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For those of you who have been wanting to a) get away from it all for a while, b) connect with like-minded people, c) learn the finer points of clean eating, d) do YRG with the man himself, or e) simultaneously sip tequila and work on your tan, the YRG Extravaganza is JUST what the doctor ordered!

For four or five energy-packed days (your choice), you can hang with DDP himself, as he personally conducts YRG workouts (and if you think the DVD’s are a challenge….). But in-person workouts are only the beginning of what’s offered. DDP handpicked the El Dorado Royale, a five-star resort in Mexico, for its beautiful setting, and ability to accomodate a group setting for workouts, cooking demos, and enjoy amazing gluten- and dairy-free meals together. If you’re not into the Gluten Free or Dairy thing then you have even MORE CHOICES:) But as DDP is fond of saying this is your time, your workout, and there are no rules. If you want to kick back by the pool, great! If you want to mix up the r&r with some kicking workouts, even better!

Many of you are familiar with just how effective the YRG workout is. What you might not realize, however, is how amazingly delicious cooking and baking gluten- and dairy-free truly is. There is a growing number of Team YRG members who have dropped 100 pounds or more thanks to combining YRG with clean eating. At the extravaganza, DDP, Angella Cole of My Picky Eaters Gluten-Free Sweet Tooth, and others will be demonstrating mouthwatering recipes and cooking techniques that make clean eating a joy. And as DDP says, why eat any other way? And speaking of gluten-free, the extravaganza’s gonna start with a Welcome Night Party BANG where the good times and gluten-free goodies (including tequila) will be flowing. Actually you’ll have you can pick what ever alcohol you like we’ll have Top Brand names of everything:)

Extravaganza dates are Aug. 25-29 or Aug. 26-29 at the five-star, all-inclusive resort. This means ALL food, beverages, workouts, mini-bar, and accomodations are included. DDP has decided to limit the event to 60 people so it’s more of a close-knit affair with lots of personal interaction. If that’s not the trip of a lifetime, what is? For more information on registering, visit www.thetravelsmiths.com . And tune into DDP Radio tonight to hear DDP talk about all the details.

The topic for each show is just a means to get the ball rolling. DDP created the show as a forum for sharing questions, concerns, and triumphs that are part of the path to better health. It’s a journey that never ends, which is why a supportive community is a crucial part of the process. You can even post questions in advance of the show on the blog section at www.teamyrg.com , (if you’re already a member) or during the show in the chat room at DDP Radio .

DDP encourages everyone to get involved with the show to make it a roundtable of dialog between him, the co-hosts, callers, and chat room participants. To listen to past shows, check out the archive at DDP Radio

DDP begins each broadcast with an update on what’s new with him, whether it’s wrestling news, his latest acting project, or the upcoming reality series “DDP Changing Lives.” The bulk of the show is devoted to DDP’s role as game-changer…and that’s why he created DDP Radio – to help everyone out there who wants it to OWN YOUR LIFE.

“Sparky” and I will co-host with DDP. Sparky and I are Team YRG members who have dropped more than 100 pounds through YRG, clean eating, and a positive attitude. For more information, visit www.yrgfitness.com . To listen to the show Thursday, visit DDP Radio or call (347) 994-1216.

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