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This is Salvatore LaSardo, Jr and welcome to the after match of WrestleMania 27.  Last night I had the privelege of watching WrestleMania 27 at a standing room only Wing House in Kissimmee, Fl.  The great WWE fans were packed to full tilt inside and out.  It was one mega party and crowd totally knew there wrestling for sure. 
Clearly, let me start off and say that Undertaker and HHH was the absolute best match of the night hands down.  If you want to tell a wrestling story then other wrestlers should clearly take note because this is the way it was supposed to be done.  I and along with every wrestling fan out there watching was on the edge of our seats from the opening bell.  I could not believe how many times each wrestler put on their coveted finishing move only for their opponent to kick out and leave the other one speachless.  I was even more impressed as HHH was getting frustrated being unable to pin Taker and then when HHH hits the tombstone on Taker with Taker kicking out the look on HHH face was priceless.  Taker using the UFC deadlock submission hold to end the match was perfect.  Clearly, in my eyes this was the match of the year. 
From the match of the year to the worst match of the year in my eyes was the Main Event between Cena and MIZ.  Obviously, these two could not match what Taker and HHH. However, with that being said this was for the World Title and this was the biggest let down of the night.  The fans were not into it at all.  In fact the fans at Wing House were booing how dreadful this was.  A main event with little action, no story telling and then you end it with double countout? The Rock coming out and doing his thing did not save this main event by any means.  The last match was supposed to be the culimnation of the show and instead left me wondering how could this happen? Plain and simple, MIZ and Cena have no in ring chemistry together and need to learn to tell a story which they did not.  Talk is cheap as they say and these two can talk but in the ring they did not work well together.  I wouldn’t blame the Miz entirely, Cena could have done more to move this match along but clearly you can see this match was a train wreck.  The Miz will be a fine champion and improve as the years go by but it will take time and obviously he was not ready to be the last match of the biggest event of the year.
I was not impressed with the Snooki match at all because I felt this was the only way to get the Diva’s involved and seriously WrestleMania could have done without this match.  It was short and boring in my eyes.  I was not impressed with Snooki in ring ability and all she did was a tumble to get Michelle McCool.  I would have like to have seen John Morrison with Snooki in his corner against Dolph with Vicki in his corner.  Snooki and Vicki could have ended up in a cat fight with John pinning Dolph. This match could have been left out and obviously lead to a major disappointment leading into the main event.
Another major disappointment to me was the fact the tag titles were not defended but instead Nexus/Corrie went against Monster Show/Santino and Kofi.  I think there ring entrances took longer their match.  For all the hype Nexus/Corrie took over the past year they were completely dismantled in seconds.  The Monster Show should have been giving a title shot and took the belts because that is what the fans wanted to see.  This was a filler type match that should have been avoided.  I liked how Kane tapped Show to get out of there.  I think he knew the match was a bust even though they got the pin fall.
I actually felt Cody Rhodes and Rey Mysterio put on a solid match for the fans.  There was allot of mixed reaction regarding this match but I felt they both put on a solid effort.  I felt Cody Rhodes has started to develop in this match and come out of his father’s shadow and show he can be player in the WWE. I liked how Cody caught Rey several times off guard and delivered blow after blow to get Rey off his game.  A solid pin fall for Cody was exactly needed to evaluate him to the next level.  Now, can the WWE give him the push he needs after such a big victory on the biggest stage of all.
Randy Orton and CM Punk put on a decent match as well.  I like to see these two do battle again at UnCensored next month in a tables match, or ladder match.  You can feel the heat between these two developing more and more.  The way Randy caught CM mid air and dropped the R K O was most impressive and the highlight finisher of the night in my eyes.  One miscalculation on that move and it would have been disaster for CM Punk.  Great finish for these two, give me more next month.  Maybe this is the start of something for these two superstars. 
