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  1. By Jeff Trevino, posted

    Thank God For the Indys,AAA,And even Tna becuse Wrestlemania sucked I realy want my money back

  2. By Dr Demetrius, posted

    I can’t believe they booked a match a year away. Vince is full of crap and Rock what a let down go make your movies.

  3. By ANDREW, posted

    rock vs cena should be this year at summerslam. I love the wwe but want a let down…I want this match this year.

  4. By Rusty Shackleford, posted

    Wrestlemania 27 sucked. It was the worst of all 27. Screwjob ending, World title curtain jerker. Up and comming talent getting buried in a two minute job. Vince McMahon has lost it. There are lots of guys who have “it” he has messed up over the past few years, and lots of guys who don’t he has pushed to the moon. And now instead of working on the product he has, he is reaching back to the 90′s. Tough Enough? Watch someone work their ass off to become WWE’s next jobber (if they have skills and have it), or champion (if they don’t have it)

  5. By Mike, posted

    I really can’t believe that Apter and the staff were so forgiving of this show. This was supposed to be WRESTLEMANIA! The biggest night of the year! Most of the matches were good or OK, but being “good” or “OK” really doesn’t cut it for this PPV. You always used to hear the term “Wrestlemania moment” being thrown out there, a moment or a spot in a match where you’ll never forget. HBK diving off of the ladder, Hogan and Andre, etc. Aside from the HHH-Taker match, how many things happened that were memorable to you? To me, hardly any spots or moments stand out. The main event was AWFUL, neither guy put anything into the match, Cena botched, nobody looked good at all (not even the Rock), and is probably the worst main event in Wrestlemania history. And it was only like 5:30 minutes long!

    Very shocked that an old school guy like Apter wasn’t harsher on this show.

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