Posted April 11th, 2011 by Bill Apter

Isn’t it sad that these days it’s hard to tell if a “sports entertainer” is following an angle or really telling things like it is?

Of course I thought Edge announcing his retirement was a storyline — that is until I just confirmed with an Executive at the WWE — someone I trust — that it is very genuine.

The WWE posted a full report on their site and you can access the article when youCLICK HERE

In my opinion this may be Edge’s “swan song” from active ring work for the next few years however I am certain he will be in some role in the WWF. He’s got a great “gift of gab” and a broadcast position would certainly be something he could do really well.

Good luck Edge. We’ll be following your post ring career very closely!

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  1. By dale, posted

    That is truely sad to hear of such a gifted athlete being forced to retire this way. I do respect his courage to step up and do the right thing which is to take care of himself. He will always be an asset to the sport of wrestling.

  2. By Richard, posted

    It really sucks to see this happen. That is a messy injury to come back from. Could he move over to being a Tough Enough trainer if it comes back for another season??? Now that he is 100000% retired, does he get the automatic invite like Shawn Michaels did to the Hall of Fame????

  3. By Dmann, posted

    Edge would be a good one to help start bringing managers back into wrestling.
    I miss the days of Brain, Mouth of the South, Jim Cornette, etc.
    Would like to see anyone try what Jimmy Hart was able to do with his megaphone. He didn’t shut up while his guy/guys was/were in the ring.
    Edge could be the next Jimmy Hart.

  4. By britney, posted

    i cant imagine WWE without EDGE!!i just cant:(((

  5. By Dave, posted

    Time to reach in and remove your head. You claim that “it’s hard to tell if a “sports entertainer” is following an angle or really telling things”. Then you site the source that is a bigger spin artist than any politician alive. This just another move for the WWE to pull away from the wrestling business. He’ll be back so everyone should stop crying like the guy’s dead.

  6. By Stephen Faust, posted

    My wife,Kelli, and I are huge fans of Edge. We have followed his tremendous pro wrestling career and had the opportunity to meet Edge in East Stroudsburg,PA. in 2005 when he was the WWF/E Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion. It was sad to watch his retirement speech. We support edge in his decision to retire. We have met so many wrestlers in our lives and some of them can’t walk right or at all. We are glad that Edge is not going out in a wheelchair or worse. Kelli and I wish Edge the best in the future. I’m sure the WWF/E can have Edge be a trainer, a play by play and/or color analyst, even take that stupid computer out of Raw and make Edge The Raw General Manager. He will be in the WWF/E Hall Of Fame. No doubt about that!! Thank you Edge and may God Bless You.

  7. By Matt, posted

    I think it’s definitely real, otherwise Del Rio would’ve interrupted saying he was only doing this to get out of having to fight him. It came out of nowhere within a few days. Smackdown was all talk about this ladder match, then this. They wouldn’t have hyped a ladder match if they were just gonna do this as a storyline. Wouldn’t make sense, even by today’s WWE standards.

    Anyway, sad to see him go, but glad he got out before probably permanently injuring himself in said ladder match. Not to mention being able to go out with his last match at a Wrestlemania and retaining the championship….going out champion is about the best way one can go out. Cue Rock a year from now, lol. I hope Edge ends up as a commentator or Christian’s manager or something. I also hope we get one last 5 second pose on Smackdown.

  8. By BT, posted

    I agree with you Bill. I would love to see Edge replace Booker as I just don’t think Booker is solid behind the table. Or maybe Edge takes over as Raw GM. He definetly needs to take some time to himself to be able to let this sink in and adjust properly but WWE needs Edge in whatever capacity it can get! The man is pure gold!! Good luck Edge and thanks for all of your sacrifices for our entertainment.

  9. By Vass, posted

    Well… I guess this clears a way into the HOF next year.

  10. By anthony rivieccio, posted

    But I hope the wrestling new timers are learning a grave lession the hard way. Edge is a perfect example of mcmahons new entertainment: wrestling over 300 days a year allows you to only have a 15 year career( but I guess 11 time world champ). I think if it is possible to “slow” wrestling you can actually go back to the good days when wrestlers were around more than 15 years. Even sadder, edge said huimself, he has been in constant pain for most of the 15 year career.

    Congrats on a great career edge but can the rest of the entertainment world slow down and go back to wrestling for your own longetivity and health

  11. By Jimmy Dylan, posted

    This is still hard to believe and it definately sucks. I applaud Edge for coming out and doing it like a man Monday. No gimmicks…nothing. He just did it. I also thank Edge for the tremendous sacrifices he made for this business and hope he is used in different capacities as we move forward.

  12. By Brian, posted

    Really is a shame as the man said it himself that he gave you everything he had every night. I also tend to think this is 100% legit as they had already announced him facing Del Rio at Extreme Rules and wouldn’t have done so had this been an angle. Also Edge was very candid and open in his speech using terms that Vince usually bans his wrestlers from saying such as Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior, wrestling and also mentioning his past storylines (which WWE currently almost never references anything from more than a year ago)and also poking fun at the absurdity of some of them. This just makes me think this is all real and Vince/HHH told him to go out there and let it all hang loose and just say what you want to say. And that is best because you can’t script real life. It just wouldn’t have came across as genuine.

  13. By jeff, posted

    edge’s “speciality” was tables, ladders,and
    chairs matches, think of all those matches he
    was in down thru that 15 year career, I’m NOT a doctor but you think of all the times
    a wrestler is just slammed or dropped on their backs on the mat or a floor, the back
    wasn’t meant to take that constant abuse on a
    daily basis, I think I’ve heard Jim ross say it millions of times during ladder matches
    “folks, they DON’T teach you how to fall on
    or off a 12 -15 foot ladder in wrestling school” they may teach how to take a bump
    in the ring or EVEN on the floor but there’s NO way to land on a ladder that would be painless. It’s a double edged blade, wrestlers want the fans to believe everything they see so they can’t GENTLY
    lay someone down on a ladder or gently slam
    them on the mat, they have to make it look
    believable, they don’t have the luxury of say
    a action star or a movie star where they can have a stunt double or shoot the fall or slam
    and let the camera trickery take over with editing or cgi, this is live, it MIGHT be
    rehearsed or staged but all those falls are VERY real. The sad thing is fans want those
    “holy cow or oh, my god” moments so wrestlers
    are willing to put their bodies on the line,
    ESPECIALLY if it gets that wrestler in the spot as a big draw. This NEEDS to be a wake up call for not just the WWE but TNA as well
    as ALL the wrestlers and promotions, something needs to be changed or there’s NOT going to be wrestling legends shows in the future with the stars of today because none of them will be able to appear because they’ll be unable to move or worse. As was said above, wrestling 300 days a year, sometimes in two different cities on the SAME day isn’t good on the body, too much wear and tear and since it seems all the matches now pit two headliners against each other and the fans expect EVERY match to be
    full of action, that adds to the strain on the bodies. At least in the old days they had prelim guys the big name stars could face on tv and save the big action filled
    matches with all the high impact bumps for
    ppvs or special cards but not today, fans
    demand to see those high impact moves and matches ALL the time. Edge will be hard to replace in an ALREADY thin roster and it’s not like the old days where there was places
    like the NWA, AWA, ECW, or other promotions where the WWE could turn to find a wrestler with Edge’s talent BOTH in the ring AND on the mic.

  14. By Stephen Faust, posted

    This was as real as it could get for wrestling. It is sad that a great young wrestler like edge has to retire but I’m happy that he won’t be in a wheelchair. My best wishes to Edge in the future. You will be missed!

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