Allot of people I spoke to was not to thrilled with the Jerry Lawler vs Michael Cole match because they felt they were trying to do the Andy Kaufman thing over again and Michael Cole was not the answer to that problem.  Lets face it, there was one and only one Andy Kaufman and to me there will never be anything BETTER than what Andy and Lawler did some 25 yrs ago hands down.  This match was more for comic relief as opposed to wrestling and I was personally laughing most of the time.  I loved Stone Cold new shirt, I want one personally and the pop he gets is still impressive. Cole came out looking like Rick Steiner was funny.  Grant it the match went way too long but still some funny moments which was expected.  The ending was horrid.  Lawler getting DQ’d over Stone Cold interference by the RAW GM? Austin should have stunned the laptop plain and simple.  I guess we are now stuck with Cole saying he beat Lawler and that is not a fair assessment.  Clearly, Lawler forced Cole to submit and Lawler could have done anything he wanted.  Did you also notice, Lawler did not use his pile driver finisher on Cole?
Edge and Del Rio opened the show and as expected they delivered a solid opening match.  I was very happy to see Edge retain but more so the way these two worked together inside the ring.  I do feel Rio is on his way to stardom and its only a matter of time before he is elevated further.  Edge hitting the spear job to finish was the perfect finish.  I think Vince made enough money on the PPV to fix the car that Edge and Christian destroyed. 
What did we learn from last night’s PPV?  Well, it started great with Edge and Rio and felt that maybe we were on to something special for the entire night.  However, your talking about the SuperBowl, World Series, and Daytona 500 all rolled into one and clearly that is not the case here last night.  I did say it would not be the best nor the worst WrestleMania ever.  It was sort of middle of the road type PPV.  Was it worth $54.95? No for those of you that spent it felt cheated and I agree.  For me, to go to Wing House and spend $10 bucks on food and drinks was worth it.  HHH and Taker was the highlight of the night but again one match does not cover 4 hours worth of time.  Cena and Miz could not duplicate what those two did and they ended up in a train wreck and a major let down for a main event.  I was disappointed and so was everyone else.  It was not all bad, but clearly could have been better.  There was no surprises at all to any of the matches.  No tag titles defended and now with the MITB PPV you have that gimmick match gone for WrestleMania.  The backstage skits could have done without and with the time wasted on all those skits and the Diva’s match that time could have been used wisely for the Cena and MIZ match.  Maybe then they could have pulled something more dramatic and conclusive, then again maybe not. 
What I see happening is HHH will go back behind the scenes.  Taker will disappear for a little while as I believe he will go for 20-0 next year in Miami.  The question is who will he face? Is there anyone on the current roster that can duplicate what HHH and Shawn Michaels has done over the past two WrestleMania’s? More likely not, as Taker has beaten everyone time and time again.  In a perfect world I would have liked to see Sting vs Taker just one time and maybe Vince will see if Sting is interested in a short term stint.  I do not see anyone else stepping up as we have seen everyone that Taker has beaten endlessly.  Another possibility could be Randy Orton, but is Randy the guy to end the streak or be another fallen face? What would be the price for Randy to pay should he lose? Goldberg could be another possibilty if he gets signed? Maybe, the Rock and Taker, why not? What are your thoughts?
I see the Miz holding the belt for awhile especially after last night.  Edge will keep the fort down on Smack Down but I can see Christian getting antsy and perhaps those two will go after each other by Summerslam.  Christian has not done much since he came back up from TNA, so maybe its time we see the turn here.  Cody Rhodes will continue to be pushed, and it won’t be long before Monster Show takes the gold and hopefully hold it for a bit since there are not tag teams as it is. 
I give the show a 3 out of 5 stars.  One because I thought there were some decent matches that held my interest as mentioned before.  Taker and HHH deserves the remaining two stars as it was the match of the year.  Not the best, but not the worst WrestleMania I’ve seen.  Clearly mid-pack type show.  I would watch the HHH and Taker match again and I believe allot wrestlers should as well. 
This has been Sal LaSardo, Jr for Rough Cuts, the WrestleMania aftermath. As always may all of your matches be a main event. Your feedback is greatly appreciated to slasardojr@yahoo.com

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  1. By Jrock, posted

    Good write up sal but next year 20-0 match will be cena vs taker and he is why as they pushed it cena is 8-0 in 1 on 1 at mania who better in vinces eyes to end the streak

  2. By DEADTROOPER, posted

    i believe next year you will have u.t. vs hhh vs hbk.hbk comes back 1 more time because he thinks he can beat taker but hhh also thinks he can beat taker.so those 2 will fight the dead man and neither 1 will allow the other to get the pin on the dead man and taker will end up pinning 1 of them. then all 3 of them will retire.

  3. By Marlon, posted

    Sting would be a great match up! But I persoanlly would absolutley love to see (even tho the vast majority of wwe fans have no clue who he is) him wrestle The Great Muta! Both icons in the wrestling business and both on there way out… Dream Match!!

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