the champ on raw

  2. By offshore company, posted

    They say the fued between Edge and the manager is just to let smackdown thinks that Edge is with them THEN Edge will turn on smackdown to help Team Raw win just like What Big Show did last year…..IS THIS REAL ???. no Edge will not turn on Smackdown because…….NEXUS will be winners and take the trophy shocking the WWE Universe !!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. By John P, posted

    Jim-Great article! Hopefully this will reach the right people. John

  4. By JG, posted

    I think Morrison should be drafted to Smackdown and feud with Del Rio

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